M1868 Papal States Remington (Pontificio) Rifle

It is interesting to see the St. Peter’s Keys of Heaven stamped on a firearm.

Tam writes

Because if the dead rise and walk the earth in search of human brains, there’s nothing better with which to put them back into the hereafter than a rifle with the Keys of St. Peter stamped right into the receiver, no matter what Hornady may state to the contrary. Too bad the 12.7x45R cartridge is a handloader-only proposition these days; maybe we can get them to do a run of Z-Max, just in case.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    I like it, maybe we can petition the pope to stamp out some holy AR-15 lower receivers.

    • Martin (M)

      My God! You’ve found the fix for the M-4! They all need to be BLESSED!

    • W

      haha thats pretty awesome!

  • Spade

    Years ago I remember a guy posting pics online of a box of Vatican issue 7.5mm Swiss and 9mm ammo.

  • Matt Gregg

    “Let he who is free of sin kick the first ass”.

  • Sanjuancb

    This is such a cool rifle! I love rolling blocks!

  • SBeck

    @Matt, what do you want on them, we have our own laser engraver at DPMS now and do custom work.

    • Matt

      Come on now, that would be cheating.

  • Charlie

    So do they rust if they are blessed with Holy Water.

  • Burkefett

    So….A Papal Rolling Block. I believe that this quaifies as a “Holy Roller.”

  • does it come with an icon of the virgin mary engraved on the stock?

  • on a more serious note, this rifle is in beautiful condition!

  • Cahal Mcgirr

    Had a tour around Vatican City in the seventies. There were quite a few guns in evidence mainly Berettas. The Swiss guard are of course Swiss but must have completed national service in the Swiss army prior to joining the Guard. I remarked to my friend who was showing us around that the pike the Swiss Guard were carrying was hardly an effective weapon and he told me to have a quick peak in the ‘umbrella stands’ beside each uniformed Swiss Guard and there I saw Beretta SubMachineGun mod. PM12S in each one!

    • Cahal Mcgirr

      Today the Swiss Guard use the SIG Sauer P220 handgun (P75) and the SIG SG 550 assault rifle. These are the standard issue weapons of the Swiss Army. The Swiss Army have promised to provide standard issue weapons to the Swiss Guard. These weapons would be familiar to the Swiss Guard as all members have served in the Swiss Army. MP5 sub-machine guns (SMG) are also used by the Swi

  • StickShift

    I want one of their retired K31s.