Shooting around corners with tactical mirrors

A comment by a reader on a recent blog post brought my attention to picatinny rail-mountable mirrors that allow the user to shoot around corners without exposing themselves. These mirror kits work with 1x scopes such as EOTechs and Aimpoints.

Have any of you tried these mirror sights?

Steve Johnson

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  • Command Arms Accessories was showing a rather nice unit off on Media Day at SHOT show, it was a bit more robust than the one pictured above. They had it set up on one of their RONIs with a blue gun so I didn’t actually get to shoot with it but it seemed to sight well with both the iron sights and the red dot they had on the rail.

    • jdun1911

      $300 is way too much for a system that might break under hard uses.

      • To a small law enforcement department or individual officer, $300 probably looks better than $4,000 for a Corner Shot which has a battery which needs to be kept charged and requires periodic replacement, a fragile LCD, and an even more fragile video camera. If it’s a choice between having LEOs place critical body parts that function better bullet free, like their head, in harms way paying $300 for these might seem pretty reasonable and if you look at the Aimpoint CEU (which I don’t recommend because unmounted to use the rifle normally whereas the Angle Shot can remain on the weapon) $300 is about the low end for a robust unit of this type.

        These things were about as rock solid as any optic I’ve ever seen. Unlike the unit pictured above, the CAA unit had an aluminum chassis with the optic recessed for protection from strikes and the optic itself was a solid prismatic device. It takes up very little rail space and was VERY clear and seemed about as duty ready as the concept gets. Everything breaks if you hit it hard enough and if the top of your weapon is taking hits hard enough to break one of these, you’re likely going to have more problems than just your angle sight not working! I wouldn’t suggest having it on the rifle 24/7/365 anyway…a QD mount and deploying it as needed would pretty much negate any supposed fragility.

      • Simon_the_Brit

        A cheaper way would be to tape a small child to the barrel of your rifle and then stick the barrel round the corner. The child will scream when/if hit.

        Have a nice day 😉

      • Tinkerer

        $300 or not, anything can break under hard use, if the use is hard enough -anything, even a 1911.

      • jdun1911

        Ok let me put it this way. $300 is a rip off for a product that probably cost $10 or less to make.

      • jdun1911


        I find it sick to use children in the way you mention on your post. You need to get some help.

      • Jim

        Someone is obviously not a fan of dead baby jokes.

      • jdun1911


        I’m not sick or moral deprived. I don’t find it funny.

      • JM

        Some folks get offended way too easily.

      • Of course ANYTHING can break, nobody said it couldn’t…but it’s not like the Angle Shot is made out of bone china. In fact, I’d bet that it would take more abuse than a scope or most other optics since it doesn’t have multiple separately mounted elements that must remain precisely mounted in relation to each other. Heck, your $2500 rifle is going to fail at some point if you shoot it or abuse it enough…do you go without a gun because of it?

        I also forgot to mention that unlike mirror solutions, the Angle Shot didn’t invert the field of view which made aiming it MUCH easier as I wasn’t fighting my natural instincts in aligning the sights.

        Around here we don’t strap babies to our guns but when we sail the seas we do navigate by baby. You just drop one off the bow every five minutes or so and if you don’t hear a splash, you turn.

  • Lance

    Over not a bad idea but like the video camra mounts they tried five years ago they can disorient a solder as well. This may be better since you can take them off while not in use.

  • SPC Fish

    the mirror ones reverse the image and make it hard to get on target

  • noob

    this isn’t the video I saw years ago when a product called “shieldshot” was being marketed, but it shows the technique pretty well

  • jdun1911

    I won’t mind picking one up for testing if the price is right.

  • El Freddio
  • Mike

    Nothing new here. We were doing this 40+ years ago.

  • Raph84

    Military Arms Channel on youtube did a vid on a similar sight system a few months ago

  • SGB

    I’d try one if it was free. Any issues can be overcome with enough practice but there are still better solutions out there. Someone just needs to invent them.

  • West

    Might work better than this…

  • jacob

    You’d think they would have a mechanical solution that would use a couple small mirrors and a lens mounted on the side of the gun that would flip the image.

  • Nougou
  • jdun1911

    For the people that gave me a negative rating let me put it in context how overpriced the thing is.

    I just bought a NEW Hawk 982 shotgun for $199 from bud gun shop. It INCLUDED iron sights. The receiver is FORGED and not cast.

    The shotgun is made by Norinco, SHIPPED to the USA and SELL it for $199. It is a fully functional 870 shotgun. The only difference is it won’t be able to used 870 barrels without some mod work because the Hawk version is 5+1 instead of 4+1.

    Now lets look at the CAA mirror. It cost $299. We can all agree that it used less material and less work to produce the product. It cost $100 more than a fully functional shotgun or firearm.

    As a smart customer which is the better deal? Firearms that you can buy for $300 or less or an overpriced mirror to mount on your AR15?;%20Barre/

    • Griffin

      Saying things in ALL CAPS doesn’t help your credibility here.

      The point you are making, that firearms can be purchased for less than the cost of an accessory and there is likely a very high markup in cost, is so common it’s academic.

      The fact is that specialty gun accessories often cost significant money. As a firearms enthusiast, especially a 1911 enthusiast, you know this already.

      It is standard for well regarded accessories to cost significantly more than the cost of manufacturing.

      YHM and LaRue BUIS cost ~$200. Magpul MBUS ~$100 and they are plastic. These are very popular and hence lower cost to make due to the scale of manufacturing. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if these have a %300+ mark up. There are dozens of competitors making similar products too, yet they are still able to sell them a cost higher than the shotgun you mention. The market sets the price, not the cost of manufacturing alone.

