Girsan MC 312 Shotgun

Turkish handgun maker Girsan has produced their first shotgun, the MC 312. This gun is one of the growing number of non-Benelli/Beretta inertia operated shotguns being developed now that the original Benelli patents have expired.

THe shotguns are available with a 3″ chamber, a range of barrel lengths and a number of finishes.

The company is currently looking for overseas distributers.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jon

    Been wary of turkish shotguns ever since the feed latch broke on my cheap pump shotty… turns out it was made of sheet metal… I made my mistake

    • Other Steve

      I find the American brands Velveeta and Tilamook to be the about same. As well as McDonalds and Omaha Steaks. Surely no one can find any difference at all between Jennings handguns and Glock…

      Or…. Unless your crappy pump gun was made by Girsan (which by the first sentence in this article – was not), perhaps there could be varying qualities of Turkish Firearms?

      Everyone here should jump at the oppertunity to pick up an inexpensive M1/M2 clone, certainly so if they release models that compete or excel over Benelli’s most coveted.

      • Jon

        Why is a comment saying “I’m gonna be careful about this” so poorly received…Not a rich man, I can’t throw my money at every cheap clone that is made.
        The varying qualities was why I said I’m wary… I never said all turkish shotguns are crap.
        And I said wary because I’m pretty sure most people don’t know about Turkish manufacturers. I can look up a glock 19 and find tens of thousands of reviews of it.
        Can you find a consensus on how Girsan 1911s are? They can be stellar, or they can be crappily made, which is why I tread lightly. Sure, if Girsan turns out to be like Norinco and can churn out a half decent clone I’d go for it, but caution never hurt anyone

  • Anonymoose


  • OsoDog

    Is that a carbon fiber shotgun in the last pic? It looks like it & that could (theoretically, at least) be amazing! But also, it would be soooo expensive, right?

    • JMD

      It looks like some kind of hydro-dip surface finish. The receiver is definitely not carbon fiber.

    • Reverend Clint

      wow that carbon fiber is so ugly… makes it hard to look at the shotgun without going cross eyed

    • Other Steve

      Considering the application, there isn’t a ton of force on the aluminum benelli receivers, so with metal on the rails and at the front end barrel connection and tube, you ‘could’ get away with a composite receiver on these guns. This one is clearly not carbon though.

      Real carbon is never perfect. If what you’re looking at is perfect it is print. I’ve seen million dollar one off concept cars that were done by true masters in their field using the very best pre-preg with excellent vacuum bagging and you can still easily find imperfections in the weave.

      It’s always amazing to me that the fake carbon printers don’t print in imperfections 🙂

  • gunslinger

    got a retail price on these things?

    • Komrad

      Well a Turkish Stoeger 2000 semi using a similar mechanism is somewhere around $500, so probably $400-$800.

      • SKSlover

        800 for the first week or two, followed by a perminant half off sale due to people not wanting a shitty turkish shotgum

  • Stanislao

    After seeing that fake carbon fiber I need a retinal cleanse. Real carbon fiber is an excellent material, but still hideous, so why fake it?

    • Mike Knox

      Maybe the same idea as CF stickers on cars, just for looks..

  • waterfowlhunter

    What chokes does it come with and what interchange do they use for aftermarket chokes? Do they come with a drop and cast shim kit? Are the bores hard chrome lined? From the looks they are a Stoeger copy and the Stoeger still cost less than these. It does not look like they have rotating bolt head of the benelli but more like the Stoeger or older Beretta Pintail. What about the Warranty? Is there going to be a warranty service center and parts depot here in the US for these? They look interesting but will give them a year in someone else’s hands before I spend the money. In inertia guns I have several Benellis, a beretta and a Stoeger and all have thousands of rounds thru them in real-life hunting conditions (rain, ice, dirt) without a failure but you can never have too many guns….