Polish Modernised UKM-2013 Machine Gun

The legendary REMOV sent us photos of the new Polish UKM-2013 machine gun that is set to be unveiled later this week at the MSPO International Military Expo …

REMOV says …

There is a proposal of modernization of the Polish UKM-2000 general purpose machine gun (GPMG) fed by 7.62x51mm NATO to the new UKM-2013 standard. The upgraded GPMG will be equipped with a new folding and telescopic buttstock with a cheekpiece and additional grip/pod, the integrated Picatinny rail with iron sight and 3-rail forehand attached to the gas tube, new grip, new cocking handle new safety switch selector, a new 440-mm barrel (as an option) plus some additional internal changes. The Polish Army is interested in this machine gun fed from the 100-round soft ammo bag instead of a steel box. Because of external similarity to the Russian PKM GPMG chambered to the 7.62x54mmR some elements like a buttstock, a grip or a forehand with rails will able to be used with the Kalashnikov design. The premiere of the UKM-2013 will be at the 20th MSPO international military expo in 2 days.

I like the rail-integrated low profile rear aperture sight and the new stock design.

Thanks REMOV!

Steve Johnson

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  • 15yroldgunman

    Yah cool has anyone out there seen anything more of the zastava m09 machine gun it’s basically a pkm in 556

    • Rade

      There is very little info about it, mostly because model which was introduced little more than a year ago at the Partner 2011 arms expo was still at the testing stage of development. I had a chance to take a closer look at it and for the most part its not that much different than any other PKM only scaled down to fire 5.56 ammo. Compared to the PKM and M84 most notable differences are: fixed heavy barrel (460mm), picatinny rail on the receiver cover, new buttstock, forehand and grip and also the fact that it uses standard disintegrating belts for the 5.56 ammo.

      What I really liked it that the new LMG is very light, empty gun should be about 6 Kg, also handling is pretty good it feels like you’re holding assault rifle and not a machine gun. Only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that on the displayed model they had attached the old ammo box from the M84 machine gun and since that box is quite big it tends to get in the way of the supporting hand, but I guess this will change latter on.

      here is some pictures of it if anyone is interested:

    • Big Daddy

      Read again, it’s 7.62 NATO.

      • 15yroldgunman

        No **** was asking if there was any info on the m09 cuz it too is based on the pk design u read again

  • Andrew Racek

    Kinda like what was done to the M14 with the new stocks and accessories. I dig it.

  • Big Daddy


    I wonder how it stacks up against the MK48 and Negev in 7.62? How much it weights for instance.

    It is a well thought-out weapon. Great sighting system and the Butt stock is brilliant.

    • ads

      it will weight +/- 8kg

  • Lance

    Made a PKM very M-240ish very cool.

    • bigwhiteyeti

      I for one would be interested to see a comparison of the MAG and PK designs. Outwardly they seem similar, but I know little about their internals. They have both been in service for ~60 years with some modifications. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two designs?

  • Mike W

    I hope the US Military takes a cue from that buttstock. I would have killed to have that for my 240 back when I was a gunner.

    Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad design for precision/DMR style AR rifles.

    • noob

      will the rear monopod fold down when it’s being used to pull the stock into the shoulder as shown, or is there a locking mechanism?

    • Mike

      I think it’s AR15-compatible, so all people have to do is poking the manufacturer to sell the stock separately. Wouldn’t be that bad of an idea actually.

      • Other Steve

        Did you just suggest that folding stock design might be compatible with an AR? If so, par for the course on this blog.

        Appologizes if you meant the monopod, but that would still be pretty pointless and still not “compatible”.

      • John Doe

        Doesn’t look too buffer tube-friendly. But I do like the idea on an AR-15.

      • Mike

        The folding part doesn’t look compatible, but the part that slides on the tube looks like it might. The tube itself looks close (no way to tell for sure; it’s a picture) to a carbine buffer tube.

        I really wouldn’t be surprised if it was compatible based on these pics.

  • Nick

    I will just take standard model with with that stock and fore-end thank you. http://sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=820

  • Leo

    What’s with the protrusion at the front of the cheek rest that appears to be jabbing into the shooter’s face?

    • Mike

      Well, Remov apparently forgot his glasses and had to put his face closer to the sights than planned. 😉

  • Sardaukar

    The socom 16 virus is spreading!

  • dave

    So now we’ve got the ‘shoulder thing that goes down’…

    • Big Daddy

      It’s not only about guns, our leaders or so called leaders in Washington and locally have no idea what they vote on. They are out of touch about science including and especially the science of the human mind.

      High capacity clips…..yes they are the reason that these nuts go and shot people randomly. It’s those clips fault for everything, including our economy. Don’t blame Obama, it’s those high capacity clips fault!!!

      Meanwhile in the world of reality, high capacity magazines are more prone to jams and make a weapon inoperative unless the person knows what they are doing. People that know about guns are much less likely to go on a shooting spree or are gang members.

      And watch-out for those barrel shrouds they are really dangerous. Oh and don’t forget those thingies that go somewhere, they are KILLERS, cold blooded ones.

      We all know folding stocks are meant for one thing, to shorten the weapon NO!!!! To kill innocent people, right.

  • Brandon

    I like that handgrip/monopod folding thingy on the stock. If i could get one of those for an AR I’d be happy

    • Other Steve

      Yea, every time I find myself with bipod deployed and trying to control the full auto 7.62×51 fire from my AR, I wish I had that hand hole as well….. Oh wait.

  • John Wheatley

    Will the Russians follow suite and start stickin’ picatinny rails all over their PKMs? This is what they should have done to the PKM in the first place instead of the Pecheneg variant.

  • Cabeça de Martelo

    Does anyone know how much it weighs?

  • Patrick Keogan

    x54r > .308