President of Peru’s Revolver/Dagger

This beautiful “Coffin” cased pinfire revolver/dagger was made for Jose Balta, the 19th President of Peru, by the French firm Lefauchaux Casimer & Eugene in 1870 is being auctioned off by RIA. Jose Balta is notable for among other things being deposed and then shot by Tomás Gutiérrez, his own Minister of Defense (four days later Gutiérrez was lynched).

This is a very unique combination French pinfire revolver and dagger that was made for Jose Balta the 19th President of Peru. Balta was born in Lima, Peru April 25, 1814. He was a soldier and politician who was President of Peru from 1868 to 1872, the same year of his death. At age 16 he entered the Military College and graduated three years later at the rank of Sergeant. At age 38 he held the rank of Colonel. During the 1830s he joined such causes as Luis Jose de Orbegoso, Felipe Santiago Salaverry and the Restoration. In 1865 he aided Mariano Ignacio Prado in the seizure of the Presidency and served in his administration. In 1867 he in turn overthrew Prado. As President he re-established constitutional rule and under took vast projects for national improvement. His lavish expenditures of his administration plunged Peru deep in debt. Balta was deposed and shot by a member of his own cabinet, Thomas Gutierrez, the Defense Minister. This unique piece features a 10 3/8 inch blade, with an 18 karat gold ricasso band with scroll engraved bordering and inscribed “JB/28 Julio 1870″. The blade has the faint remains of scroll etching and “ALFREDO HEROUARD/LIMA”. Behind the blade is a gold plated open frame with a relief carved brass hand guard at the rear. The frame houses a six round pinfire cylinder. A 3 1/4 inch round barrel is mounted on the right side of the blade. The top of the barrel is marked “E.Lefaucheux Bte a Paris”. A loading gate is mounted on the right side of the frame and the ejector is mounted on the front of the frame and swivels toward the barrel when not in use. The revolver functions in both single and double action. The handle is checkered walnut with a brass floral scroll engraved pommel. The scabbard is black leather with a brass throat and tip, which are floral scroll engraved. The frog clip is a carved grotesque face. The dagger/revolver comes in a leather bound hard “coffin” case with red velvet lining in the base and padded purple satin lining in the lid. The lid lining is marked in gold “ALFREDO BEROUARD/LIMA”. This is the first coffin cased revolver of this type ever offered for sale by Rock Island Auction Company.

Steve Johnson

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  • If I had the dough………..I’d be all over this.

  • A man from Greece

    Beautiful but not quite useful as history teaches. Better had a Colt.

  • Alex-mac

    I’ve always thought a gun knife combo was a good idea. When you ran out of bullets instead of hitting them with a ineffective improvised club, you can stab them instead. : )

  • John Doe

    Ah, the knife gun, the pistol bayonet’s less stupid sibling. This is actually a pretty good idea.

  • Wow, definitely a unique piece! They’re looking to fetch $10-20K for this thing in auction… wonder if it still fires.

  • Alex-mac

    The conceptual balance is good in this too. It’s a knife first and gun second. Which is how it should be given likely distances of armed encounters. In a 0-5 feet fight, the knife is arguably deadlier than a pistol. A knife/gun combo would be deadlier than just a pistol, no argument there.

    Instead of the trigger location here, the trigger could be located on the rear edge of the knife. One would press the trigger with ones thumb.

    One shouldn’t dismiss the pistol with bayonet concept just yet either. Sure it’s current iterations are stupid, but I think someone will eventually make an effective pistol bayonet, ideal for those close encounters, haha.

  • Your blog is great. Steve, What motivated you to call this blog “President of Peru’s Revolver/Dagger”, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Very valuable information Steve.