New Russian Arsenal Firearms Strike One “Strizh” Polymer Pistol

A private Russian company called Arsenal Firearms has developed a new slick looking polymer pistol chambered in 9mm Luger/Parabellum. The pistol appears to be named “Strike One” although the YouTube video below says it is named Strizh, which I believe translates to Swift. As far as I know the company is not linked to arms giant Arsenal BG in Bulgaria.

Oops, the front sight seems to have come loose.

My Russian is poor (nonexistent) but from watching the video I believe the pistol has a slim profile polymer frame (unusual for a Russian company), an easy-to-rack slide with rear and front serrations, enlarged magazine well, ambidextrous magazine release and picatinny rail. The slide appears to be lighted considerably by removing as much metal as possible in order to increase the cycle rate.

It looks like a nice design. It is shown with english branding so I think the company is eyeing the export market. If they are clever they will either sell production rights outright or enter in an exclusive supply agreement with a US firm. This is the kind of pistol Remington / Freedom Group needs to add to their line up which is missing a polymer non-1911 platform.

Notice the accuracy demonstration at 2:45? They appear to be placing shots inches away from the balaclava’d man’s head!

[ Many thanks to Zarko for emailing us the video. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Frankie

    The instructor also appears to demonstrate the the barrel is fixed, non-tilting.

    • Nathaniel

      The barrel appears to be move, but it does not appear to tilt. Recoil operation of some kind, it seems.

    • JMD

      If you watch the barrel @ 0:45, it’s clear that it’s a tilting barrel design.

      • ajax517

        The gun shown at :45s is a Glock.

      • Bill

        Agree on it’s a Glock comment. That is an extremely long front sight blade though. I’ve never seen that.

      • Sebastian

        @ Bill: It appears to be a fibre optic front sight.

  • ARL

    That gun’s not in the list of guns that we’re allowed to import from Russia (27 CFR 447.52(b), see the link), so it would have to be licensed from them and produced somewhere else.

  • Greg

    Check out the front sight in the picture, and at 1:02. Its WAY over to the left.

  • If it hits US soil.. I will have one..
    Looks like a nice high bore axis..
    a cross between a SR9 and KelTec PMR 30 and a Caracal… interesting….
    Good post Steve..

    • Fred Johnson

      It definitely looks like a Caracal copy to me, too.

  • DanTheViking

    Too bad there’s effectively a firearms trade embargo with China and Russia in the US.
    I want an MP446.

  • Brandon

    That ugly PoS makes a Glock look beautiful.

  • Vhyrus

    It looks like the illegitimate love child of a Glock 17 and a PMR 30.

    Not that its a BAD thing, just an observation. I’d buy one if the price is right. Get a subcompact version stateside and they’ll put s&w out of business.

  • Doug

    It looks like Steyr and Glock had a baby.

  • FN and Glock had a love child the russians got ahold of and tried to make it look as much like a Stechkin APS as possible, and gads it’s butt ugly.
    then again russkie stuff rarely is a pretty, but it’s tough and as Cossack proofed as possible.

    • Nater

      I think it may be even uglier than the Grach.

    • W

      looking at the bright side, if its cossack proofed, then ipso facto, it is also redneck proof 🙂

  • Burst

    Well, I WANT to like it, but one thing keeps nagging at me-
    “Does it have enough slide serrations?”
    I’d like about 30% more, to be perfectly safe.

    • Scouse

      Why anyone would put cocking serrations near the muzzle? Beats me.
      Don’t the know the bullet emerges from the front?

  • Issac

    As fur as my russian,this gun is very unique,extremely advance
    and no any other handgun,can be compered to it’s superiority.

  • Lance


    Yes Chinese firearms cannot be imported. Bt the only restrictions on Russian firearms is for semi-auto rifles NOT pistols or shotguns. I known Makarovs that’s made in post Soviet Russian and has modern arsenal markings on them and the sporter Segias have been bought by Arsenal of L.V. Nevada and made into Russian AK tactical firearms by adding some US parts. The MP446 Grach never has caught on as well as a new pistol in Russian LE and Military. Adopted in 92 only Spetz Naz use them in Chechnya. Maybe this is a new attempt to arm Russian Police and FSB with a Russian made Glock basically. In the past decade Russian cops have bought Beretta M92FS and Glock17/19s for work this is a attempt to get there Police to buy there own weapons again.

    • Komrad

      Chinese shotguns and shotgun ammo can be imported.

    • laffo

      Actually, there are restrictions on pistols from Russia. In order for this company to export their handguns to America, they have to get a trade agreement from 1996 amended.

      Near the bottom there is a list of what handguns are specifically importable from Russia, with everything not listed being prohibited from import.

  • Stan

    Another ugly cheap plastic handgun, just what the American consumer needs. Consider that an XD or Glock costs about fifty dollars American to make. The public has been sold a bill of goods buying cast, MIMed and injection molded guns and told there great. They all look like hammered sh@t.

