Foster 1911 Folder Knife

Foster Knives make the perfect knives for 1911 owners. Their automatic folder knives have handles shaped like the 1911 frame and are fitted with mini 1911 grips made by VZ Grips.

Double Diamond and Aliens pattern grips for pistol and knife.

If the grip shape is good enough for the most popular pistol in the world, it’s certainly good enough for a carry knife. Inspired by the famous design of John M. Browning, the 1911 Folder is the perfect compliment to America’s favorite sidearm and a superb knife in its own right.

The 154CM blade is heat and cryogenically treated for maximum durability and edge retention. The checkered thumbstuds on both sides of the blade allow for instant opening in an emergency or for convenience. The handle is made from machined aluminum. The handles are hard-coat anodized a matte black (Standard Model) or plated with electroless nickel (Custom Model).

The Foster Knives 1911 Double Action is a scale release automatic version of the original 1911 folder. Unlike most auto openers, the 1911 DA can be opened manually with a thumbstud like any normal linerlock, or can be deployed in the blink of an eye by activating the auto opening mechanism. Designed by auto-opening knife genius Butch Vallotton, the 1911 DA can be opened simply by pivoting the the front of the left scale. The mechanism is completely concealed and only known to the user – making the knife easy to deploy instantly, even while wearing gloves.

[ Many thanks to Cormac for emailing me the link. ]

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  • SpudGun

    ‘If the grip shape is good enough for the most popular pistol in the world, it’s certainly good enough for a carry knife.’ – um, except one is a pistol and the other one is a knife, not to mention the difference in scale.

    The Corrolla is the most popular car in the world, so by that logic, they should have made the handle like the steering wheel of a Toyota. 😉

    I am, of course, just poking a bit of fun and any marketing advantage Foster Knives can gain for themselves in a very crowded consumer space should be applauded.

  • MarkM

    No, for most of the knife collecting community, the most familiar object that comes to hand is – oh, wait. This is family friendly.

    The knife itself, blade and handle, appear desireable. The handle shape, not so much. Knife use is largely done with a saber grip, not holding pistol grip style blade up or down. That’s combatives, not cutting or spreading peanut butter on crackers. With the saber grip, which is 99% of daily cutting, the butt rests on the heel, and it’s the last thing needed to put a 90 degree plus corner to constantly dig in and create a blister.

    Fail. No, the 1911 ISN’T the best grip, much less for knives. It’s not shaped to hold a double stack magazine, or house a double action trigger, both of which are modern combat requirements. Like 1911 owners, people who choose this knife do so for looks, not actual effective use. That marks them as unknowledgeable about how to select tools.

    Expect to see this one dolled up as a commemorative from the Jefferson Mint, that ad runs about page 12 in the American Rifleman.

    • David

      Really? It sucks? That’s why it served in the US Armed Forces for about 75 years?……………………..

      Yeah, quit talking outta your ass buddy, I bet you think the same about the Garand too?

  • Sid

    I would prefer this knife with a matching handgrips to my 1911.

  • MFoster

    Fortunately when it comes to knives it’s a buyer’s market, with a lot of great options available to fit any taste and style. Obviously different things appeal to different people.

    When we originally designed the knife (long time ago), we were trying to differentiate ourselves from everything else out there. Being a 1911 fan, and knowing there were one or two more out there, we thought making a knife reminiscent of one of the nation’s most popular handguns might be fun. We looked at using actual grips, but the knife would have been too big for a pocket knife.

    While it may not look like it, the grip is very comfortable. I was actually concerned in the drawing phase thinking “heck…it’s square…that’s not going to be very user friendly”. Fortunately I was wrong. We’ve never had anyone ever get back with us and complain about the handle. @MarkM, I see what you mean about the possibility of heal resting in the palm. Fortunately the corner is rounded enough that I’ve never had it be uncomfortable, and I’ve used these knives a lot. Good observation though.

    Overall we’ve actually had mostly good feedback. VZ Grips had some in their booth at the NRA show and got a lot of interest and compliments. But then again, like I said, not everyone likes the same thing. But lucky for all of us there’s lots of choices out there! 😉

  • Cormac

    I can’t vouch for how effective these blades would be for knifing insurgents while clearing a house in Tikrit, but for everyday cutting tasks I think the handle on these knives feels great. The build quality is also excellent. If you need a hardcore combat knife then there are a myriad of other options available.

  • Marc

    “most popular pistol in the world”? not really.

    • SpudGun

      ‘Most Popular’ is one of those catch all advertisng phrases, like ‘Most Loved’ or ‘Favorite’ which are perceptual rather then quantifiable.

      In terms of current worldwide self loading handgun sales, the 1911 is not the ‘Most Popular’, however there is historical precedent including the various companies that still produce the 1911 and the overall number of pistols manufactured and used for the last 100 years.

      It can also be argued that ‘Best Selling’ doesn’t always equate to ‘Most Popular’, see my Toyota Corolla analogy in my previous post. If given the choice, would most drivers choose the Toyota if offered any car in the world for free?

  • Lance

    Nice. Make a M-9 knife now?? LOL

  • Timmy

    If the blade alone is 5 feet long, I don’t think it’s very practical.

    • DW

      Timmy, 154CM means a type of blade steel, not the length of the blade…

  • ap

    I think these 1911 “theme knives” are full-tilt stupid.

  • Alex-mac

    Beretta made a limited run ‘Berreta knife’ too. Look it up on google.

  • Nicks87

    Does the knife malfunction and require constant maintenance as well?

    Nothing is more funny than mall ninjas hanging out at the range with 1911s in drop holsters but NOW they have a matching knife that they will never properly train with OR use.