BEAM LOKR Shotgun Flashlight Mount

I was pretty skeptical when I heard about the BEAM LOKR. It is a shotgun mount that attaches to a 12 gauge shotgun using only magnets. I did not think it could survive 12 gauge recoil, but it does. GunBlast produced a video review about the product and proved that it does what it claims …

For hunting this is perfect.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Looks fun and economical good device.

  • Interesting. I never thought that would work.

  • You’ll be able to check out the BEAM LOKR at the SHOT show. It’s marketed exclusively by Hot Shot Tactical, we’ll be at booth 3160. See you guys there!

  • Mike

    Nice to know that it holds up to recoil, but given that a likely use would be on a home defense firearm, how does it hold up to being wacked into a door frame? I can picture cutting a corner a little too close, or bracing the barrel on a door frame in the wrong way would scrape the light right off.

    • GeoffH

      I’m sure it is possible to knock the mount off if you scrape it off, but it looks like the magnets are very strong, so it would take quite a bit of force to do so. That much force might damage a fixed mount flashlight as well. A normal knock vs. a scraping motion would probably not dislodge it.

  • Al T.

    If it holds up to slugs and buckshot, it would be just the ticket for folks who draw their shotguns from an armory or department.

    I would have liked to know what the loads were when it was tested in the video.

    • Disclaimer: I work for the company that markets the BEAM LOKR. However, I can tell you I’ve run several full magazines of 3.5″ turkey loads through my 870 Super Mag, and the light stays fixed. As pointed out above, the mount may move forward a touch with each round, but when it’s properly mounted at the base of the barrel you won’t have any worries about it sliding off.

      It’s a great solution for home defense shotguns or for folks who are issued a duty shotgun and are not allowed to permanently fix any hardware.

      Feel free to email me directly with any questions:

  • Watch the video again. At each shot the flashlight slid forward about a half-inch. If he had fired more than four rounds, eight, for instance, it would have come off.

    • I wanted the video a few times before posting it, and a few more times right now. I can see any movement … ???

      • Bob Barker


        You can see the mount move at ~1:11 where the tip of the flashlight slides from just behind the front sight post to the very end of the barrel.

      • MattW

        I also see where the light moved a couple inches forward and any more shots than four would have seen that light slide right off. Nifty idea but not very practical compared to rail mounted light IMO.

  • Matthew Carberry

    A strip of tabe or innertube section in front of where it is to be placed would likely stop it from sliding and would aid in positioning it in the dark besides. As long as the magnets aren’t jumping up under recoil all you need is a small lip.

    • Woodroez

      A magazine tube end cap would serve as well, assuming the tube has a proper cap.

  • Doug

    I’m sure the company would have tested it with a pump shotgun as well, but technically wouldn’t the semiauto shotgun have a little smoother recoil in the vid?

  • Matt

    Interesting bit I’d still rather have a good solid mount.

  • whats the price ranges for one of these i really like them?