Remington ACR Deployed in Afganistan with Polish SF

The Polish Special Forces have been spotted carrying Remington ACR rifles. This appear to be configured with the 5-side handguard, the 10.5″ barrel and ACC Blackout flash hider. I think this is the first ACR I have seen deployed for combat.

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[ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the link. ]

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  • noob

    Interesting. I wonder, are they issued any of the modular components so that they can reconfigure their weapons for different missions?

    unfortunately, the remington barrel nut will rule out any caliber changes without swapping the upper, so you might as well bring an ak if you want to use local battlefield pickup ammo to reduce your logistics footprint.

    • Not true… the only difference between the Remington and Busmaster barrel nuts is that you need a wrench. This was done as a weight saving measure because: 1. Why carry around a latch device and add weight to the rifle? and 2. Wrenches are easily available out in the field.

      • charles222

        True about wrenches. There’s usually a set in your vehicle’s toolbag.

      • noob

        ah, thanks. I stand corrected.

        Do you think they’d get a long barrel issued with the short one for patrol use?

    • Charles222

      Probably, although IDK if they’d use if so much for “patrolling”… I don’t know how Polish SF works or is set up, but SF in most NATO countries are all about short-term, high-intensity raids with the focus on habitated areas. They’ll probably have it for SDM purposes, though-think how SEALs have the Mk18, M4A1, and Recce Rifles.

      • charles222

        Noob: To further elaborate-I spent some time around a SEAL platoon on my fourth deployment. None of them had long barrels besides their snipers; everything was Mk 18s, SCAR-H with the short barrel, and MP5s or 7s.

  • Samopal

    Wow, I’m surprised. I hope it works out better for them than it has for everyone else who’s tested the ACR.

  • Arcane

    It’s not an ACR – it’s an MSBS Radon 5.56.

    • Samopal

      Well that certainly makes more sense. Neat.

    • Avery

      I was about to ask, “Are we sure they’re ACRs, because the MSBS Radon looks very similar?”.

      Then again, the link says that, from a previous article, that the Polish special forces purchased a dozen or so ACRs as samples, so it could be the real deal.

    • Matixon

      No it’s not, it’s an ACR, few rifles were bought by Polish Special Forces some time ago. MSBS hasn’t been field tested yet, few firing prototypes were only made, and it’s not even approved by the army, also it does look a bit different than the ACR. Peace

    • jun0

      @arcane nah it’s not MSBS isn’t fieldtested yet and wont i nearest future

  • Lance

    Im with Arcane on this doesn’t look ACRish. Overall with Remington winning a 200,000 M-4A1 contract and maybe supplying some ACRs to paramilitary and foreign Spec Ops there military division will be very very busy.

  • Lance

    That other gun looks like a G-36 on the left.

    • Aurelien

      With a Magpul AR mag ?
      It does not seem like a G-36 to me.

      • Colin

        Magpul do g36 pmags now…

    • W

      nah, its one of these ACRs. you can tell by the handguard and flash suppressor (AAC from the looks of it).

      Not a terrible assertion though. Magpul does make magazines for the G36.

  • hikerguy

    I’m not saying the firearm on the left is for sure an ACR (it does look like one to me), but do checkout the list of users from the wikipedia artilce on the ACR:

    • Samopal

      How credible is the website linked in the source? If you look through the ACR wiki page’s history you’ll see people often post false sources and add in bullshit “in service” sections based on speculation. I personally removed an addition someone made that said the ACR was currently in service with the US (lol), nobody had noticed it for months.

      I don’t speak Polish, so I don’t know is a legitimate site or just a blog, or even if the article is speaking definitively or simply speculating.

    • Jeff

      check the source on wiki, it leads back to a page speculating on the same picture

    • W

      kids, stop citing wikipedia. the most important skill to learn in life is networking. youll be amazed at what information you have access to.

