El Salvador also to buy Galil Ace

El Salvador is the latest country to add the ACE to its arsenal. With its new IWI Galil Ace, Israel is fast becoming the premier AK vendor.

This is just wild speculation, but I wonder if South Africa is taking a look at the ACE. They licensed the Galil ARM and SAR back in the 80s and developed the R4 Assault Rifle. The R4 (or its carbine brethren the R5 and R6) and looking a little dated after 30 years.

Steve Johnson

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  • Merc

    I’m still not sure about what struck me with the ACE, but I absolutely love it.

  • Lance

    Not really biggest AK dealer, Russia China and Romania and Bulgaria sell far more AKs. But he Galil is a nice weapon This is NOT for military use but Police SWAT teams. The South African models have ups and down. Ups are more rugged receiver. Down side it only has a 1/12 twist so it only handles 55gr ammo the SADF uses.

    Over all 5.45mm ammo is better AK round anyway.

    • ragnarok220

      What make you “think” Galil is NOT for military use ???

      • Other Steve

        He’s trolling. He has no idea what he’s talking about. Read the rest of his posts in all the articles. It was really subtle, but it’s getting pretty bad now.

    • Lance

      Shut up Steve I meant the article states the buy in El Salvador is for El Salvadorian Police and was not a sale for its Army. Like the idiot you are you failed to read my comment and the article you name caller. If all you can do is insult someone maybe you should find a blog for idiots like you.

      • ragnarok220

        Bad spelling, poor grammar, plus strange logic. No wonder people failed to understand you.

    • W

      so what separates military and SWAT rifles???

      Im only curious. Last thing I recall, SWAT or SRT-like units employ military style weaponry in both the US and abroad.

  • Andrew

    I don’t have any connection to the SANDF, but I’d be surprised if they’re planning to replace their R-series rifles any time soon (apart from replacing old and broken ones, I suppose). There are still lots of them around, with every other security guard here carrying an LM-6, and while the guns still work I suspect they’ll keep using them. After all, they’d have to retrain all their soldiers – and they’re still paying for the planes they bought from my old air force… 😉

  • dude
    • Other Steve

      What do you know about Galils for military use?

      I’m starting to think you troll this blog as soon as articles go up in the morning just to get posts up early… except the posts make no sense or are pure speculation at best. In the other topic today you asked about the weight difference between the HK 556 and the NGA X7… Forget a second that you should just be able to look that up, that question makes no sense!

      • Other Steve

        Eh shit. This was supposed to be a reply to Lance. Sorry dude, you’re doing fine.

        Steve when can we get a delete or edit feature?

      • Lance

        Other Steve your being a Jerk if I ask a question you don’t like don’t answer it. I was asking Steve the Blogger. I know you don’t know jack about guns anyway so keep your insults to your self.

  • charles222

    IIRC, the main change the R4 had compared to the Galil was being scaled larger due to the size differences between your average Israeli and and your average South African soldier. If I’m right (and I’ve VERY UNSURE of that statement, I’m recalling it from a Janes Guide I read over a decade ago) then I doubt SA would be interested in a smaller Galil.

  • G77

    They lengthened the stock on the R4 to closely match the FAL, which it replaced in SA service.
    They also replaced the wood with polymer to make it lighter and to dissipate heat better.
    It wouldn’t be that hard to combine the new features of the Galil ACE with the R4 series if they wanted a new service weapon.
    Most of the SA army guys I know prefer to use the R5 carbine because the rifle is a bit heavy, so they would appreciate a new gun.