Browning X-Bolt Now In .375 H&H Magnum

XBolt Hunter (not 375 H&H Magnum model, which includes iron sights)

Browning is now producing the X-Bolt chambered for the classic .375 H&H Magnum. Unlike the regular X-Bolt, these include iron sights, a necessity for a big game gun.

The Medallion model has a steel engraved receiver with a blued finish. The barrel also has a blued finish and is free floated in the stock. The stock is a gloss finished checked walnut with a rosewood fore-end cap.

The Hunter model steel receiver and barrel have a low-luster blued finish. The stock is a satin finished checkered walnut.

The 375 H&H Magnum X-Bolt receiver is drilled and tapped for the X-Lock scope mounting system. The bolt action has a 60 degree bolt lift for easy use and quick function. The Feather Trigger is easily adjustable to give the shooter a clean, crisp trigger.

The detachable rotary magazine lines up each shell in the middle of the magazine for positive, consistent feeding. To help reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb, the rifle features Browning’s Inflex Technology Recoil Pad.

The MSRP for the .375 H&H is X-Bolt Medallion is $940 and for the .375 H&H X-Bolt Hunter is $1,070.

I love the .375 H&H. No cartridge is more associated in my mind with the golden age of hunting. It is also the only african big game cartridge I will shoot voluntarily – the recoil is not to bad.

Steve Johnson

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  • -V-

    “these include iron sights, a necessity for a bug game gun.” – Daing, the mosquitoes must be getting into the radio-active sludge again.

    • Le 9gAg ArM33

      I came here to say this. 😛

    • إبليس

      Is it radscorpion season already?

    • I stand by what I said. I never hunt bugs without iron sights 😉

  • Chris b

    Please explain the extraction : have they used the standard x bolt extractor? controlled feed isnt as important as the extraction. I have wished for a bayonet at one stage.

  • SAPH

    I have to say that open sights arent required for big game hunting. Plently of my clients use low powered scopes on dangerous game, just that a good open sight is still faster on target than a scope

  • charles222

    “There’s a possibility a xenomorph may be involved.”

    “A what, sir?’


    “…It’s a bug hunt.”

  • And if Browning operates at their normal speed… You might see this rifle come the end of 2014.