Luvo Prague: The Czech AR-15 Maker

Luvo Prague LTD, also know as LUVO ARMS, traces their company history back The South Bohemian Armory in Strakonice, CZ which began production in 1919. They still produce a couple of Czech classics, the VZ-58 rifle and VZ-61 SKORPION, but since 2006 they have been focusing on producing AR-15 and AR-10-style rifles in a wide variety of style and calibers, not just the usual range of M4-gerys. Some examples of their weapons are below …

LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-15 / .45 ACP / 18 round capacity / 12.5″ barrel / 6 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 6.5x55mm Swedish / 24″ barrel / 12.1 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 7.5mm SWISS / 16″ barrel / 8.4 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-10 / .308 Win. / 10.5″ barrel / 7 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-15 / 7.62x39mm / 16″ barrel / 6 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-16LE / .223 Rem. (14.5″ barrel) / 12 Gauge (4+1 capacity) / 13.2 lbs
LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-16 / 5.56mm NATO / 16.75″ barrel / 6.6 lbs
LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / .40 S&W / Full Auto / 14 round capacity / 9.5″ barrel / 5.5 lbs
LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / Grey Laminated Wood Stock / Chromed Magazine
Close Up of Laminated Stock
Note the wood-stocked rifle in the background: gold engraving, gold plated controls and gold plated magazine!
LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / 5.56x23mm LUVO / 17 round capacity
5.56x23mm LUVO (also know as the .224 LUVO) / 2133 ft/s muzzle velocity / 365 ft/lbs muzzle energy

These are just a sample of what the company offers. They also manufacture AR-15s chambered in .300 AAC BLK, 6.8mm SPC, 9mm Luger, 9x21mm, .22 LR, .338 Federal and 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Luvo Prague does not produce their own long range/heavy sniper rifles, instead distributing Barrett rifles, but they do have a .338 LM and .50 BMG rifles in development. I look forward to see what they come up with next.

[ Many thanks to Dom of Popular Airsoft for providing photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    id imagine that 6.5×55 would be a tack driver. Cool to see companies use older cartridges in ar’s.

    • JMD

      Agreed. I think the 6.5x55mm version might be the most exciting thing I see in their lineup. That’s very cool.

    • Yep, it would make a brilliant DMR. Flatter trajectory than the 7.62mm with less recoil.

  • Steve

    Looks like they ripped off Olympic Arms’s pistol caliber magazine design.

    • SgtRed

      it looks to me as of these are rebranded/rechambered Oly Arms guns. I can see Olys logo and Lion on the lowers.

  • David/Sharpie

    Damn, I like the wood stocks on some of those.

    And the pistol calibre carbines are pretty cool too, probably same mags as CZ 75 eh?

  • bbmg

    That last round looks like a variation on the .224 VOB:

    A 7.62mm Tokarev round necked down to 5.56mm

    Interesting to see if it takes off.

    • noob

      is that a similar development to the .224 BOZ? i think the boz was 10mm or 9mm necked down to 5.56mm

      • charles222

        It’s necked down from 10mm.

      • The .224 Boz used a 10mm case (although they are playing with one based on 9mm).

      • bbmg

        again, I don’t see the point of necking down to 5.56 vis a vis making a reliable round with a synthetic sabot and solid steel penetrator. No need to change barrels, you retain the full bore capability for close and unarmoured targets, or heavy subsonic rounds, the developers of the CBJ-MS have the right idea.

  • Komrad

    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 7.5mm SWISS / 16″ barrel / 8.4 lbs

    7.5mm SWISS

    There are not enough condoms in the world to contain my orgasm.

    • Komrad

      LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 6.5x55mm Swedish / 24″ barrel / 12.1 lbs

      6.5x55mm Swedish

      There I go again.

      • 276pedersen

        6.5×55 is a great round. Those Swedes were quite ahead of their time.

      • @276pedersen, it sure is and is still a very popular caliber for new rifles.

      • W

        Komrad, Im not sure thats healthy…

        Im experiencing it too.

