New FN FNX-45 Pistol

FNH USA has announced their new FNX-45, the commercialised version of the pistol they developed for the Joint Combat Pistol Program.

FN FNX-45 Pistol

The pistol is single/double action and its controls are fully ambidextrous. The frame will be available in black (as pictured above) with stainless barrel or Flat Dark Earth with a black finish on the barrel. Multiple back straps are available. The magazine holds 15 rounds. The sights are fixed 3-dot. The barrel is 4″ in length. MSRP is $809.

The pistol is available in a tactical version. The tactical model features night sights, a longer threaded barrel, a slide cut for mounting optics and magazines with a larger base plate. No word on pricing for this version.

FN FNX-45 Tactical

Steve Johnson

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  • Justin

    Not going to lie, it looks pretty bad ass.

  • Noodles

    Holds 15rounds of 45acp because they are soooo WIDE! So, fine enough gun if you have bear claws.

    • Tim

      Yeah, I doubt we’ll be seeing this issued to anyone shorter than 6′ anytime soon.

    • The size of the FN’s frame isn’t all that bad. The Glock 21 is a lot chunkier, particularly in the pre-SF and Gen4 models.

    • Anonymoose

      I have moose mitts. :I

    • Partizan1942

      Big boy rounds are for people with big boy hands…

  • gopack2013

    I have an FNP-40, and love it. The FN DA/SA action is a great system, and has a very smooth and consistent trigger pull. The trigger is a tad long, but still great.

    Considering the FNX-45 is the same thing as the original FNP-45, I’m still wondering why FNH decided to change the name of the pistol. They really are basically the same gun, down to the same texturing on the grip. I’m not saying that is wrong, I just think it would have been better marketing to keep the FNP name and let it grow in the gun community.

    • Justin

      My guess as to why they changed the name was to keep in line with the newer FNX handguns. The newer FNX’s were modeled off of the FNP 45, and it makes more sense to rename the .45 to the models that were modeled after it than to keep the name of a previous line that it had little in common with. I’ve also been led to believe that they have made some changes to the magazine design, although I could have been misled.

      • Justin F.

        Just realized I used the same name as a previous commentor. Just to clarify we are not the same person.

  • Sheesh! Tactical this, tactical that! I guess if I hang a flashlight on my necktie then I will have a tactical tie!

    • noob

      the joke was that in the 90s, if it was black it was “tactical”.

      somehow that became “yo mamma is so tactical”.

      • Partizan1942

        that she wears an apren with a flashlight? 🙂

    • denny

      Just a fashionable buzzword. One time it was ‘atomic’ that ‘turbo’ and later ‘hitech’…. (did I forger ‘laser’?) and above all COOL. If it serves the purpose, it is ‘cool’.

  • DougE

    I know I’m going to catch hell from the .45acp fanboys, but forget the .45, when is this rumored FNH subcompact going to happen?

  • Max

    You are actually wrong claiming nothing has changed from FNP to FNX. Feed ramp design was changed, chamber is fully supported now, walking trigger pin issue was resolved. So yes, from the outside it may look the same, but the interiors have been improved!

    Head over the FN forum to read it in detail!

    • Lawbob

      Can old fnx get The New barrel?

  • noob

    are they gonna enter it into the new US armed forces handgun procurement boondoggle (to be type classified in 2014, honest!)?

    • Lance

      The pistol program is DOA in this fiscal environment. The Army already said the M-9 will stay standard issue for many years to come.

      Too much bureaucracy to get anything done in the DOD now days.

    • W

      theres no reason for a new handgun. elite units will use what they use and big army, navy, airforce, marines have no reason to adopt a different caliber that is not measurably better than 9mm.

      besides, the M9 doesnt need replaced. It is a fine 9mm handgun that is safe, reliable, accurate, and effective.

      • Partizan1942

        It has to be adequate if it was good enough for Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson 🙂

  • JeffS

    Just how “new” is new?

    I’ve been looking at the FNX-45 at OMBGuns (FNH’s mil/leo discounter) for the past few months. How is this: different than what’s in this article? I’m quite confused.

  • gunslinger

    looks pretty cool. but 15 rounds…double stack mag. i have smaller hands, and the double stack 45s tend to get a bit larger.

    commence bashing of single stack .45s…

  • Pete Sheppard

    How versatile is the safety? Does it have a decock function and can it be applied hammer back or down?

  • Michael

    I bought a FNP45 when they first came out. Wish I could carry it “cocked and locked”, can this version?
    The Pistol is a fair size, but add a 15 round 45 mag and the thing becomes very heavy.

  • Max

    Yes, decock is possible, cocked and locked carry as well.

    Yes, the old barrel is supposed to work in the new gun, but FN doesn’t recommend it.

    How new is new? What are you trying to ask? The FNX has only been around for a couple of weeks now, in .45.

    • Pete Sheppard

      Thanks; I am really interested now!

  • Lawbob

    Can u put New barrel in old gun

    • Max

      Read. Yes you can, FN doesn’t support it though. The new barrel is better anyway.

  • Kyle

    Could they make the FNX Tactical in something less huge? Like 9mm? Not to mention 9mm is cheaper to shoot, but it would also help in not making the grip be so… brick like? The .45 is a fat round and, as it’s been pointed out earlier, anyone without the ability to palm a brick is going to find it uncomfortable.

