IWI Galil Ace Rifle with Folding Stock

A reader sent me this video published by IWI showing the Galil Ace with a Micro Galil folding stock and cheek riser. All the marketing material from IWI that I had seen previously featured the gun with their new M4-style adjustable stock. The Galil Micro is the compact PDW version of the original Galil with an 8″ barrel.

The background music for the video is a song by the notorious anti-government/anti-war/anti-the-man band Rage Against The Machine. Why would an arms manufacturer feature music by this band in their marketing material (undoubtedly without the approval of the band)? The Israeli defense industry is well known for their kitschy. almost satirical, promotional videos. If you want a good laugh, watch this bollywood-style video by Israeli arms giant Rafael.

Steve Johnson

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  • garynyer

    so are they sticking with the galil or still moving towards the tavor, or is the ACE an export only weapon

    • garynyer, they still produce the original, but I can;t think of any reason why any country wanting to adopt the Gailil would go with the older model instead of the ACE.

  • JLoughrey

    I noticed that after the gun is empty the shooter always checks the right side of the gun before removing the magazine. I haven’t seen that before and was wondering if anyone could tell me if that’s a check for a jam or anything like that?

    • JLoughrey, its an Israeli thing. I have seen other Israeli gun videos do the same thing. I think they are showing that the gun did not jam ie. all the rounds were emptied.

  • Joe Schmoe

    @ Garyner, JLoughrey –

    As an IDF soldier, I hope I can clarify a few points:

    1)- This (Galil ACE) is an export only weapon. The IDF is moving to the Micro-Tavor for its future battle rifle.

    2)- It’s to check the position of the bolt, that split second check can save you precious seconds fumbling with magazines when you realize the you didn’t finish the magazine and instead have a jam. Likewise, if it’s a jam then you can tell what is the cause of the jam and fix it.

  • Awesome one! I noticed that after the gun is empty the shooter always checks the right side of the gun before removing the magazine.

  • Rev. Clint

    funny i check all of my rifles after im done, even the bolt guns.

    wish i could get one of those but People Republik of Kalifornia wont allow it

  • Vitor

    They are smart for promoting the ACE. Whoever buys it feel like they have a reliable and familiar design in a modern package. It balances well between having something you are familiar with and something it’s brand new.

  • subase

    Yeah terrible video, 90% of it was superfluous too. I think the AK which what their rifle basically is has been sufficiently proven in reliability already. They should show the stuff people want to see, details on weight, the barrel, what parts of the rifle are made of polymer, the type of coating they have on the metal, type of flash hider and most importantly details on the stock folding mechanism. A demonstration of the folding stocks strength would be cool too.

  • Lance

    Some Israeli units do use Galils so no surprise here.

  • Higgs

    Just because a song is intended to be “Antigoverment/war/etc” doesnt make it any less badass.

  • hojo

    maybe the song was used as a sign of the times in countries like Egypt. I don’t know if IWI sells to anyone in Egypt, just a thought.

    In other news…

    Whenever I see a torture test video like this, or for an auto engine additive, I find myself thinking that the true test of reliability is how that rifle (or sand filled engine) will be functioning in a few months, particularly without a serious teardown…

    I still want one. 🙂

  • JPinegar

    Love Rage! They stand for what we should all stand for. Freedom! Power to the people. We could learn a few things from watching what happens overseas. The government should be afraid of US, the people, not the opposite.

  • Lance


    Israel never sold weapons to Egypt. Especially since the Islamic Brotherhood is taking over.

  • Alex Vostox

    “Worldwide reputation”? Dunno if the Galil are worldwide favorite. Mostly I found they’ll get banned and thrown in fire in some anti-Zionist place.

  • Lance

    Outside or Israel and South Africa none else used Galils on a major scale.

  • alex

    Amen higgs! That is BA!

    On a side note, tom morrello the geetar player has a side project called the night watchman that is complete crap. He advocates goin to the captains tent in some song off his new album and waxin him. SMELLS LIKE TREASON TO ME!!!

  • ThomasD

    Don’t fool yourself.

    Rage Against the Machine is not anti war, they’re just on the other side.

    Marxist revolution is just fine with them.

  • Joe Schmoe
  • MagicSoccerSpray

    I believe Columbia and couple of other South/Central American countries ( Honduras Guatemala?) use Galils.

  • J Glanton

    How hard is it to control 7.62 out of such a small gun?

    They should have used “Killing in the Name Of” for this video. That would make it more awesome. And, of course, Rage has the best Marxist dogma that a Harvard PolySci education will get you.

  • Lance

    Only in small number though only Israel and South Africa used them in large numbers.

  • Man, killer production value. That’s one hell of a flip phone camera! This is a marketing video produced by the manufacturer?

  • subase

    According to wikipedia
    The Galil ACE was developed through a Galil license by Indumil, a Colombian government military manufacturer. Seems they offloaded the sale of this Galil version to IWI, a mistake perhaps. As currently it’s arguably the best AK system out there. Reliable, accurate, light and versatile with 3 calibers.

  • Martin

    “they tried to blame it on islam” — sentence taken from the background song’s lyrics… hehehe

  • What is with that elbow move?