Gangster Gun on American Guns

Did I say Gangster Gun? I meant Wedding Anniversary Gun. I am rarely critical of guns, I don’t discriminate, I love ‘em all, but even I have my limits. MSNBC reports

Even with $12,000 worth of diamonds, it does not comes close to being “the No. 1 blinged-up gun in the world”.

There is only one place on a gun where diamonds are appropriate.

[Hat Tip: WhaleOil]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Make a shotgun wedding more valuable every year.

    “What do we bring to the wedding boss?”
    “traditional Black ties with guns”

    Evil Roy Slade

  • In the episode, they showed that the 1911 does have diamonds inlaid into the sights. And the silver plating… Well, it doesn’t look that bad. But the grips are horribly tacky, and the diamonds aren’t flush, so it must be really uncomfortable to shoot.

    Money, it shows. Taste, not so much.

  • 18D

    I watched this episode and thought the same thing. Those grips looked TERRIBLE, and the gun itself was pretty nasty looking as well.

    I gotta say too, that the people at gunsmoke are idiots. American Guns makes Sons of Guns look good. That’s pretty bad!

  • Komrad

    Tacky finish, tacks grips, tacky diamond inlays, tacky engravings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just took hard-tack and carved a 1911 out of it.

  • Milo

    I made it through 5 minutes of the very first episode.
    Couldn’t take any more.

  • Spade

    Some guy on a few years back found a Lorcrin or something in the backseat of a junkyard car. It was rusted all to hell. So the guy stripped the rust off, refinished it in gold, glued some fake diamonds to it, and removed the sights and put them on the side of the slide. And fired it (by remote). I think his total investment was $50 all for an elaborate joke.

    It looked about as good as that.

  • West

    Its the Kardashian of hand-guns.

  • RecoveringAtheist

    Kudos to them for having the ability to make a 1911 out of forgings, but there is no reason to make a gun look like this.

  • I suffered through each episode and this one was the last I’ll likely watch. An earlier episode had Wyatt raving like a madman about the sanctity of the 1911 when a woman wanted a pink one, next thing you know he’s talking about what a great idea silver plating, diamonds, and bling would be on one. Way too much manufactured family drama and really unexciting firearms content. Black powder hand cannons and volley guns? Please.

  • Leo Atrox

    I liked the pistol right up until the diamonds were added. The diamonds in the sight seemed like a good idea, but were executed poorly. (Diamond was just too darn big on the front; rear diamonds were positioned too low to be useful.) The diamonds on the stock were completely atrocious. They looked very uncomfortable since they protruded from the grip (though, given the stock material, I understand why the jeweler made the decision to mount them that way) and they just looked tacky arranged in her initials. Especially compaired to Rich Wyatt’s engraving. I have to hand it to the kid: That scrollwork was excellent.

  • Jason

    Hey, I think it hideous, too(Dad should have left the design work to the kids). But at least these guys actually make their own stuff rather than welding three rifles together, sticking some cheap ass UTG rails on them and claiming they’ve just “revolutionized the industry.” Unlike the hacks on Sons of Guns, these guys actually do some nice work when they aren’t building a 1911 for a chick.

    And she may be a little underage, but this guy’s daughter is much easier on the eyes.

    • Josh

      All these gun shows are pretty stupid but atleast will isn’t some POS used car salesmen that shows off how slutty his family can dress on the show. And off the show red jacket builds fantastic AK’s. Not just off the wall builds.

    • Komrad

      But they don’t do good work. A cursory internet search reveals that they build sloppy, loose guns and have a habit of “upgrading” customer provided parts to crappy POS parts they just had laying around.

    • Chris

      What girls cant have custom guns? WOW what a schovenist.You are all a bunch of wack jobs and haters.

  • ASterisk

    Those diamonds in the grip look like a 13 year old girl went wild with her new Bedazzler on her dad’d custom 1911.

  • Liv

    I’m sorry but that is thing is just repulsive…

  • BillR

    I can just imagine those tacky raised diamonds digging into my hands after every shot.

    Not that I would shoot that thing.

  • Zermoid

    I’m assuming that pistol will never be shot again. Those diamonds on the grip don’t appear to be set into it, I’d imagine they would get rather irritating after a hundred rounds or so……..

  • schizuki

    These shows (American Guns, and Sons of Guns) are the American Chopper of the gun world – dumb trash building tasteless trash for dumb moneyed trash, for the entertainment of dumb, tasteless trash.

    • Josh

      …dumb trash building tasteless trash for dumb moneyed trash, for the entertainment of dumb, tasteless trash.

      Yeah, like when they modified that hunting rifle for the soldier who had limited function of his right hand due to being injured in combat. What a piece of trash that guy was, huh? And what a piece of garbage they made by adding a foregrip so he could hold it, and lengthening the bolt handle so he could operate it.

