AAC now offering complete 300BLK rifles

Advanced Armament Corp is now offering complete 300BLK factory SBRs (along with 16″ non-NFA configurations as well). This includes the popular 9″ model using the 8″ URXIII from Knights Armament. The 9″ 300BLK gun will retail for 1599.00, and includes a Magpul MOE+ grip, CTR, and Geissele SSA trigger. These are factory registered SBRs (requiring a 200 dollar tax stamp), avoiding the need to SBR another AR15 lower. Add the matching SDN-6 suppressor and you have one of the smallest PDW style platforms out there.

A .300 BLK round did serious damage to a block of ballistic gel at the Big Bang shoot.


  • Other Steve

    Hmmm, that’s a DEAL compared to the upper alone! SSA Trigger, magpul furniture, and a Factory SBR lower.

    That URX III rail is SWEET.

  • W

    ohhhh… la la

  • SGB

    That’s not a bad price.

    • Other Steve

      It’s not a bad price at all.

      Considering other 300blk 16″ guns cost only a bit less and don’t have melonite coated or 5R barrels. Well, the smith does, but it doesn’t have the geissele trigger.

      I feel their upper is $100 too much, but I don’t set the pricing so what can you do?

    • noob

      If the honey badger comes to market as a commercial offering, I wonder what the price difference between the two would be?

  • Vhyrus

    .300 blackout is turning into the second coming of Jesus for the AR market.

    • Burst

      A pity about the lack of piston offerings, though.

      • W

        i hope it dawns a new era of enlightenment for armed men of all walks of life 🙂 and burst, we should see one soon.

      • JMD

        lol wut

        Have you been keeping up on all the problems that AR piston systems have?

      • Other Steve

        If you’re looking for a piston 300blk, you most likely have a severe misunderstanding of how AR’s work, how they work suppressed, a key advantage of the 300blk specs, and/or are just buying into the piston hype.

        Piston is NOT needed for 300blk. It’s not any cleaner than DI when suppressed. It’s trading a basic tube or proprietary moving parts.

        Piston is great in platforms designed for it, but a 300blk AR is not one of them. IF it was, Noveske, AAC, and Wilson, all top tier mfgs would have a piston option. What does it tell you that they don’t?

      • W

        The piston was not needed for the original AR10 either (or the larger caliber french military rifles using direct impingement). I believe the energy of the 300 blackout should theoretically make it more reliable than a smaller caliber.

        I don’t necessarily agree that a piston would be misapplied to a 300 blackout, due to the fact that, despite getting dirty, the bolt and carrier group would remain cooler (and thus more lubricated), though I will add that this caliber would be better implemented with a design that offers maximum manipulation over the bolt carrier group (like a SCAR or AK). With a piston AR15, a bolt seizure would require timely disassembling of the weapons system itself, which is of increased risk with a sound suppressor.

        This is one of the glaring disadvantages of a gas piston AR15. It baffles me that nobody has engineered a long stroke piston AR15 with a ambidextrous reciprocating charging handle.

        I don’t blame Noveske or higher end AR manufacturers for not selling piston rifles. It is a heavily saturated market for a design that does not retain commonality or adoption by major military markets (perhaps the HK 416 is the closest). Perhaps the biggest reason, however, is that these higher AR’s, which incorporate premium parts and barrels (especially noveske), have superior reliability and the disadvantages of contemporary direct impingement rifles are mitigated.

      • Burst

        I was of the impression that more options make for better calibers. FWIW, I was referring to the lack of Gas-operated rifles, rather than piston-ARs.

        It wasn’t intended as a diss of the AR market, but someone who doesn’t like ARs has little use for a .300 BLK at this time. It seems to offer a number of advantages to anything that uses a 5.56mm.

      • noob

        an interesting point, With a piston on the AR Platform it seems that the AK-12 and the .300 BLK ARs are eventually evolving into the same rifle.

        * 7.62 short (x39mm or x40mm)
        * long sight radius
        * lots of rails
        * piston (long stroke preferred)
        * charging handle with forward assist
        * nicer thumb safety
        * composite stock with clubfoot for shooting prone
        * nicer mag release

      • noob

        ah crap I meant to say 7.62 short (x39mm or x35mm)

  • christian

    is there a source link? I can’t find this info anywhere but this blog.

    • Other Steve

      silencertalk.com AAC’s unofficial forum, AACblog.com, 300blktalk.com

    • Vorpalis

      JasonM on SilencerTalk is also saying AAC is coming out with complete ARs in .300BLK. He’s also got info on some changes in their silencers. His post is below.

      New AAC at 2012:

      ELEMENT2 – flat back endcap, Ti tube, $50 cheaper

      RANGER3 – M42000 internals, modified rear end, same price as Ranger2

      SR5 – 5.56 can using the NEW 90-tooth Ratchet Taper Mount… 90 tooth mount with taper lock to secure the can with no movement at all, very solid. new style for the can. about the same size and weight as the M4-2000 but redesigned internals for minimal backpressure. $1200 MSRP

      SR7 – Like the SR5, but in 30 cal. Same size and weight as the ‘N-6. $1200 MSRP

      MINI7 – 30 cal minican, 51-tooth mount, same size as the MINI4, $895 MSRP

      HUNTER – 30 cal, thread on. Shorter and lighter than the CYCLONE-K, $650 MSRP

      300-TM – Thread mount all-Ti 300 WM can, $1195 MSRP

      MG-SD – civilian available, $2295

      1022-SD Complete gun, $1050 MSRP

      AAC Complete ARs – 300 BLK – 9″ and 12.5″ factory SBRs, and a 16″ gun, MSRP $1599.95

      AAC HandiRifle, 300 BLK – MSRP $359.95


      All MITER cans (SPR/M4)
      The 40 and 45 Evolution
      The ECO-9
      All those M4-2000 clone military cans (the rifle-specific M4-2000s, like

      Price drop on the CYCLONE to $750

      • christian

        thanks for the source info, greatly appreciated.

  • jh125486

    This is pretty good price considering I bought a 9″ factory SBR from AAC back in May for $1650. Didn’t even have an AAC lower, as they had registered it with a Stag lower.

  • “Id buy that for a dollar!” <-Robocop reference.

  • Fuad Khoury

    Pleas tell me that these rifles come with PRI gasbusters. Why would AAC put KNS pins in from the factory considering the suppressed back pressure?