Yarygin Pistol with Accessories

RIA Novosti reports on a demonstration of the Yarygin Pistol. This is the first time I have seen it used with the 17 (or 18) round extended magazine.

The reporter thinks that the main con of this pistol is that is needs to be “retargeted” when switching between domestic and foreign ammunition. So far nobody has invented a pistol with magical sights that automatically switch between both 9x19mm NATO and hyper velocity Russian +P+ armor penetrating ammo.

[ Many thanks to Andrew for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    What an ugly pistol, they should of gone with the Gsh-18.

  • Gidge

    I’ve fired an Australian legal version (a.k.a Viking. extended barrel, 10rd mag) and was quite impressed. Feels good in the hand and has good sights but what impressed me most is the trigger. Light, crisp with plenty of feel and a short reset.

    I wouldn’t call it Low Recoil however. It’s quite controllable but I’ve fired plenty of guns with significantly less recoil. At the end of the day a polymer gun is alwase going to get thrown around more than an all steel gun.

    • Karl Johnson

      The Yarygin (MP-443 Grach) is a heavier military model (MP-443 34oz vs MP-446 27oz), and the extra heft does make a difference with the felt recoil. It was also designed to fire the +P+ AP rounds with nary a problem, where the MP-446 Viking wasn’t.

  • Lapkonium

    To my best knowledge this pistol is neither reliable nor ergonomic, and they are not going to adapt it for wide use in the army. I hope they’d go with Strizh. That will surely bring some more healthy competition to the russian arms market…

  • TopGun

    Is he using a particular type of stance for his reset to be so fast or is he just a really good shot? Or is it THAT low recoil?

    • nza

      Heh, you, probably, havent seen how he shoot the PKM 🙂

      • Carlos

        I guess you wanted to say the APS machine pistol. He made it look like an easly controllable gun in full auto, it was pretty impressive.

      • nza

        Carlos, first link on top of the video is shooting PKM while standing. it also looks like it easy controllable, but we all know how it is in real life. Also there is AK shooting looking like it absolutely fixed. Petrov says its a special system of handling the weapon. So pistol is same – special method of training. it doesnt mean that Yarygin has low recoil at all )) sorry for my english

  • Lance

    The yarygin from most ghun and Russian army blogs shown its only in Special Forces use large numbers of Makraovs and even Glocks are in normal Police and military use in Russia. The fact is Russia is making a Glock copy shows this design never took off.

  • Vincent

    I hate it when I have to retarget after shooting imported ammunition.

  • Demize99

    Most sources I’ve seen report the standard magazine size of the MP-443 being 17 rounds, is that only an extended magazine size? What’s shown in the video is significantly longer than the images I’ve seen (on wikipedia for example, or world.guns.ru).