      These tactical mirrors are manufactured at a much smaller scale, have very little competition, and are exponentially more rare than BUIS. It makes sense they would cost significantly more to make and that people are willing to pay a premium for them.

      Shotguns, by contrast, are unbelievably common. So common that Walmart sells them. There are many many manufacturers and extremely high competition between them. Of course you can purchase one for ultra cheap. They are also very popular at prices above $3k. It isn’t a fair comparison to an accessory that is made by only two or three companies.

      I wouldn’t buy one of these mirrors, but only because I don’t feel $300 worth of need for one. That they cost so much is not the least bit surprising to me.

    • Tinkerer

      A manufacturer offers a new product to the market. They slap a price tag to it -a MSRP-, and wait. If someone buys it at that price, cool. If nobody does, they start lowering their asking price until somebody starts buying. Also, a competing manufacturer might offer a competing product at a competitive price, so the first manufacturer has to lower their own price to atract demand.

      That’s how free market works, jdun1911. You don’t like the $300 they ask for the mirror? Don’t buy, and the price might go down, or you can find a competing product. Or if you’re feeling enterprising, you can offer your own version at $150 and with Bluetooth compatibility, and show them how it’s done.

    • mosinman

      the hawk shotgun was also probably made by workers being payed .50 cents an hour too

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Those interested in such a sight may want to take a close look at the Accutact Positive Lock Angle Sight Tactical Rifle Scope. It uses dual path optics which enable an instantaneous transition to be made from concealed 90-degree corner shots to standard shoulder-mounted, line-of-sight shots and vice-versa. It is also compatible with red-dot, laser and iron sights as well as tactical scopes. One commendable additional feature is that it can be rotated 360 degrees on its quick-release Picatinny mount, which provides additional flexibility for off-angle targeting.

    Although I have not seen any specifics from the manufacturer addressing the reverse image problem, it is quite possible that the issue has been resolved with this sight since it appears to use prismatic lenses.

    The Accutact sight is available through and those of you who want a closer look at it can log on to and read up on the details.

    Bear in mind that it is not cheap, the price range being US$349.99-US$379.99, but it seems to be a very solidly-made unit with a generous optical aperture ( 25mm x 25mm ) and is claimed to be water, fog, dust and sand proof.

  • Rat

    I have not had the opportunity to use one but see where they would work well.

    Leroy Thompson had an article last year(?) where he trialed a couple of different ones. While not shooting great groups he did shoot well enough from unorthodox positions to get the job done, which is the job of the unit to begin with. One unit was LEO/Mil only.

  • Tweak

    We used a similar concept but simpler execution to coach ARM, Aimpoint has their CEU too.

  • Rusty Ray

    A baby! Man, that’s so wrong I don’t know where to begin. A puppie taped to the barrel would be much lighter. A black and tan one would be less reflective too.

    Cheers- Rusty

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    As a follow-up to my previous posting, Brownells has the Accutact Angle Sight on sale for $279.99 versus $349.99-$379.99 at Optics Planet, still expensive but a much better deal. Also, the optical aperture is 24mm x 24mm, not 25mm x 25mm as I first thought. There is an interesting promotional video at demonstrating tactical use of the sight in assorted CQB scenarios.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    RE : Accutact Angle Sight

    I had a chance to take a close look at an Accutact Angle Sight these last few days, and I can confirm that so far it appears to be everything the manufacturers claim it to be. However, I was incorrect in surmising that it probably had a corrective system for reverse image per my 033012 post. Looking through the sight, images are reversed, as in a mirror. Having said that, I don’t see any reason why some familiarization training and orientation with this sight in a CQB situation shouldn’t compensate for this minor issue.

    Other than that, I really like this sight. It is very well-made, compact and is designed with excellent impact protection for the lenses. Unlike the Diamondhead Versa-View and X-Caliber Shieldshot Mirror Sights, there is no protruding mirror element that could be potentially damaged when deployed in a “hot and tight” situation. It also has a major advantage over Aimpoint’s CEU and similar sights in that it offers both-eyes-open instantaneous transition from off-angle to direct line-of-sight aiming and vice-versa, which saves vital seconds which in turn can make the difference between success and failure in a fast-moving and highly-fluid combat situation. The Achilles heel of the Aimpoint CEU and similar designs is that one has to physically remove the sight to return to direct linear aiming with the weapon unless, of course, one has an auxiliary direct aiming system set up on the weapon to enable bypassing of the off-angle sighting function, in which case there will be a penalty to be paid in the form of excessive weight and complexity.

    Time will tell how durable the Angle Sight will prove to be in the long run ( as with any hardware ), but for now, it appears to be a viable solution to the issue of shooting around corners.

  • Storming Steve

    I bought this Tactical Mirror Sight at
    and will not ever leave my shotgun!

    • Jack Post

      I also purchased my Reflectoscopes from Shoot Around Corners .com.
      1 for home defense and 1 for my rig.
      Their websight is cool but some of their videos are horrible.
      (the one on the shotgun is good) The pics are uhm .. nice…
      The tactical mirror sight or scope that they make is solid aluminum and has some special mirrors of some sort, read >VERY ROBUST<!
      Simple and works Extremely well with a laser.
      I also know some LEO's and Rangers that have it and like it.
      I got an email from the owner Steve Buestamante saying that the covers are coming soon too.
      AND all for $130.00

  • BM

    This is the gayest thing I have ever seen. Stop being a little pussy, get your fucking muzzle around the corner, your eyes behind your sights, buy your land and own it. Enough with all the faggy shit bolted onto your guns