    • W

      oh you mean cheap, ugly, shit-looking handguns that offer higher magazine capacity, superior reliability, and equivalent accuracy as their machined 100 year old descendants. Polymers and MIM are in…get over it.

      • mosinman

        mim and poly are in but it doesnt nessicarly mean they are better. there are plenty of modern milled steel pistols

      • johnny

        ill stick with my steel german p226 with 18+1 & 20+1 capacity. thank you very much.

  • strongarm

    Very interesting and revulotionary pistol indeed. Russians are famous
    for merits of devoloping the knowns and this is the turn for polymer

    Handgun seems a locked breech short necoil type using a separate “U”
    shaped lock piece very similar to Bergman or Lahti system. The thick
    hump in front of ejection port should be location for this verticaly acting
    lock bridge and the one way pin just under it may be the retainer rod for
    it passing through kidney shaped holes at each side for camming down
    the upside down “u” shaped lock piece. İt should also be the disassembly

    Untilting, only rearwardly acting barrel of course gives superior accuracy
    as compered known Browning type locked pistols.

    • It’s presented like answer to Glock17 and compared with it in video. The main advantage is that the upper frame goes in parallel as opposed to Glock where it goes a little up. As result it has less recoil and more durability. It’s a third edition of pistol. First one has about hundred negative feedback from FSB, the second about ten… the pistol showed in video not the last edition.

      More intresting (IMHO) model for russian special forces that partial uses:

      There says that weight of pistol only 470 gramm(!) and has no safety catch in standart mention. “Ready to fire” – as described by manufacturers a new system of firing. Safety is removed immediately when you press the trigger and the pressure on the rear of the pistol grip at the same time. It can penetrate 8mm steel. It’s improved version of SR-1 “Gyrza” (viper) which has the same safety system.

      PS: Sorry for my English… =)

      • Wosiu

        “There says that weight of pistol only 470 gramm(!)”

        Yes, withouth magazine.

        “It’s improved version of SR-1 “Gyrza” (viper) which has the same safety system.”

        No, it is GSh-18 cal. 9x19mm Luger from KBP Tula. “Gyurza” is SR.1M cal. 9x21mm from TsNIITochMash.

      • Doesitmatter?

        As Wosiu does I also think this may be repackaged GSh-18. However, that one is of rotary locking action. Someone earlier describes it as a “U-inverted lock”. It all intriques me so much more. In any case, this pistol challenges all in existece, no doubt. Watch out – Russians are coming!

      • M.G. Halvorsen

        Friend, you never have to apologise for your English at this forum. Nor does anyone else. Here, we care about firearms, not proper grammar.

  • YE.TI.

    Russian speaker here!
    I decided to translate some key points of the video and maybe clear some things for you. I apologise in advance for any grammar mistakes.
    They openly admit that it is a Russian answer to Glock 17.
    As far as actuall mechanics of the pistol go we don’t get a lot of information. It’s got a non tilting barrel (they claim that it makes pistol more durable) and that it operates differently compared to Glock. Recoil deemed nonexistent.
    No conventional safety, 3 internal safeties. Point and click interface.
    Magazine holds 17 rounds, magazine realise is ambidextrous, magwell for fast reloads.
    It is posible to instal a longer barrel and turn it into a submachine gun (no word on it being ful-auto tough) and there are 30 round “assault” mags for it.
    The pistol is not yet finished and will be modernised further.
    I hope it helps.

  • crosswiredmind

    I like the look of the grip – both the angle and the texturing. Those are the two things that keep me away from Glocks.

  • Wosiu

    Nothing special as far as we will know some details.

    Anyone who say “it is revolutionary pistol” or “a slim profile polymer frame (unusual for a Russian company)”, should first educate yourself about such Russian pistols like GSh-18 or SR.1M.

  • Alex-mac

    Good stuff from Russia, few want to buy the made in United Arab Emirates Caracal pistol

    • Komrad

      I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Caracal.

      • Alex-mac

        You must be from the U.A.E, cause alot of people don’t like that it’s made there.

        If this Russian pistol can stand up to the Caracal, then it will steal it’s market share for sure.

  • Erik

    Russia is my go to source for Ak’s, cheap ammo & mail order brides….. but polymer framed pistols? I’ll have to think about that one.

    • Reactive Shooter

      Come on Eric, everyone knows the good brides are coming out of the Ukraine these days.

      • ReactiveShooter


    • W

      If i had to shop for anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles i would also look there. especially those new S400’s.

  • Sebastian

    If that’s the same Arsenal Firearms that will attend IWA which according to the logo on the box they are the company is Italian.
    When they have this pistol exhibited I’ll try to get better pictures.

  • Ralph

    How does it compare in weight to a Glock 19 and HK USP Compact 9mm?

  • I would not stand next to a target with a guy firing a Russian made firearm.

    • Oh, yeah, man. Probably devices manufactured in Russian Federation are anti-Matt devices in the first place. Or maybe someone thinks of you as a better target.

