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  • noob

    Now that is a big fine revolver.

    I wonder what his everyday carry holster looks like?

    • You wouldn’t want to know. 🙂

    • W

      a barney fife holster of course… 😉

    • John Doe

      You must be concealing a revolver, or you’re REALLY happy to see me today.

  • Lance

    Fun! I don’t like shooting threw your glass, that may wound you as well as blind your forward vision.

    • True it would to a certain extent but during training like this it’s good to get the experience to see what would happen if you had to shoot through glass. A controlled environment is the best place to do it.

    • W

      well, if you need to shoot immediately at the threat ahead of you in close combat, sometimes you don’t have a choice. It is certainly better in many instances than taking the precious seconds to open a door and shoot through the V. If you are blockaded in, well, at least its better than sitting in the vehicle getting shot; at least make a last stand.

  • Yves Bonnet

    Tacticool revolver…
    I guess special forces in all the world, mercs, military contractors, elite police forces and even mujahideens use that classes of weapons and obviously in that shiny configuration…
    Also people must try to shoot a big revolver in a very small place like a car or the cab of a pickup…

    • The badass revolver was there just for the ballistics testing part of the course to determine if the 454 Casull would be deflected by the windshield. We tested as many calibers as possible to see if size mattered. 😉

      We also tested penetration, deflection etc. with all the calibers.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I can’t believe you shot the glass without using some sort of face mask or breathing contraption for the fine glass particles. If those enter your lungs they can tear them apart.

    • mosinman

      sure its not concealable or light but when that 454 bullet hits it’s target, you know it’ll be messy 😉

    • W

      I couldn’t think of a more unwieldy weapon in such a predicament as shooting from inside a vehicle 🙂 I have to admit that is one gnarly six gun though. haha. 454 is a pretty powerful cartridge. If you are shooting through glass at that range with that kind of window angle, set your sights at the bottom of the target (hip or groin area) instead of upper chest.

  • jpcmt

    Sweet! THat’s my old range in Concord, CA. I thought it looked familiar.

  • W

    that is excellent training. good, real world stuff that is conducive to any modern warrior’ training regime.

  • Matt G.

    You’re not tactical until you’re using a 10″ barreled revolver.

  • It may be editing and camera angles, but the range discipline seems poor in this video.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Having watched the video I would like to insert my own opinion/criticism of some of the training:

    03:30 – He exits on the side of the vehicle under fire, rookie error. You never exit on the side that under fire, scoot over to the other door (backseat door if need be) on the other side.

    • W

      absolutely. one should always exit from the non-contact side. i noticed that too.

    • Remember this is a 16 hour course and you get to see a whole 14 minutes. Regarding the point of exiting on the side of the threat, this was part of the training exercise to show that you are in deep sh*t if you have exit into the threat and the best you can do is get out of there as quickly as possible which is not easy. It’s all training to show what works and what doesn’t.

  • JMosesB

    What’s with Tubby Tactical and his two-gun setup?