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  • Reverend Clint

    hmm great idea since most after market stuff for shotguns can be pricy and heavy.

    • Billy Bones

      Not feeling the love for that buttstock.
      Forearm looks ok.

  • BLG

    I like it. Interested to see how much it will cost or if they actually get around to making it.

  • DW

    Magpul ACS(Adaptive Combat Shotgun)?
    Sounds sweet.

    • Matt G.

      Magpul allready has an ACS.

  • Lance


  • Jeremiah


  • KalashniKEV

    Interesting looking stock… are they trying to bring back HK format sling attachments or something?? I hope it’s ambi.

    I’d try out the handguard for around $20. It would be nice also to see a rail that could hold a pistol-style tac light higher than the accessory slot allows.

  • Buster Charlie

    Maybe i’m just and oddball, but I don’t think the polygonal magpul look agrees with a remington 870. Maybe if I saw the whole thing in context…

    • Mike

      Yep, you’re definitely on to something. Which also makes me curious if Magpul is planning something for the 1100 as well, for instance. Or Mossberg shotguns.

  • Jerimiah

    Any word on mossberg accessories?

  • Rob


  • Curzen

    Although it’ll look mallninja as all hell, a Remington 870 purchase has been bumped to the front of the queue due to this.

  • fw226

    I’ll wait for a pistol-grip, collapsing stock, but the forend looks like an improvement. I imagine it will be cheapish, too.

    • fw226

      Somehow I just now noticed that the forend is compatible with other Magpul equipment… Which means I could attach a light to it cheaply. Most of the railed forends that allow this aren’t well-made, and the Surefire version is $200… and loose. I guess I may be buying this. All I need is a five dollar modular rail section and a nine dollar set of scope rings, and it will happily hold a P6 or Strion.

  • cc19

    Magpul Kool-aid in 870 flavor? I believe this will be a win considering how popular that shotgun platform is. Should be interesting!

  • Neal

    A member at has already done the foregrip mod with a standard carbine length handguard. Apparently, it wasn’t that hard.
    I’m a little disappointed with Magpul at the moment.

  • Other Steve

    Wow. Magpul thought the 870 wasn’t HK enough apparently.

    That stock is pretty ninja…. Not in a good way. I’ll wait to see more pictures but it’s not for me just yet.

  • Smokify

    Seems a little redundant what with the various AR stock/pistol grip adapters on the market. That being said, it doesn’t look bad.

  • huey


  • Personally, I am not a fan of pistol-gripped shotguns, call me a traditionalist, so I quite like the stock.

    • fw226

      I agree! The feel is great.

      Until I have to open a door : )

    • Brian P.

      Neither am I. I like the traditional type of grip/stock on shotguns.

  • Adam B

    Not a fan of the stock, I’ll keep my Blackhawk Knoxx stock. However, that’s just the fore-end I need. Make one for the Mossberg 500 and I’m there.

    Looks like a great option for simple, low profile light mounting.

  • Kellhound

    As other have said before, don’t like the stock, but the forend looks OK.

    Any info if they will be making them for other shotguns out there (Mossberg, Benelli, Fabarm…)?

  • Nadnerbus

    The stock is pretty big, and I see some screws and whatnot that I’m not quite sure of the function. Perhaps they have a recoil reducing gizmo inside?

  • Southerner

    The Magpul 870 stock appears to be designed for use with high sight-line metallic and optical sight systems. If that is indeed the case, the first question should be: What advantages, if any, would such modifications bring to the weapons system?

  • Jesse

    I think it looks snazzy but other than being cosmetically appealing (to me at least) I don’t know what it provides that the standard one doesn’t give you.

  • Will

    It kind of looks like it was taken out of some video game made in 1997. Not sure what I think of it. It looks so wrong yet so right…

  • Milson Wilson

    According to Remington at Shot Show 2012, they are going to package Magpul’s SGA stock and MOE forend with the 870 Express Tactical and a black Cerakote finish.

    I’m sold.

    Haters can just stick with the good looking wood on the 870 Wingmaster.

  • halfway

    I love Magpul’s forends but not crazy about the stock. I’ll take a classic stock or even the m4 variations.

  • BillyBones

    I didn’t like the looks of the stock, but when I handled one, it really worked well for me. It’s ugly but functional.