      Sure, this gun is hideous, and there’s been some other stupid stuff on the show (like the “James Bond” car, which was just a copy of a car that Bond never drove anyway) and manufactured drama and suspense, because that’s what sells. But, they seem to know what they’re doing and do good work. I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and the Colt Single Action Army that they milled from a block of aluminum was pretty impressive, as were the collectible guns they took to sell to that wealthy land developer (or whatever he was). This show sure seems better than Sons of Guns anyway – they don’t sound like hillbillies, and the daughter on this show is both attractive, and not obnoxious.

      • Komrad

        Making cool things for veterans does not excuse the rest of their BS.

      • schizuki

        Buying indulgences went out in the Middle Ages.

      • Lunchbox99X

        You sir are a moron!!! I think you are to stupid for the internet!
        Ya know the thing I’ve learned in my many years in the music business is no matter how BAD the band SUCKS there is always some dumb ass that think they are the best band in the world! As is the case here! The ONLY reason I would even take a peek at this COMPLETELY useless show is to have it on mute and watch the semi-hot mom! And the kind of hot daughter…they should just shoot guns in bikinis. THAT is it! I think they suck, they’re not funny, or for that matter interesting at all! As for the gun…I mean really? Some of it like the top rail is nice work! BUT the diamonds? Just SHAMEFUL!!! Why not gold plate it like the one they took off Gaddafi? I mean them oil guys know how to bling up a weapon!
        Now as to the other show with Red Jacket Firearms, I love them! They are all like…”Hey lets take an AK and make it a sniper riffle!” That to me is nice! New R & D to help our service men out there in the dirt! Why not take a shot gun and put a silencer on it! That is BAD ASS!!! I hope they keep up the good work! Now to the stupid stoner remark…all I can say to that is, if that’s what it takes to get results like they have had then TOKE, TOKE IT UP MAN!!! Don’t be such a hater! That’s my job! 🙂

        ALL reality TV blows!!! Ok there I said it!!! As far as I’m concerned it’s just more stupid trash helping to dumb down America!
        Thanks Corporate Fools, And you the stupid T.V. Viewers should take a real long walk off a real SHORT peer!

        Lunchbox out!!

  • cy

    Ah yes, another great show on “The not really real reality show channel” I have seen very little History on the history channel, Sure would like to get the military channel instead. I have seen this show, and it makes me ill. Do a little internet research on mr wyatt and you’ll find he is a shameless self promoter whose entire family appears to be the same way.

    • Chris

      Just like every other person who believes what they read and that the internet produces ALL TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH NO wounder the world is in piss poor shape.
      It comes down to all you OBAMA lovers Enough said…
      Just my opinion

  • james

    i think these shows are on the air to promote and capitalize on a particular stereotype, rather than promote positive firearm awareness..

    rednecks with AKs, blowin’ up stuff real good like..

    used car salesman-type making gaudy 1911s, selling black rifles to a “high roller” in a cash transaction in a hanger.. etc..

    look at the guys from Red Jacket.. they all appear as if they just got done doing bong hits..

    there’s so much wrong with American Guns it’s just not funny at all..

    then there’s the production itself.. on AG, they spend more time with the fancy cut scenes, than they do filming the train wreck that the show is..

    i don’t care if they can operate a CNC mill to pop out their “classy” 1911s, or not..

    these programs are not helping at all..

  • “Dr.”Dave

    This is a much better diamond sight.

  • mat

    Most mexican ‘gangbanger’ guns have more taste than this ,diamonds on grip look like some 5 year old would stick them there with heatgun. But in the end something normal wouldn’t cut it on TV .
    Local gunsmith over here builds realy high end one off hunting rifles that can cost well over 100K$ but there are no diamonds on them,build also takes a year and doesn’t involve any CNC work and no crazy family so no good for TV show.

  • Domestic Squirrel

    Diamond tipped ammo would be better

  • red dot

    The show is a joke – Mr. Wyatt obviously has some issues with his masculinity. Did he meet his wife at Hooters when she was waitressing? It scares me that people like this are considered experts.

  • Chris

    You all are a bunch of IDIOTS it is nice to see someone build a gun for his wife in the style that she likes how many men would do that for there wifes ONLY ONE THAT I KNOW OF…I personally could do with out the diamonds on the grips but if thats what y wife or g/f wanted then I would do it exspeacialy on (our) 30th Anniversary…You are all are mean spirited and wouldn’t do anything close to that for you’re better I wouldn’t talk (well thats what I get for living in a world of liberals and haters)

  • Chris

    And That is my opinion

  • David

    …..the gun would be…okay..without the engraving or diamonds…

    The finish is okay (SHINY) and the (faux?) ivory grips are okay, as long as they didn’t have the diamonds.

    I watch Sons of Guns, it’s entertaining, I like watching it for the builds they do, but some of it is just crap (Like the “revolutionary” shotgun/taser combo…..although I’ve never seen a Saiga/taser combo) but all in all it’s an alright show. But the guys that did this……

    • David

      Mother-of-Pearl grips

  • pascal

    What’s wrong with you, United States citizen…guns, guns, guns and always guns! You are not allowed to drink beer until 21, but you can have a gun at the age of 18. What a nice society!

    By the way, stop telling the world that you are American…you live in north america like the canadians and the mexicans. Your country is United States, so you are united states citizens!