    • W

      “I would not stand next to a target with a guy firing a Russian made firearm”

      LOL i take it you have never heard of training conducted by FSB Spetsnaz (former GRU) or Ministry of Interior units…

    • Komrad

      Yes, because Austrian made 2nd gen Glocks in .40 S&W didn’t have issues with exploding and Makarovs and Tokarevs are known for being deathtraps like 6.5mm and early 7.7mm Arisakas.

      • fw226

        Honestly, I don’t think I would want to stand next to the target no matter what gun was being fired.

    • BennyDude

      Maybe I’m wrong, but the front site looked like it was pushed way over to the left on the gun being showed off by their IPSC shooter. That doesn’t bode well for the straightness of the barrel lockup. Hopefully the mystery guy in the balaclava wasn’t the second one they had to use for the commercial.

  • Beaumont

    If it’s intended as a response to the Glock, will Glock mags interchange?

  • Steve Cornell

    Well, this is the first time I seen this gun, so far, I LIKE IT!! It has been my experience that the Russians make some pretty good guns, I for one,think that the Makorov pistol is a very well made,simple, reliable,accurate pistol ,I own several of these pistols ,put thousands of rounds through them,honestly,they have never failed me,ever!! I am a 1911 45 acp kind of guy,that is my conceal-carry gun, I will also carry a Glock 9 mm or the Makorov 9×18 . So, what do you say, we give this new Russian pistol a chance! If they make it to the USA, I will buy one. I think its a winner


  • Joseph

    Looks kinda cool. I don’t want one but we’ll see where they go and how they’re proven yeah?

  • eduards

    creators in video claim that this pistol has much better than Glock 17 but already 2 versions is sent back with drawbacks to fix …..(this is second)they admit it as well I rather believe that FMK became serious manufacture at last they are selling polymer frame pistols some time and begin production of second generation of the Model 9C1 …

  • Lemming

    Looks like a nice handgun. Shoots accurately, decently low weight, using 9×19 instead of the 9×18, which is a plus in my eyes. It looks like the grip is comfortable enough for a change. Looks like a gun that would suit the Spetsnaz well.

  • strongarm

    In a world of recoil operated pistols shared mostly Browning Tilted Barrel
    and small amount of Walther P38 swinging block and Joseph Nickl type
    rotating barrel locks, another new system promising near equal cost of
    Browning’s way deserves describing more than “Revulotionary”.

    Imagine a pistol made roughly same outline with Browning Tilted Barrel
    fashion in which barrel and slide recoiling together, but only locking shoulder
    over the tube dropping down to unlock reciprocating members. This Russian
    pistol seems as achieved such a novelty.

    Manufacturers prefer Browning Tilted Barrel Lock mainly by cause of its
    lower cost than other types and, if cleverly shaped, this Russian Design
    will offer accuracy advantages over same level of manufacturing costs.

    Apart from nearly unchanged Browning Design, this approach would be
    most important improvement in recoil operated pistols since Japanese
    Nambu 94 which carried a separate locking part from shrinked rifle type
    construction to real pistol like lay out in 1934.

    There is nothing new in handgun field if properly investigated and this
    time, Russians seeming as transmitted Lahti type “Dropping Block” lock
    from breechbolt in barrel extention to barrel in slide configuration. This
    is far beyond their known Gsh1 and Gyurza improvements.

    It is hoped that Russian Designers made a patent application for this
    pistol in The U.S. or otherwise, there will be numerous canditates for
    instant pick up such an improvement.

  • Jeff

    I have a sneaking suspicion they used perception, and the parallax to make it look like it was fired inches from his face… the shooter was probably to the left of the target….

    To explain geometrically (wow its been a long time…)
    Point P is the videorecorder
    Point A is the guy we see
    Point B is the target, and point W would be where i suspect the shooter is, especially since all the particles seem to be flying to the right in the video

  • ruben

    looks like the gun was designed to have the sights on the left side, the barrel looks like its directly under the sights, strange?

  • I got to check the pistol out this week at IWA… Prototype level only, but it looks very interesting. Some of the same advances as the Caracal, with the fixed barrel. Looking forward to shooting on… maybe… someday… if… etc,etc,etc….


    • spade_lt

      I’ve got to check it at at the IWA too.

      strongarm has it right – system is a kin to the lahti only mounted “in the main area” of the chamber. BArrel moves straight back and aseparate piece unlocks it from the slide.

      And, to be honest – the trigger is just horrible…

  • English

    The front sight is definitely set far to the left but if you look carefully at the static picture I think it shows that the rear sight is also offset. The barrel is definitely not offset Looking at other videos, Bruna’s for example, you will see that the front sight is not offset, though it is very hard to catch a good sight of the rear sight. I suspect that the designer or principle salesman in the first video is actuallt left eye dominant and he has moved the sights over as partial compensation for that.

    • RollingThunder

      I was just going to post asking about the front sight being to the left instead of centered.. Guess you cleared that up!