Nifty Rubber Band Gun

It always pains me to see the amazing replica guns designed by engineers in Asia. Can you imagine the awesome guns that would be on the market if they were free to design (and export) real guns?

Rocket News reports

ZumA2 is a steel cabinetmaker living in Kanagawa Prefecture who, in 2008, began making rubber band guns using materials and equipment from his shop.

After completing his first gun, Silver Wolf, which he was inspired to make after playing the Playstation3 game Metal Gear Solid 4, he received a visit from the Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association.

[ Many thanks to Tom for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    Holy balls that guy is talented. Some weapons company needs to pick him up fast.

  • Roadkill

    There is a surprising amount of gun culture in Japan. It is sad to see them denied rights like this. But they have some interesting outlets. Check out, Upotte!, sometime. It is kinda crazy.

    • Andrew Racek

      I enjoy that show. AR18 is my raifu.

  • dmazzal

    Japanese is such a cool sounding language.

  • C3P0

    Japanese guy 1: “Can I use this drill press?”
    Japanese guy 2: “Sure dude, go nuts”
    . . . later. . .
    Japanses guy 2: “ummm Wow. ummmm”

  • MJ

    I have seen many wooden rubber-band guns that work in the same way over the years, (I think there’s even a few ‘machine-guns’ out there,) usually sold at county fairs and places like that. I like the drilled staple-gun aesthetic of the Japanese one much better, though.

  • Tahoe

    Sadly, if they sold those in the States I could foresee a lot of kids getting shot, or at least drawn down on, but cop. Awesome work on those, I wouldn’t mind having one.
    It must be similar to sexual frustration; not being able to have real guns makes them go to extraordinary lengths to pretend they do!

  • Brian P.

    Wow! I’ve never seen a full auto rubber band gun before. These look pretty damn cool!

  • Simon

    Nice design, great concept for an AR upper.

  • John Doe

    In recent news, this was banned by California for being able to “fire high-velocity rubber projectiles that can potentially cause injury or even death”.

    Even the ATF shook its head.

  • Charlie

    The first pistol looks like it was built for retiring replicants!

  • TZH

    can you imagine what really cool stuff if suddenly Japan did a 180 on its firearm manufacturing and ownership laws? 🙂

  • Arifonzie

    You can buy it on eBay for $399.99 direct from Japan , expensive but nice!

  • Tierlieb

    Excellent craftmanship, no doubt. But the cogwheel mechanism for loading more than one rubber band has been used a while now. There are even gatling guns using it (though loading those is hell, I would assume). Most models I have seen before were wood though and had classic guns as inspiration – mainly because they were used by medieval/fantasy larpers. These ones are quite cool.