Foster 1911 Folder Knife

    Foster Knives make the perfect knives for 1911 owners. Their automatic folder knives have handles shaped like the 1911 frame and are fitted with mini 1911 grips made by VZ Grips.

    Double Diamond and Aliens pattern grips for pistol and knife.

    If the grip shape is good enough for the most popular pistol in the world, it’s certainly good enough for a carry knife. Inspired by the famous design of John M. Browning, the 1911 Folder is the perfect compliment to America’s favorite sidearm and a superb knife in its own right.

    The 154CM blade is heat and cryogenically treated for maximum durability and edge retention. The checkered thumbstuds on both sides of the blade allow for instant opening in an emergency or for convenience. The handle is made from machined aluminum. The handles are hard-coat anodized a matte black (Standard Model) or plated with electroless nickel (Custom Model).

    The Foster Knives 1911 Double Action is a scale release automatic version of the original 1911 folder. Unlike most auto openers, the 1911 DA can be opened manually with a thumbstud like any normal linerlock, or can be deployed in the blink of an eye by activating the auto opening mechanism. Designed by auto-opening knife genius Butch Vallotton, the 1911 DA can be opened simply by pivoting the the front of the left scale. The mechanism is completely concealed and only known to the user – making the knife easy to deploy instantly, even while wearing gloves.

    [ Many thanks to Cormac for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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