      • hikerguy

        Regardless whatever source you use one needs to remember that it is the internet, and just because it’s on the internet (whether wiki or anywhere else, including here) doesn’t mean it’s true. I do realize that. Thank you for your advice.

  • Rob

    i thought it was a radon, their ACR look a like that can become a bullpup

  • Aurelien

    It would be clearer with a hi-def picture, but it seems those rifles both have the Remington modular handguard (you can see the screw holes), the Radom has a fully railed handguard.

    Plus the black one seems to have its charging handle way at the front (the Radom has to handle where the prototype Masada had it).

    So i’d say Remington ACR.

    • JonMac

      Definitely ACR – you’re right about the rail system (look at the arrangement of slots and screw-holes and the sloped profile at the front) and the AAC flash-hider as has been pointed out.

  • krzyhoo

    @ Arcane

    I’m Polish, and I can tell that is not a valid source of info. This is a monthly magazine, I’m sure they know a lot, but I don’t think they are right in that matter.

    Anyway I didn’t know that radon is field tested, if so it means that this gun development is pretty advanced, and that makes me happy – this is a very interesting design.

    Im waitnig for more info on this matter

  • Catch22

    Ok, to cut the speculations short – these are actually Bushmaster ACR’s with full auto-recievers. Some pieces were purchased by one of the Polish agencies that are subordinate to MOD. Same story goes with X95 – small buy. Both purchases were for training, testing and evaluation. Actually, FN SCARs (both L and H) seen more action in Afg in Polish Government Protection Bureau officers hands.

    ACR’s were bought in 5,56 config only.

  • Jim S

    You’re all wrong. That’s a Glock! 🙂

    Anyone else notice the serpa-style paddle holster and hear some stupid forum commenters saying “OMG, You’ll shoot your leg when you draw!”

    • Josh B

      Its an Itac roto paddle holster, I own one and I also own a serpa cqc, its a very nice paddle holster for the price.

  • NoRemorse

    Maybe the ARX-160 by Beretta?

    Just thinking outside the conventional box.

  • nikonmikon

    “The appear to be configured with the 5-side handguard”

    Do you guys EVER proof read before you submit?

    “They appear”

    • Sometimes 😉 It is a blog, we don’t have the resources for an editor. I can assure you, editors spend a significant amount of time rewriting the articles you see published in magazines.

      • nikonmikon

        Fair enough, seems to happen in every article almost though.

    • Aurelien

      Even proofed articles in major magazines can sometime contain a typo or a mistake. You can’t get them all.

  • rick

    So, are the ACR’s any good?

    • Samopal

      Not so much. Here’s a snippet out of an interview with Travis Haley. You can find similar problems in virtually every other written and video review on the ACR.


      Tyler Long: travis quick question and anyone can answer to if they please, Im taking a poll SCAR L or ACR

      Travis Haley: SCAR is far more accurate and reliable. I could certainly do without the reciprocating CH but I can get over that considering I have been very happy with the performance of the SCAR in classes and testing. I have broke every ACR I have ever touched with simple weapons manipulation.

      Ed Driver: Travis what broke on the ACR

      Travis Haley: short answer: Cant put any pressure on the mag when firing, spring tension issues, true barrel issues, accuracy issues, over insertion of mags, eats Pmags, weird malfunctions, just a lot of no go criteria issues that unfortunately haven’t been fixed yet.

      David Alayon: So the Remington “milspec” variant is the same?

      Travis Haley: yes that was the MIL variant…

      • Aurelien

        Interesting, i wonder what the feedback will be from the frontlines.

      • american superiority

        The comment of travis haley d’oesnt mean anything and plus the acr from remington was not even on sale when he was replying that comment…

        anyway, and i will be honest i never liked travis haley and the fact that is returning his vest to a compagny that maked is he’s names (and also the fact that he’s was even ceo by interim during an short times) don’t surprise me at all…

        Why insteat of whinning of the problem of the weapons and making happy the acr hater/scar fan, he’s didn’t simply giving his own feedback to remington (since magpul has obviously an very close relation with remington for the acr developpement) ? a guess that’s just a whole mystery like the wtc7.

        my main problem with him he’s is background, back in 2004 with blackwater and for many other related thing, just ask chris costa (if he’s aware of that).

