AAC now offering complete 300BLK rifles

    Advanced Armament Corp is now offering complete 300BLK factory SBRs (along with 16″ non-NFA configurations as well). This includes the popular 9″ model using the 8″ URXIII from Knights Armament. The 9″ 300BLK gun will retail for 1599.00, and includes a Magpul MOE+ grip, CTR, and Geissele┬áSSA trigger. These are factory registered SBRs (requiring a 200 dollar tax stamp), avoiding the need to SBR another AR15 lower. Add the matching SDN-6 suppressor and you have one of the smallest PDW style platforms out there.

    A .300 BLK round did serious damage to a block of ballistic gel at the Big Bang shoot.