MKA1919 12 Gauge AR-15 Shotgun

RAAC is importing the Akdal MKA 1919 12 gauge shotgun from Turkey. The shotgun closely resembles the AR-15, only a lot larger.

Because the BATFE only allow “sporting” shotguns to be imported, it is imported without any tacti-cool features. The lower receiver is polymer with the stock and pistol grip being part of the mould, much like the Cav Arms polymer AR-15 lower receivers.

RAAC will be selling modified custom models with AR-15 stocks, AR-15 pistol grips, rails and muzzle brakes. These modifications are done to the shotgun after it has been imported. I expect these modded guns will be expensive and will be marketed to the 3-gun shooting community.

The standard model is priced around $700.

[Photos © Bryan Jones ]

Steve Johnson

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  • DurgaMDK

    Cmmg had shown one a few years back at a shotshow. Anyone know what happened?

  • Darkness

    Nice, price ain’t to bad either. Any idea how many shells the mags hold? Just out of curiosity

  • Matt G.

    Standard mags are 5 rounds but I think there is a company that is makIng 10 or 12 rounders.

  • Matt G.

    Also, From what I’ve read they seem to be a little less reliable with cheap soft loads but are apparently modifiable to run better.

  • Jesse

    It’s supposedly patterned after a Remington 1100 action so if it’s made well it should be at least as good as that.

    • Other Steve

      This is exactly my problem with it. It’s an 1100 that takes mags, AWESOME, but patterned after an AR-15 A2… wtf?

      Why try and make it look like something it is not? If you have carte blanche on the exterior design why would you pick a form that has a less practical cheek weld / comb? How about one that looks like an 1100? How about one that cuts out all the unnecessary plastic?

      They could have done anything else. Instead, in my mind, it delegitimizes it by making it look like an AR which it is not and shares almost no parts with.

      On this I quickly go from “nice practical gun” to “cool range toy bro”.

      • Patrick

        @Other Steve

        This gun most likely designed for 3-gun competitors and police use, and not for duck hunters or clay shooters.

        The AR-15 platform offers great ergonomics for rapidly engaging multiple targets, and quickly reloading.

        The “less practical cheek weld / comb” as you say, actually puts the barrel directly in line with the stock and shooter’s shoulder. This directs the recoil straight back, reducing muzzle rise, and allowing for faster follow up shots. High-end trap guns are even doing this, just look at the Browning Unsingle.

        The positioning of the magazine and the release will be very similar to that of the AR-15, the rifle that most 3-gun competitors use.

      • Other Steve


        I don’t disagree that there are benefits to the AR platform over others, but there are better platforms if you are going to all out clone something, one something better! The SCAR, ACR, XCR, Beretta 160, CZ’s new carbine, etc all have superior controls over the AR.

        My point is that instead of clone an AR, they could have improved upon or at least tried to come up with something that didn’t have extra plastic where it wasn’t needed. Looks like and AR shares almost no parts.

        This looks like a range toy. I see it as no different than 10/22 stocks that look like other guns (p90, AR, g36). It’s trying to be something it’s not instead o working with the unique features it could have.

  • Lance

    Reminds me of the good old day with a awesome USAS 12!

  • Kevin

    Tromix has a bunch of parts already out to modify this and plans to build an aluminum replacement for the plastic lower. (In this gun the lower is not the serialized part.)

    • Krebs Custom is working on them too. Military Arms Channel put out a video months ago.

  • Brandon

    If the stock and grip are part of the lower receiver mold, how are they going to sell aftermarket stocks and grips? Did I miss something obvious?

    • Kevin

      Tromix suggests a bandsaw. … Measure carefully.

  • Vhyrus

    This thing might get me to sell my saiga…

    • DurgaMDK

      NO way man. I love my saiga12. I would like to see however just how far the mods will go on this gun.

      • Vhyrus

        I love the idea of my saiga, but in practice it is quite heavy and cumbersome, and the controls aren’t exactly easy to use. This has the ergonomics of an AR and it weighs much less than a saiga 12. If they can get 10 round mags for this thing that doesnt break the bank I am sold.