    • Ingot

      A slimmer, much more comfortable grip is a large part of why I went with an HK45 instead of the FNP-45.

    • Ingot

      Another reason I did’t get an FNP-45 is HK’s LEM trigger. I can’t say enough how nice the LEM’s consistent trigger pull, sharp break, and a short, crisp reset is.

  • Zack

    A nice retouch of the FNP-45 I suppose, but not nice enough to make me trade up for a new model. Bring on the FNS-45

  • Esh325

    If you want a high capacity pistol with a relatively slim grip, then go with a 9mm or .40 S&W. You aren’t really giving up anything.

  • Mike Knox

    By the way it looks it certainly looks like FN kind of went the same way as H&K on this program..

  • Lance

    Prefer a single stack pistol for a .45 since This and Glocks in .45 are just too big for small men and women. A 1911 or SiG 229 would be better mindset for a frame.

    • Sian

      M&P45 is surprisingly grippable with the small insert (or no insert at all), but then it has a lower capacity than some 45’s.

      • W

        then theres the HK 45. very desirable for those that want 45 and have small hands.

    • Partizan1942

      If one has small hands, one should buy a Ferrari! All girls forget about one’s small hands while sitting in a Ferrari. As for shooting, Beretta makes the Bobcats which are perfect for the small handed. 🙂

  • FailBlog

    Ignore the naysayers. These are the best .45 handguns in production anywhere in the world.

    They should have replaced the inferior M9s…

  • John Doe

    All handguns need a threaded barrel. Heck, all modern guns need one. Nice looking pistol!

  • Mark

    Held both FNX 45 and Glock 21 g4 today. FN by far a more comfortable grip for smaller hands. Only tip of finger reached trigger on glock. Good feel to the FNX.

    i also own a SD 45 service. I would say the FNX is a nice cross between the features of HK 45, feel of SD 45, and priced right inbetween.

    I like the idea of having a decocker, DA, SA not to mention the extra 2-3 rounds that the FNX holds.

    What’s not to like!

  • spartan_b88

    I talked to the rep at the NRA convention here in Stl a few months ago the only differences between Fnp and fnx 45 is a few of the internal demensions of the slide were changed, resulting in a lighter slide that cycles a more commercial ammo loads. I believe I looked up a price not that long ago and I quoted ~$1,119.95 for the tactical. The grip isn’t that bad. I was pleasantly surprised when I handled a friends tactical Fnp45. I’m 5’11” average sized hands and it was no problem shooting. Put a rmr and a can on it and it’s incredibly fun to shoot.

  • So there is a tactical version of the FNX? I didn’t know that it existed yet. I’ll take a look at one during SHOT. The FNP is a neat pistol, but it is mighty big. I still lean towards the Glock 21.

    But it’s a legit run at the JSP the US supposedly wanted.


  • TargertTarget

    I wonder if it still locks up the action if your ride the safety like a 1911? The FNP-45 and the other FNX’s like to freeze up the fire control group if you panic and pull the safety down too far and hold it in the decock range.

    The FNP-45 also had a hard time feeding ammo the slightest bit out of spec. Hopefully the mags now have a longer dimension.

  • Robert

    are the photos to scale…. because woah thats one big damn hand gun : P

  • Janis Petke

    I want the tactical version in that odd brown/green color. Since self-preservation and protecting property is forbidden in Finland it doesn’t matter if it’s big, one won’t be carrying it (legally) here.

  • Ron

    Wanted one of these but the magazines are near impossible to find and cost is very high for them. I like to have 6-8 mags per pistol and $50-60 per mags that’s a lot of money. I think I am going with the Springfield XDm as my next best alternative.

  • albi

    So when they will release the FNX-9 Tactical?

  • All I can say is I want one!!!

    If the trigger’s good and the multi-function safety decocker doesn’t have the “lock the gun up” problem one of the other posts mentioned, this is mahvelous.

    • Pete Sheppard

      Just don’t ride the safety with your thumb!

  • I bought the FNX last week and can’t get enough of it. I have my own firing range so I get to play a lot. I can’t belive how much I like it. It is even better than my XDM. 1st mag and the grouping was as good as I get out of the XDM which I have shot more than a thousand rounds through. That says a lot. The recoil is minimal for a .45 and i get back on target quickly. I am 6’2″ and have big hands so admittedly i don’t have issues with the size. In fact it fits my hand better than most guns. One reason I have not enjoyed 1911 sytle as much as most. Overall this may be the finest handgun I have every had the pleasure to shoot let alone own.

    • edward

      Where can you find thenm at

  • Tony

    I just bought my FNX 45 and can’t wait to go shoot it. Spend a few hours last night cleaning it and getting a feel for it. I have tried searching the web for a hip holster for it but because its so new there doesn’t seem to be any out there. Can anyone out there recommend any holsters for it?

    • Jacques

      Winthrop makes CCW SPECIFICALLY MOLDED Holsters, believe me they are NICE. You can get em in brown, or black leather. Blade Tech makes Open Carry Holsters out of KYDEX in SO MANY configurations (level 2, level 3 / canted, non/ lights, without / drop leg, hip/ cut for optics, normal, there are SO MANY COLORS, foliage, O.D., FDE, etc… They are WELL worth it.

  • Tony Maccaronio