MeoPix iScope: Use you iPhone with a Spotting Scope

Meopta USA has developed an adapter that allows an iPhone to be attached to their scopes and binoculars. Users can use the standard iPhone camera app to record video or take photos.

They are not the first company to make lenes for the iPhone. A number of companies have produced low quality macro and zoom lenses and hobbits have cobbled together adapters, but I have never seem an ultra-zoom spotting scope used with an iPhone.

What someone now needs to develop is a rangefinder that connects to the iPhone via the 3.5mm headphone socket. A rangefinder, along with the iPhone’s built-in gyroscope and spotting scope, would make it almost trivial to write an app that watches your target and uses image recognition, along with the range and gyroscope sensors, to calculate the optimum click adjustments you need for sighing in your rifle.

The MeoPix will be on display at SHOT Show.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    nice. It could also record your bullet impact image on paper (and just subtract the before image from the after image) and log it in your iDope-book.

    Is there a humidity sensor for the iphone? something bluetooth maybe?

    • Yes, that is how I envisage the system working.

      Good point about temp, humidity etc. Using GPS to get location and pull down weather data is one way. Another would be to integrate the Kestrel bluetooth weather station with the iphone. Android Ballistic Calculators can do this but there are no iPhone apps that I could find that can do this. I guess Apple restricts what apps do over bluetooth.

      • noob

        hmm. that *is* interesting.

        I’m told that for really long range shooting, the wind downrange has a exponentially greater (or at least non-linearly greater) effect on bullet drift than the wind at the muzzle.

        You could estimate wind by taking video of tells and flags downrange with the iphone and measuring the movement.

        or maybe some kind of high resolution weather reporting – an anemometer station at regular intervals downrange and the data recorded and piped back.

        That way you can size up the situation by eye and shoot and your trusty iSpotter will tell you exactly how close your instinct was to the measured wind data honing your skills for next time.

      • noob


        A good developer would be able to make a hack that makes the weather station pretend to be a keyboard, entering a stream of numbers.

        If the App store will actually carry the app is another matter, but that’s what jailbreaking is for.

      • noob

        oh, one algorithmic question – How does the iPhone tell between a “completely off the target, bullet never found” miss and a “I got it through the same hole” hit?

        they both look the same in the photo.

        “Sure I shot that turkey twice. I didn’t want to ruin the meat so I put the second bullet through the existing hole.”

      • G

        “We’ve spent some time looking into this and found that there are some limitations to the iPhone/iPod/iPad Bluetooth abilities. While the ability to interface with some devices via Bluetooth was released with iOS 3, it appears that in order for this to work, we would have to include an auth chip from Apple and have the device approved by Apple.”

  • Lance

    I phone has a pp for everything.

  • Ryan

    I think there would be enough deformation of the original hole that it would recognize the fact that a second round passed through. If there isn’t you could always create a prompt that would display both the first shot and second shot images side-by-side and let the user tell the software what happened. I would imaging that a shooter would know if his second round was far enough off to miss the target completely…just an assumption.

  • Vtb

    Great thing… It means that if I make fillers from PVC tube(s) – I’ll be able to mount this adapter on the weapon mounted scope and take thru – the – scope shooting video or stills.

    Where can I buy that?

  • Jim T

    Interesting, I will look in to fabricating a similar device for my spotting scope so I can video tape myself shooting without postitioning the camera down range and without having to build an intrusive scope camera mount.

  • Check out my website at
    I have a patented device that we just offered to the public called the iScope. It will allow users to attach their smartphones to rifle scopes or spotting scopes. Retail is only $89.99.

  • VA iPhone Digiscoper

    I have a Kowa spotting scope with a 49mm lens which according to the the adapter’s specifications should work with, sadly it does not. The tolerance level for the opening is much smaller and I didn’t want to take a chance on trying to modify it. I had high hopes for this adapter.