      • Other Steve

        Vhyrus: THIS!!!

        The Saiga is great in theory, but without a magwell, it’s extremely frustrating to try and load on a closed bolt. And since the bolt doesn’t stay open on last shot….

        I’m going to keep my saiga, but until there is a great magwell and great mags for it, it’s in the back of the safe. It would make a fantastic SBS, but still has issues.

      • Sian

        @OtherSteve New S12s have magwell and LRBHO. Once this has been gone over a few times compatable refit kits will start on in the aftermarket. Bolt reprofiling already takes care of the loaded mag issue.

      • Jim

        Tac47 and JTE make mag wells for stock S12s. Some of the newer S12s do have the mag well but are $$$. I’ll keep my S12 over this Turkey turd.

  • Remy

    And this is why 922(r) needs to die a painful death. It serves no purpose at all since you can buy the SAME GUN, you just have to replace a couple parts with American made parts – how is this protecting anyone?

    • Nadnerbus

      Protects American manufacturers of gun parts? It’s anti gun and pro protectionism! What’s not to like?

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Seems sorta pointless to ban the streetsweeper (if they ever got that done) is light of this and the Saiga. Now for the 20 round drum!

  • Charlie

    No designed for duck hunters or clays, you say. I suppose I could take it turkey hunting then. Too bad about that one a day limit.

  • Cymond

    I’m jumping on the “looking forward to more magazines and future mods” bandwagon.

  • stephen

    Whoa there are some serious muzzle brakes on a couple of those!

    • Other Steve

      For Show.

      Those giant brakes have proven to be decoration and placebo on shotguns. They don’t generate enough pressure to work like on a rifle (in terms of comparative size, a 50bmg). Beware though, people who spent $100 on a big stupid brake will swear it works.

      • Joel Blayney

        Those “Giant brakes” that “Don’t work” Work fine. You just have to be intelligent enough to know what their function is on a shotgun. They aren’t for recoil as they are on a rifle. They keep the gas from spreading your pellets out prematurely. Instead of spouting off with uneducated opinions, do some research.

  • Jack Luz

    Jumping cats! The police and federal agents could use that kind of artillery to fight the bad guys. This could be ideal for QCB with the SEALs and Rangers. I’m just saying.

    • Vhyrus


      • randomirish

        w/ frag 12. ’nuff said.

      • Other Steve

        Ha! I hate that shit. When are they going to get around to fixing that!

    • Flounder

      Quick change barrel?

  • Bryan S.

    Ive handled one. The finish was horrible, and it looked like a spray painted toy. It felt clunky, and the parts did not move smoothly with each other. Nothing on that thing seemed to scream serious fighting, sporting or hunting shotgun.

    Being made in Turkey, it shared some of the same machining “quality” that I have seen on many turkish guns.

    For that, it shouldnt be priced at $700.

    I have no problem with the idea of an AR pattern shotgun, i would certainly hunt with one, but these arent as great as they look.

    • Other Steve

      That’s been exactly what I’ve heard second hand.

      I was willing to ignore they came with plastic “jewels” to make safe and fire, but I can’t ignore the dozens of so-so reviews. This is a range toy.

  • Winston Smith
    • Vhyrus

      $1400?! Jesus tap dancing Christ! I can buy A Benelli M4 for that kind of coin!

      • Brandon

        But the MSRP is $1999. You save $600! How can you afford NOT to buy it? lol

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    🙁 Cheap plastic = huge letdown

    There aren’t a lot of choices for magazine-fed semi-automatic shotguns. You have the Saiga-12 and, if you’re super rich and can find one for sale, the SPAS-15. I have wondered about the possibility of an AR-15 patterned 12-Ga many times and always conclude that as long as the magazine well is large enough to accommodate magazines holding 2-3/4″ shells, it’s possible. When I saw the first pictures of the MKA1919, it was literally as though they had read my mind…or so I thought. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the entire lower receiver group, including stock and pistol grip, was made of polymer…and it doesn’t look like Glock or Magpul polymer, it looks like Toys R Us polymer. I hadn’t even noticed the fake “jewels” used to denote the “SAFE” and “FIRE” positions for the selector switch until someone here in the comments section pointed it out, and that aspect alone would make me embarrassed to show up to the range with one. Maybe the Turks think that all firearm enthusiasts dream of gaudy jewel-encrusted, gold-plated guns like those owned by so many drug lords and dictators. I sure hope some manufacturer (preferably here in the USA) steps up to the plate and builds a weapon like this the RIGHT way, with precision-machined aluminum billet or forgings. Then I’ll want one. Until then, I still want a SPAS-15, dammit!