      • jdun1911

        It Travis Haley. He is one of the best known figures in the gun community of his generation. He was the CEO of Magpul. IIRC he helped in the development of the ACR in some way or the other. While he was employed by Magpul he helped promoted the ACR.

        For him to criticized the ACR said a lot.

      • Ben

        Something to keep in mind though… Haley handled first gen ACRs when they were still in development and was still with magpul. No new rifle is made without problems. The fal, the AR, the AK, the SCAR…. and many others all had hiccups early on. Its taken decades to get the AR to where it is now. I don’t own an ACR and I probably won’t. That said, I’ve seen ACRs get run hard in courses and elsewhere and work great. If you want to know whether the ACR are squared away, ask one of these Polish SF guys, or go bum one off of a range buddy, and go shoot a 3 day carbine course.

      • Joshua

        And I have heard Haley say if he had to choose any gun it would be the MK-16 because it will never have any stoppages…..He is drinking the SCAR koolaide and has for a while now.

    • Jeff

      I’m curious about that too… after Samopal said “I hope it works out better for them than it has for everyone else who’s tested the ACR.”

      I’m wondering what is wrong with it

    • W

      For how much it costs, no it is not “any good”. It is a decent rifle, with many issues that need ironed out, though I am not particularly colored impressed with it. I would rather spend the money on a equivalent cost Noveske 😀

      I handled and shot a Bushmaster ACR enhanced and while I liked the feel of it and the awesome ergonomics, i wasn’t impressed with it. Not compared to the SCAR or many AR15s. I would like to handle Remington’s ICC contender because by my research, it is a different gun; im curious to see if they ironed out the issues discovered with the commercial grade weapon.

  • Teknix

    Pfffft I’ve seen the ACR deployed in combat tons times in call of duty.

    • american superiority

      the problem is that what your talking here it’s about an that is in a video games and the fact is apart from the very same weapon your comment has nothing to do part from being stupid and useless…

      Go play your games and let’s the adult talk about real life issue kid !

      • Mike Knox

        @”american superiority”
        It’s a joke dumbass. What’s wrong? hate to see magpul at the butt of a joke like those joke butts they make..

  • Joseph

    I think in maybe two more years the ACR will be where it should be. They’ll have a chance to fix it up, and even market it right along with having the right company make it. Imagine if there were a Knight’s Armament ACR or a Noveske ACR?

    that’s my fantasy… probably won’t happen.

    Glad to see it fielded.

    • nikonmikon

      Knight’s Armament is garbage. Anyone who falls for their crap simply because it’s expensive has no clue how military contractors price their products meant for the civilian market.

    • charles222

      Yay for silent hostility towards optimism, I guess? KA is garbage, but a Noveske ACR would be rockin.

      • nikonmikon

        Fair enough, Noveske would be nice.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    I though I posted this yesterday but it hasn’t appeared, so will try again. Here is a higher res photo where you can see it doesn’t have the diagonal front to the mag well of the Radom and has the ACR handguard:

  • bob

    I own a Bushmaster ACR and have over 4,000 rounds of various 5.56 and .223 ammo thru it without any issues. And when I ordered a bunch of spare parts from Bushmaster for it, their customer service was great. I don’t know why so many judge a rifle that most have never really handled or fired. If I payed attention to all the gun industry media noise or the crap that gets regurgitated on gun forums, I probably wouldn’t own a single firearm. Try any firearm you can in person whether it’s a rental gun from a gun range or a buddies, that is the best way of finding out what works for you rather than basing it on what you hear and see on the internet.