Luvo Prague: The Czech AR-15 Maker

    Luvo Prague LTD, also know as LUVO ARMS, traces their company history back The South Bohemian Armory in Strakonice, CZ which began production in 1919. They still produce a couple of Czech classics, the VZ-58 rifle and VZ-61 SKORPION, but since 2006 they have been focusing on producing AR-15 and AR-10-style rifles in a wide variety of style and calibers, not just the usual range of M4-gerys. Some examples of their weapons are below …

    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-15 / .45 ACP / 18 round capacity / 12.5″ barrel / 6 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 6.5x55mm Swedish / 24″ barrel / 12.1 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-11 / 7.5mm SWISS / 16″ barrel / 8.4 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-10 / .308 Win. / 10.5″ barrel / 7 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-15 / 7.62x39mm / 16″ barrel / 6 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-16LE / .223 Rem. (14.5″ barrel) / 12 Gauge (4+1 capacity) / 13.2 lbs
    LUVO ARMS RIFLE LA-16 / 5.56mm NATO / 16.75″ barrel / 6.6 lbs
    LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / .40 S&W / Full Auto / 14 round capacity / 9.5″ barrel / 5.5 lbs
    LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / Grey Laminated Wood Stock / Chromed Magazine
    Close Up of Laminated Stock
    Note the wood-stocked rifle in the background: gold engraving, gold plated controls and gold plated magazine!
    LUVO ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE LA-15 / 5.56x23mm LUVO / 17 round capacity
    5.56x23mm LUVO (also know as the .224 LUVO) / 2133 ft/s muzzle velocity / 365 ft/lbs muzzle energy

    These are just a sample of what the company offers. They also manufacture AR-15s chambered in .300 AAC BLK, 6.8mm SPC, 9mm Luger, 9x21mm, .22 LR, .338 Federal and 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Luvo Prague does not produce their own long range/heavy sniper rifles, instead distributing Barrett rifles, but they do have a .338 LM and .50 BMG rifles in development. I look forward to see what they come up with next.

    [ Many thanks to Dom of Popular Airsoft for providing photos. ]

    Steve Johnson

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