MeoPix iScope: Use you iPhone with a Spotting Scope

    Meopta USA has developed an adapter that allows an iPhone to be attached to their scopes and binoculars. Users can use the standard iPhone camera app to record video or take photos.

    They are not the first company to make lenes for the iPhone. A number of companies have produced low quality macro and zoom lenses and hobbits have cobbled together adapters, but I have never seem an ultra-zoom spotting scope used with an iPhone.

    What someone now needs to develop is a rangefinder that connects to the iPhone via the 3.5mm headphone socket. A rangefinder, along with the iPhone’s built-in gyroscope and spotting scope, would make it almost trivial to write an app that watches your target and uses image recognition, along with the range and gyroscope sensors, to calculate the optimum click adjustments you need for sighing in your rifle.

    The MeoPix will be on display at SHOT Show.

    Steve Johnson

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