    • charles222

      Just how good is the SPAS-15? I remember a lot of the firearms books from the 1980s going nuts over the SPAS-12, but I never heard anything about the 15.

  • randomirish

    slide fire stock.They put the AK version on a saiga 12, i hope that the AR15 one is compatible as well.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I understand the whole argument for an semi-automatic shotgun and definitely one that you don’t have to train on separately from your rifle, but I’m still not sold on the idea. Sagias are still obnoxiously high priced (especially if you want one in “AK” dress) and this seems to a failed attempt at getting the AR15 crowd one. It’s not priced unreasonably, but I still don’t get the $700 price tag, especially when it’s Turkish. I’m gonna stick with a pump for now (auto tube feeders are still a bit too pricey), but I’m really hoping to see improvement in this type of shotgun. This just isn’t the gun that’s gonna sell it to me.

  • Sinsear001

    I just bought one of these on my birthday and I absolutely love the thing compared to the saiga this owns. I don’t know why the rest of you are downing this gun. Yes its Turkish but its well made its on an AR pattern which makes it easy to get used to and mine came with 3 choke tubes an aimpoint holo sight and the shop owner was nice enough to throw in a free mag all for $789 plus tax. It handles well it shoots like a .308 and target acquisition is fast and easy I did shoot trap with it too not too shabby with 2 inch aa target she

  • Sinsear001

    Shells I ment to put shells sorry. Don’t knock this one till you’ve tried it folks it may surprise ya.

  • Dan

    I totally agree with Sinsear. Having many years of shotgun experience I love the 1919 my wife bought me. It shoots and loads fast, and I don’t see anything that looks breakable anywhere. The only thing I want is at least a 10 round magazine.

  • netfix

    I think when they began importing these, they were rough & raw, and the gems were goofy lucking for sure. They were over-priced and not well received, based on some of these blogs. I bought one a couple of months ago for the list price of $579 and these are my findings:

    The gems have been removed. There are now just red and white spots, identical to most other safety indicators. The stock mags hold five rounds, each. It comes with two mags; one marked 3″ and one marked 2 3/4″. Their only difference is the length of the retainers at the top, however I fired both sizes through each mag with no difference at all. As of the time of this blog, there are more parts available for the MKA1919, but still no larger mags or drums (I’m waiting with baited breath).

    My experience:
    I start by inserting a loaded mag into the weapon. I pull back the bolt and release, chambering the first shell. The action is smooth and the sound is nealry identical to racking a pump. Just for fun, I remove the mag and load a sixth shell. (At this point, I just want to mention that after tearing a rotator cuff, my 300 blackout is as much as I care to shoulder-fire. That being stated…) It fired those six shells and the next five as fast as I could pull the trigger. My first impression was “sweet!”

    Keep in mind, this was designed as a tactical shotgun, intending to fire slugs and “00” buck. It operates beautifully with the right ammo. I understand that it may have problems with lighter loads, but that’s not why I bought it. If you really want to, it requires only a slight gas modification to reliably handle those lighter loads. With the heavier loads, I’ve fired over 300 rounds without a single hickup.

    As for the plastic, this polymer fells very rugged to me. The one-piece lower/stock/grip may be undesirable to some, but they now have an adaptor that allows you to mount any AR stock you like. The grip is already ergonomical and I really like the way it feels, although there is now an adaptor to replace the grip as well. As soon as someone makes higher-capicity mags & drums, and a rail system to replace the current guard, it will without a doubt be my favorite shotgun.

  • Tom

    I know this is an old post, but Cheaper than dirt has this MKA-1919 shotgun on sale right now for $579.