Beautiful Ammunition Photography

A reader emailed me photos he took at an art exhibition in Washington DC called “Gun Shy” by photographer Colby Caldwell. The photos, which are all about 6 feet high, are of ammunition, hunting blinds and game.

[ Many thanks to Ryan for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • kilroy

    Not feeling it, sorry. Wish I had those photography skills though.

    • Nathan

      same here

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Beautiful? This beholder’s eyes don’t see it.

    Nice, though.

  • West

    I dig it.

  • Doesitmatter?

    That is gorgeous; good refreshment! Guns and muses go togethes, well at least in this case.

  • Matt G.

    I think this is more “art” than art.

  • I’d put one on the wall. Different, but very nice.

  • I want to know more about the one that looks like feathers…it is interesting.

    • Higgs

      Looks like a quail falling.

  • Simon_the_Brit

    I think that they are great, probably too expensive for me to afford.

    Methinks I’ll have to sell my wife into slavery.

  • Nater

    Excellent photography. Especially the one of the dead bird (quail?) falling. that is not an easy thing to photograph, let alone photograph well.

  • Netforce

    These are made from bullet shells and so on? That’s amazing! Now these are work of arts.

  • tincankilla

    i’m the guy who visited the exhibit and sent this in to steve. these cell photos don’t really convey the size and the vibrance of the artwork, but i liked that they’re different from the kitschy “field and stream” art and the lame anti-gun stuff that most modern artists do. i can imagine these at the NRA hq or hanging next to a gun safe. i have no idea about prices, but i’d be happy to send your info to the artist (he’s a colleague of a friend). you can get in touch by using my username (above) at gmail.