OTs-62 12 Gauge “Service Revolver Shotgun”

This is not a photoshop …

TsKIB SOO, a subsidiary of the well known Russian firm KBP Instrument Design Bureau, decided to try removing the stock from their MTs-255 Tactical Revolver Shotgun and cutting the barrel down to 7.87″. The result is the OTs-62 12 Gauge “Service Revolver Shotgun”.

It was designed for law enforcement and special forces to use with 12 gauge less-lethal rounds, of which its giant cylinder holds five. Unloaded it weighs 5.5 lbs!

I exhausted all my Russian industry contacts trying to find high-resolution photos of this monstrosity, but to no avail. Nobody has seen this revolver. I suspect nobody ever will.

[ Many thanks to Denny for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Netforce

    Looks like a gun Hellboy would use.

  • Hauser

    Put a stand-off muzzle on it and it would be good for breaching.

  • Alex Vostox

    And I believe we will see this monster in “Modern Warfare 5: We have no enemy to shoot to” and capable wielding them AKIMBO.

    • 6677

      Just aswell MW3 has been confirmed as the last in the modern warfare series and that activision have mention the possibility of killing off the CoD franchise soon aswell.

      I hate people that claim to know guns well simply because they play CoD, irritates me more than anything else. I ask each one how a gas piston works on a gun, not one has been able to tell me EVER.

      • Alex Vostox

        HA! HA! Agree. I’m agree my man. Most people also baffling about the difference about the terms ‘Clip’ and ‘Magazine’ thanks to v.games and movies..

      • Fluffy

        I actually did learn about guns from videogames and movies. But unlike everyone else, I actually learned about guns. I know (roughly) how an AK47 works!
        As people who play COD and Borderlands (Borderlands>COD, I swear that you can use this revolver in Borderlands) go, I’m very fortunate.

  • Matt G.

    Right. Because it physically impossible to make less lethal rounds in anything but 12 gauge.

    • Arrkhal

      Bigger is better, for nonlethal. Imagine trying to knock someone out with a thrown softball, vs. a lead fishing sinker of equal weight, vs. a teeny tiny leather-wrapped wood ball the same size as the sinker.

      Plus, the softball-shooter could use saboted ammo to fire fishing sinkers (and if it’s a revolver, will fire as fast as normal), while the sinker-gun would need a rifle grenade attachment for vice-versa.

      Though I think the Russians might be better off making a 5-shot revolver that does shoot softballs. 😛

  • Rob

    I’m not saying this cause I’m a CoD Fanboy(i’m not personally I hate how things went when the series went from PC only to Console extraveganza)

    But I want this thing!!!!! It seems absolutely like some of thebest fun to be had ever! 😀

  • Burst

    This may not be saying much, but…
    It would seem to be better in every way than a standard “Lupara”-style sawed off.

    Obviously, it remains to be seen how many rounds could be fired until the frame is damaged. This would be a weapon for business, not pleasure.

    • John Doe

      Only the Italian language would find such a gorgeous name for ‘sawed-off shotgun’. Lupara.

  • Patrick

    Another Taurus Judge Dredd Model in the Wild!

    Or maybe a S&W Governator

  • jaekelopterus

    I suppose once ATI or RAA starts importing it, they’ll have to think of some “clever” judicial-themed name.

  • Anyone else notice the nice sharp point above the pistol grip right where the web of the thumb would position? Don’t ever stuff a round of buckshot into it.

  • Samopal

    I guess you can add this to the already massive pile of “guns nobody asked for and nobody wants” that the Russians like to keep sinking time and money into.

  • Lance

    Too BIG and BULKY to be practical.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    No doubt the guys at Taurus are turning up their noses and going “Well, yeah…we were gonna do that but after that experience at SHOT….”

  • Beaumont

    Coincidentally, Arnold is re-launching his movie career….

    • Indoman

      Perhaps, but I think ol’ Arnie will prefer the M1887 compared to this.

  • Saint Dude

    Happy broken-wrist-day, if you manage to lift it up one-handed, I suppose.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This is like the Liberator Pistol. Something I would have to fire once.

  • tarkan

    Yes Happy Borken-Wrist Day indeed:D…but how about 41 gauge?Hasn’t Taurus tried that?Any experience from anybody,any real situation use?

  • bfg

    “…and those who saw this gun have not lived to tell the story.”

  • Arrkhal

    Goofy concept, but I’d actually bet the biggest problem is the trigger pull. Less-lethal ammo, “even stingballs,” do still need to be aimed.

    12 gauge shells, even less-lethal, are heavy. Conventional barrel-at-the-top means loaded rounds go up, empty shells go down; not normally a problem in a .44 magnum or something, but in a 12 gauge, it’s a factor. The cylinder itself has to weigh as much as an entire (loaded) pocket pistol. The gauge means each shell moves over 3/4″ for each shot. If the double-action trigger pull on that thing is better than on a Nagant, I will take back every single bad thing I’ve ever said about Russian engineering.

    Okay, what about single action? That hammer looks awkward to reach, and you have to love the weaponized backstrap, obviously intended specifically to mangle the hand of any conscript dumb enough to load full power ammo. Plus you have to either break your firing grip to use your strong hand thumb, or let go of the foregrip to use your support hand, at which point the weight breaks your wrist.

    A Mossberg-based Serbu weighs 4.5 pounds empty, so adding 1.37 inch to the barrel and using some kind of short-length less-lethal stuff for 3+1 capacity, would give you a gun that ties or beats it in every possible way (even capacity; I bet you wouldn’t want to carry one of those things with a round under the hammer). Stick a Pachmayr presentation grip on it, and it’s not bad at all.

    Funny story when I still had an original Mossberg grip on mine. 2 shooting buddies, one had been in the Army, the other in the Marines. I dared them both to shoot a 1-3/8 ounce 3″ magnum Remington Buckhammer, one-handed.

    Soldier: “No. You’d have to be a marine to do that.”
    Marine: “This is true. You would. Gimme that.”
    Serbu: “BOOOOOOOOMMM!”
    Soldier: “I definitely stand by what I said before.”
    Marine: “ME TOO! (My hand!)”

    Inspired me to make a “demotivator” style poster. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v116/syldssuf/pain.jpg

  • …”Denny”? It was me who sent you this info, c’mon…

  • Fluffy

    Have already used this in a book I’m writing. However, I think only a crazy man or a drug dealer from Brazil would ever attempt to use this, my wrist hurts just looking at it.

  • Chrontius

    I want Hogue grips on it – the ones for the S&W X-frame are a good starting point – but I’d shoot it. One handed. More than once. (More than twice for whichever chucklenuts suggests I’d run out of wrists at two shots. 😉 )

    Arrkhal makes an excellent point – this is *begging* for a bottom-bore barrel on a second revision. You’d have room to add an integral light and/or laser, or a recessed rail for some kind of optic. If you get the thickness of the scope versus the height of the cylinder right, you could have an awfully “integral” looking EOTac, and still have room for a small laser and light.

  • Sam Suggs

    seriousely Chrontius nail on the head have these people seen a revolvers grip recently I mean the world has moved on from this http://thespecialistsltd.com/replica-smith-wesson-60