      • Komrad

        On the contrary, it is extremely healthy.

    • Darrell

      6.5×55? 7.5×55??? OMG! I want one of each, please! 😀

  • W

    The stock looks very similar to the PWS Woodland, though there are a few subtle differences.

    I really dig the 7.5mm Swiss. That is a awesome cartridge.

    • Komrad

      Swiss + Czech. My two favorite arms producing countries have joined forces.
      So long as it feeds GP11, I’m interested.

    • Nathan

      If I’m not mistaken that wood furniture totally looks to be Lucid’s

      • W

        I havent heard of Lucid, so I had to do a search. Indeedio it does 😀

  • Lots of guns look great with wooden furniture, but– for me– the AR is not one of them.

    And I’l also go out on a limb and say that full auto with a 14-round capacity is somewhat silly.

    • David/Sharpie

      “And I’l also go out on a limb and say that full auto with a 14-round capacity is somewhat silly.”

      Yes but a sub-gun that uses the same mags as the pistol isn’t silly. John Dillinger had one of his Thompson converted to use a 1911 mag so he wouldn’t have to pack the drums everywhere, and to have a backup in case he ran out of stick mags

  • 276pedersen

    The 45 looks like it’s using the Oly arms mag for their PCC AR’s. Cool rifles though.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    If they make an AR10 style rifle chambered in 7.62x54R, they can have significant sales in former soviet countries !!!
    The Black rifle with wood … always looks ugly to me.
    I would like to see AR style rifles chambered in cartridges which were once tried to be used in early assault rifle prototypes and trial rifles – 6.5mm Carcano, 6.5mm Arisaka, .276 Pedersen, 7.92×33 Kurz …

    • David/Sharpie

      “The Black rifle with wood … always looks ugly to me.”

      Disagree, it gives it a certain, shall we say, elegant appearance to the black rifle design.

      AKA looks bad-ass

    • Chase

      And don’t forget .280 British!

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I was browsing their website and found some more interesting things:

    1. AR10 in .338 Federal (.308Win necked up to accept a .338 bullet). I guess Armalite also makes ones.

    2. An AR15 dedicated to shoot blank ammo ONLY ! (???)

    Unfortunately there is no ballistic data on that 5.56×23

    • There is ammo data here:

      Given the MV and energy quoted, the bullet weight works out at 2.4 g (37 grains). The MV may well be just from the pistol barrel though.

      The cartridge certainly looks identical to the .224 VA, although the ballistics are different. Both seem to be too long to fit into 9×19 actions; they’re rather like the Armscor .22 TCM:

      • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

        I guess in performance must be close to 5.7x28FN. Don’t you think so?

      • Yes, very similar to the 5.7mm FN.

      • bbmg

        Makes you wonder why bother, a shorter fatter cartridge is more likely to be torn apart, and certainly if you’re feeding into an AR magwell there’s no need for longitudinal compactness. It seems to make more sense to stick to the FN round.

      • Komrad

        “shorter fatter cartridge is more likely to be torn apart”

        Could you elaborate? IS it feeding issues you’re talking about or what?

      • bbmg


        It’s a simple question of geometry, the larger diameter the cartridge, the more surface area the chamber pressure has to act on. Double the diameter and you’ve quadrupled surface area.

        In an automatic or semi-automatic non-blowback action, this would increase the risk of the cartridge splitting in the chamber due to residual pressure because or larger strain on the cartridge body.

      • Tinkerer

        @bbmg: I frankly can’t see how that works. If we’re talking about simply an issue of bigger diameter leading to split cases, it so happens that the various rifle 7.62 cases have similar diameters to this one.

        Or is it an issue of case diameter versus case lenght ratio? Because I don’t know if the Short Magnum rounds used in several hunting rifles have a higher amount of split cases.

    • wry762

      I wonder if that 5.56×23 would fit in a Glock 20… anybody know the OAL? I didn’t see it on their website.


      • David/Sharpie

        If the .224 LUVO is the same as .224 BOZ it’s derived from a 10mm case, I’d say yes.

