IWI Galil Ace Rifle with Folding Stock

    A reader sent me this video published by IWI showing the Galil Ace with a Micro Galil folding stock and cheek riser. All the marketing material from IWI that I had seen previously featured the gun with their new M4-style adjustable stock. The Galil Micro is the compact PDW version of the original Galil with an 8″ barrel.

    The background music for the video is a song by the notorious anti-government/anti-war/anti-the-man band Rage Against The Machine. Why would an arms manufacturer feature music by this band in their marketing material (undoubtedly without the approval of the band)? The Israeli defense industry is well known for their kitschy. almost satirical, promotional videos. If you want a good laugh, watch this bollywood-style video by Israeli arms giant Rafael.

    Steve Johnson

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