Massive Homemade 12 Gauge Revolver

A Brazilian drug dealer was captured earlier this month along with his gigantic homemade 11 lbs revolver. The revolver chambers five 2.75″ 12 gauge cartridges. This dealer went with a traditional revolver look, rather than the tacti-cool styling of the infamous Taiwanese 12 gauge revolver.

It is sad that the drug dealer, or whoever made his gun, needed to resort to crime rather than putting their considerable talents to good use in the legitimate gun industry, especially in Brazil, home of the 28 gauge Taurus Tracker.

[ Many thanks to Eduard for emailing me the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • PLUS

    I want to know how to holster this huge gun….

    • Mechman

      Screw the holster, I wanna see what kind of belt would hold that up.

      • Fluffy

        Considering I’m five three, I think it’s better that I put this on my back.

  • Alex Vostox

    “Suck my c**k dude! Hue! Hue! Hue!”
    Screams 12 Gauge to his friend, Taurus Judge and their American neighbor S&W 5000.

    • Mira

      …at least my S&W 500 doesn’t blow up on me when I fire it!

      • Fluffy

        Smith and Wesson: It’s trustworthy and of solid construction. And it’s easier to reload than this thing.

  • Greeting from Texas,
    Not that I would ever want one, but I would love to read an evulation of this weapon if they find anyone to fire it.

  • Col


    Surely any self respecting cartel member would just tuck it down the front of their pants! Going to need a strong belt though, and literal cajones of steel for the inevitable ND.

    • seamus

      actually an alarming number of cartel members are ex military. not your typical sideways shooting hood rats.

  • Podolski

    It’s a Big F***ing Gun!!1
    Really, such a funny device…
    It needs a special bag… or very big pockets…

  • ++

    What about 12 gauge machine gun ? ? ?

  • paul zimmerli

    ‘Scuse me, Steve! Don’t you mean the 28-ga Taurus Raging Judge? You got misled looking at the captions. The .22 is the Tracker…

    • paul, you are correct, lol, don’t know how I confused the smallest with the biggest … although I did photograph them side by side so maybe my memory has been screwing with me.

  • Clodboy

    Hellboy wants his revolver back.

  • Jim

    Seeing this makes me wonder why more manufacturers don’t design a revolver so that the barrel is not so high above the grip.

    Why not design the grip to be more in line with the barrel… wouldn’t that change the nature of the recoil so that the gun pushed pack into your arm as opposed to tipping up and back?

    Or has that been tried and seen to fail?

    Just curious.

    • Mira

      You want the Chiappa Rhino.

  • PERFECT CCW gun.

    • 45Super

      Are you kidding me? Look at the size of that grip!

  • Patrick

    Brazil? Giant Revolver? Nah, it’s not a drug dealer’s gun it’s the new Taurus Judge Dredd model – chambers both 12ga and 50bmg. This is just an early peek.

    • John Doe

      I’m really surprised they don’t already have a 40mm grenade launcher revolver.

  • Chicovsky

    Another Brazilian homemade 12 gauge revolver:

    • Looks like a huge gap between the cylinder front and the barrel.

  • Chicovsky

    I want to know how to holster this huge gun….

    I think it was mounted in the back of a truck….. 🙂

  • Story

    I’m surprised you didn’t link this to the earlier tale of a Taiwanese 12 gauge revolver

  • Mike

    I just want to see a video of this hand canon being fired.

  • Zincorium

    Looks like a giant Colt Python to me.

    I imagine the recoil to be pretty brutal, but it’d still be nice to have the option of buying something like this.

  • Icchan

    I call shenanigans – how does that hammer get anywhere near the upper chamber to fire a round? Or is there some idiotically complicated mechanism to hit a firing pin up there somehow?

    • BoomBoom

      Good points, Icchan!

      • Tom327Cat

        The hammer seems to line up with the center of the barrel which is where it where it would need to be.

    • Icchan

      No, no, I stand corrected. Another look at it, and yeah, I can see where the hammer would just line up on the center of the firing chamber. It’s deceptive with the monstrous rib on top and the sheer scale of the thing. If that’s all stainless steel, I have to wonder what the recoil is like – not that much overall…a good short-barreled 12gauge is much lighter than a regular sized gun, and that pig has the same barrel – but quite likely can balance scales with a SPAS-12.

    • Eduard

      Looks the hammer is nearly the center of the barrel, so I believe it will hit, but I don`t believe it will be in one piece for a second shot.

    • herpdong

      transfer bars aren’t especially complicated.

  • llkoolkeg

    “I call shenanigans – how does that hammer get anywhere near the upper chamber to fire a round? Or is there some idiotically complicated mechanism to hit a firing pin up there somehow?”

    *** Perhaps there is a transfer bar mechanism installed or possibly a hammer-spur like that on the Lemat revolver used by some Confederates during the Civil War.***

  • gir6543

    i expect to see this in call of duty 5

    • Fluffy

      If it’s and of the following: debatably awesome but impractical, underused, looks cool, then it was in Call Of Duty at some point.

  • Lance

    How heavy is it? Looks like it needs and butstock to balance it.

  • Foetus

    Boris the Blade would love this one 😀

  • Carlos U.

    “Are you happy to see me, or is that a shotgun in your pocket?”

  • Scott_T

    Waiting for the youtube of it being shot…

  • jUSTIN

    The hammer and the barrel are aligned. The huge sighting rail on top tricks your eyes.

  • dgsupa


  • Brandon

    And people thought the Keltec KSG has a lot of recoil. Looks like something from Firefly.

    On an unrelated noted, the new comment system is nice, but it appears everyone is double posting!

  • Mike LaForge

    More like a Monty Python!!

    Zincorium – (Looks like a giant Colt Python to me)

  • Doug

    On the third pic the hammer looks like it could work. It looks like it could be a little off, and if it is, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to rig up. Why don’t foriegn law officers take better pics of these things, they must not be thinking of the gun loving public.

  • John Doe

    Handguard, foregrip and a collapsing stock and I’m a taker.

  • Podolski

    Anybody ask me please, if there is a 12 Gauge gattling-type machine gun? It’ll be interesting)

  • That’s a big weapon, but is it practical? Looks more like a “look what I can make” project. However, I bet it’s something to deal with if used up close.

  • Davide

    This is Hellboy’s gun

  • Sam Suggs

    what would a criminal do with this I mean those people dont even like long guns not to mention the fact that you probobly have to hand rotate the cyclinder. probobly the reult of some crazy gun smith finding a big peice of steel for the cyclingder

  • ramv36

    Not pictured: Immense fully-tooled saddle-leather holster rig…

  • John Dalton

    Yes, this looks like something Taurus would build. Not just ridiculous…tacticulous. Tacky and ridiculous at once!

  • durabo