        But I found a site on PDWs and PDW calibres, the .224 VA (been speculated as the same as the .224 LUVO) is listed seperate and it is a bit longer, so I’m gonna say no.

        Here is the site.

  • Conservaking

    Would really like an AR in 6.5

  • Michael

    If we are thinking about different rounds to put in an AR then my nomination would be for the 303 British.
    Will someone please make a modern rifle for this great round

    • David/Sharpie

      A semi-auto that uses the 10 round Lee-Enfield mags would be awesome for Canadians

    • omologato

      The problem lies with designing a magazine that fill be able to feed the rimmed case. Not to say it hasn’t been done before.

      • David/Sharpie

        Yeah it’s have to be designed to the exact same specs as the Lee-Enfield for reliable feeding.

        The mounties can’t say no, in Canada the capacity applies to the gun the mag was DESIGNED to be used in, not what gun the mag is actually used in, which is why the Beretta Cx4 Storm can use the 10 round 92 mags, the JRC can use the Glock mags, the SUB-2000 can use whatever mags the grip has.

        It’s also why I can use the LAR-15 mag in an AR-15 rifle without them whining about it.

      • David/Sharpie

        That’s “it’d” not “it’s”

        I don’t think they’d have to many problems with designing a semi auto for .303 using Lee-Enfield mags

      • mosinman

        well if they ever make one in 303…… then that means they could make one in 7.62x54r : )

    • Komrad

      I wonder if PSL or maybe Vepr 7.62c54mmR mags could be made to work with .303 brit. I know that some chamber adapters for .32 ACP will work with both Mosin-Nagants and Enfields, so they would have to be fairly similar. Maybe a redesigned follower and feed lips would be enough.

      Whatever mags used would probably function best as single stack mags (although high-cap double stack can work, see PMR-30).

      I’m not sure the Mounties would be happy about that. There is also the issue of consistency. Enfield mags are not quite fully interchangeable with each being adjusted for each rifle. That said, an adjustable mag well with movable pins/screws might be able to account for that. You’d only need one mag to be adjusted at a time, then just use stripper clips.

      • Reverend Clint

        wonder if you could get a 303 PSL

  • Mu

    Now if they would just tell us they use standard AR lowers so we can buy the complete 6.5×55 upper, I get a pre-order in right away.

    • Komrad

      Add 7.5mm Swiss and I’m in too.

      • Komrad

        Seconded. I’m just waiting for Wolf or Bear or Tulammo to start making 7.62 tok. Then maybe it will start to go more mainstream.

      • Komrad

        Whoops, wrong comment. Disregard above.

  • Mike

    I know surplus 7.62 Tok isn’t as readily available these days, but this would help justify that vz.52 pistol I keep talking myself out of.

    • Mike

      or they could make me CZ-75 in 7.62 Tok

      • Komrad

        Seconded. I’m just waiting for Wolf or Bear or Tulammo to start making 7.62 tok. Then maybe it will start to go more mainstream.

      • Mike

        It’s one of those irritating chicken/egg things. Ammo makers don’t want to take the risk on something that can only be used in C&R guns, and Gun manufacturer’s don’t want to chamber something for rare ammo.

    • Michael

      I want a new 7.62 Tok. Maybe a hi cap Glock like pistol
      Do all “Mikes” like this round?

      • David/Sharpie

        Does my middle name count?

        I would, I want one that doesn’t have the grip angle of the Tokarev, but that’s the only 7.62 Tok I’ve seen in Canada, I know I could get a 1911 barrel or a Glock 9mm barrel (To use in 9mm the bullets would need to be loaded deeper, so you’d need new, shorter bullets and a reloading press) but with a .45 pistol there is no need for shorter Tok ammo, they do sit a little lopsided in the mag though

      • Mike Knox

        How many ‘Mikes’ are there??

      • Mike

        Michael is consistently one of the top 5 names given to male children in the United States.

  • J

    Can anyone identify that stock in the second photo? Is that something available state side?

    • David/Sharpie

      I looked on the site, not much info.

