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  • Max

    Can someone tell me what kind of mount that is for the Aimpoint Micro?

    Especially with this kind of lens-protection system?

  • Nadnerbus

    So how come HK gets to put a forward assist on their 308 AR but Knights Armament supposedly can’t due to patent?

    • Theodoric

      I guess HK’s 417 is sufficiently different internally. Knight’s Armament’s SR-25 uses direct impingement like the M16, while the G28 uses the HK417’s gas system.

      • Vitor

        I’d say KAC is a victim of this horrible patent system. How the hell a foward assist is anything less than very old concept?

      • David

        As the owner of several patents and receiving royalties from a few of them (not as much as I had hoped when filing the patents, but anything extra helps these days), I can say with certainty that patents and IP law in general are an extremely good thing. Without them the little guy has NO chance whatsoever of competing with established industry.

        Look, for instance, at the fashion world. There is little if no IP law there. You see rip-off designs and cheap copies all the time. It’s well known that an up and coming designer has to be very protective of their designs since industry scouts will come in and steal designs all the time and make them part of an established brand, effectively making the original designer the rip-off artist indirectly.

        If Chinese manufacturing honored international IP laws, US and European manufacturing wouldn’t have suffered nearly as much as it has in the last 20 years. In a way it also preserves capitalism by preventing monopolies. Patents don’t last forever either, and someone with a truly clever idea can get past them.

        If HK have made their gun sufficiently different to be able to include a forward assist (perhaps the forward assist functions sufficiently different in its mechanism even though it does the same thing) then kudos to them for being creative, and shame on Knight’s for not being creative enough.

    • There are no patent issues preventing KAC from adding a forward assist. Colt’s patent expired years ago. Gene Stoner designed the SR25 for KAC, and he never approved of adding a forward assist to the M16.

    • 18D

      @Nadnerbus- The lack of a forward assist on the Knights SR25 being due to patent issues is false information. I’d like to know where that info came from, because it’s not true.

      Eugene Stoner’s original AR10 and AR15 guns did not have forward assists. Stoner didn’t approve of them or their intended use. Stoner was also the designer of the SR25. Without the military interfering with development of the SR25, the guns reflects Stoner’s true design.

      • Nadnerbus

        I seem to recall reading it somewhere in a blog post about the SR 25 having issues in the field, and the lack of assist being a complaint of the troops. I don’t have a link, but seem to recall a company rep stating patent as the reason one was not included in the design. I do know that Stoner intended the cut-out on the bolt carrier to suffice as a spot to put the thumb for a forward assist. But pretty much every military that has adopted a variant of his design has disagreed with him and added one. Hence the question. Thanks for the answers folks.

      • Nadnerbus

        I believe the complaint on the forward assist was that it was difficult to chamber a round with the bolt all the way in battery without making lots of noise by letting it fly from the full back position. Perhaps apples and oranges, but on my LR 308, I cannot push the bolt all the way into battery with just my thumb. The extractor resists gripping the brass too much.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Wow, everything but the kitchen sink.

    Any idea why the decided to put on a light instead of a laser?

    • Red

      I believe this is the LLM01 (Laser Light Module), where lasers (visible & IR) are located under the light.

      • Aurelien

        Yes, it is a LLM01 module which comes with visible light, visible laser and IR laser. It’s standard in Bundeswehr and Royal Army riflemen kits.

  • Graham2

    Looks like a nice bit of kit and with a decent optic on board, much better than what the British Army went for.

    • 18D

      How is this much better? This rifle hasn’t even proven itself yet.

      • FerrusManus

        The Rifle has already proven itself. It is only a different version of the HK417, which is the standard DMR of the French Special Forces, which use it in Afghanistan.

      • 18D

        This isn’t an HK417. This is a G28. I’ve never seen a G28 on the battlefield. Regardless, I think its ridiculous that someone thinks a gun is better than another based on nothing!

      • David/Sharpie

        18D is right, well, half.

        No, this isn’t the 417, but it is an MR308 (According to the firearm blog link at the top of this post) which is a semi auto 417, pretty much

        I would say that this would still count as “proven” because of it’s relationship with the 417.

        But I do fail to see why this is “better” than the Brit L129?

  • iMick

    Does it come with its accessory weapons carrier to cart it around?? 😛

  • Al

    Is there a reason why they couldn’t take off more material from the hand guards?

    • Kyle

      Because Hk made it and if you can’t lift there magic pixie dust rifle Hk believes you don’t deserve it.
      On a real note I agree why couldn’t they take more off?

      • Brandon

        The longer rail in the front is necessary for mounting NVD’s in front of the main optic. They probably could stand to lose a few inches, though.

      • Bill

        Because your not Socom and they hate you!

    • W

      yeah, god forbid H&K actually has control over its company and decides who to sell their products to and how to do it…without outside interventionism and the delusion that americans are the center of the universe.

      H&K does hate you. get over it. the military industrial complex is a biatch that way 😀

  • highstepinlowcrawler

    I am going to need a ride to the overwatch position……..

  • les

    “Yo dawg, I heard you like scopes, so I put a scope on your scope so you can aim while you aim…”

  • Ben

    Weight is no issue when it comes to L33T HK teutonic operators

  • JamesD

    Looks heavy.

  • Lance

    Looks nice see why the US and the world are turning to AR-10 based rifles for semi auto precision rifles. There’s no other semi auto system as accurate.

    • MarcW

      No really an AR10, it uses a short-stroke piston system.

      • 18D

        What’s your point?

  • John Doe

    Why don’t we take a step out of the tacticool pool and remove that extra scope and foregrip. This is a DMR, you really don’t need those.

    • JamesD

      I’ve never cared for the foregrip, it seems unnecessary for distance shooting. I can understand having some sort of close range optic for quick target acquisition. I think one of those tiny red dot sights would be lighter and faster. I guess weight wasn’t a major consideration.

  • jdun

    HK rail system suck. No hole drill in it so that only means tons of unnecessary weight. Also the cheek raiser on the stock is a very bad idea. It get in the way of the charging handle.

    • Rev. Clint

      i bet the cheek riser moves to the rear

      • jdun

        Doesn’t matter if it move to the rear or not. It still a bad idea to put a cheek raiser in an AR platform.

        Remember folks you need to put your nose as close to the charging handle as possible when shooting AR.

  • Jason

    LaRue OBR. All. Day. Long.

  • Entropy

    Does anyone else here play the game Borderlands?

    The guns in that are mostly impossible fantasy handcannons, but this looks strangely like HK have gone and made one of the sniper rifles from it real. Those tan colours, the bulky magazine, all those accessories… looks just like an S&S gun to me.

    I love it actually. Really impractical if you have to carry it all day, but I still love it for its looks.

  • elk hunter

    Hey, just the rifle to go hog hunting in Texas with!

  • Nicks87


    A bunch of internet people criticizing one of the greatest firearms manufacturers in the world. Thats funny.

    I bet you all can shoot down airplanes with your 1911s too.

  • Randolph

    In my opinion the scope is to far to the rear. You’ve got to have a really short neck or long arms to shot this rifle from a prone position.

    • Blue4

      Display model, D’uh..