      You could always just email the manufacturer to see what stock they use, then goolge to see if it’s in the US

      • J

        Thanks. Do you happen to go by that handle on ZS too?

  • NickB

    What? No gold flashhider on the wood-stocked gun????? Now how can I be fully camouflage in a pimp’s bedroom???

    • David/Sharpie

      Well I do see a gold plated bolt release and safety lever.

      I bet they didn’t put a gold plated flash hider on it because of muzzle flash, could destroy the finish

  • Exoticbirdhunter

    Gotta love the shotgun underneath the supressor on the 6th gun, I guess that’s the “If all else fails…..” idea.

    • bbmg

      more of a “blow the hinges off a door without needing to carry a separate weapon” idea.

  • Lance

    Interesting wood stocks for ARs. Makes them more politically correct for European markets.

    • DW

      no matter how much wood you put on them they will still be “Black Rifles” and as such are not “politically correct”

  • Mark


    I’ve kept pretty silent for the past year while I’ve tried to make this blog a part of my daily reading but since Steve gave some of the control away I think there has been an average of about 1.5 stories a day…

    Not really enough to warrant a site. There aren’t really many sites out there compiling all the gun news so there is a need for this site but there is also a need for someone, anyone to commit to this site. It’s depressing to visit this site twice a day or so and sometimes for 2-3 days pull it up to see the same story at the top.

    I’m a big believer and fan of the site. Please tell me you’re at least aware of the lack of content issue. If you’re at least aware that will work for me and i’ll hold out hope.

    Best Regards

    • charles222

      I’m good with Steve not being a loltastic tool like various other defense/firearms related blogs out that. His articles are actually, you know, interesting and/or informative.

    • Komrad

      The 2-3 gaps you’re seeing are probably just the weekend lulls. He doesn’t post on weekends. Maybe he should. Shoot him an email about it; it doesn’t exactly relate to the story here.

    • W

      its nice to read about new firearms without digging into the politics of it (at least by the author, though myself and others have been guilty of this). The only improve I have with this site is the implimentation of a edit feature on comments after you post them for about a minue or so.

    • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

      I like Phil White’s reviews. It would be cool to see them more frequently.

  • Netforce

    A rifle and a pump-action shotgun? Not a bad combination.

    • Sid

      One of the guys on my Special Forces team carried one. We were sent on a mission to rescue a diplomat which turned into a raid on some guerillas which turned into being hunted by an alien.

      • Mike Knox

        Good one, now there’s a peanut in my nose..

  • H.L. Fahnestock

    I like the looks of the LA-10. A .308 with a 10.5″ barrel should make quite a fireball. 😉

  • Mike Knox

    Man, these guys are trippin’.
    Designated lowers for full and intermediate rifle rounds.
    Just by the looks of their wood furnishings, no questioning whether they’re Czech or not. Quite the Euro touch.

    Now I’m thinking whether to get an LA-10 or SIG-517..

  • John Doe

    It’s nice to see that Europeans love SBRs too. I want some of that 9.5″ .308 Winchester.

    Bringing more 6.5x55mm rifles to America would be awesome too.

    • fcp503

      A 6.5x55mm upper would be seriously awesome. One of my all time favorites.

  • mosinman

    man if CZ ever started making the CZ 52 with the laminated wood grips (like on the AR) id buy one ASAP! not a big fan of euro guns but CZ has to be my fav european gun maker

  • Mike

    But are these Europe only, or are they going to be imported to the US in some way?

    • Mike Knox

      Same way they’ve been getting other European arms into the U.S. Middlework dealings, regulation suiting versions, or just going under the table (which is hard)..

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  • Rousseau Benoît

    Be careful guys!!! I have had a very bad experience with this company!! I have ordered in March an la10 and when it arrived at the gunsmith (last week… 7 months after the order ) the weapon is defective : the trigger is way too hard!!! We try to contact luvo for a remedy : no news…
    Avoid this company which is not serious and prefer overland for the same kind of weapon in Europe. They are a serious company. On top of that luvo is not that cheap!