Australian Federal Police evaluating KRISS Vector SMG

Security Scholar reports that the Australian Federal Police tactical response teams are evaluating the KRISS Vector SMG.

It came to my attention whilst talking to a KRISS representative in Las Vegas that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) had – and presumably were continuing – to test and evaluate (T&E) the Vector SMG. A few phone calls revealed, as expected, that the weapon was being evaluated by the Operational Readiness Group (ORG) for use by their Tactical Response Teams (TRTs). The ORG TRTs provide tactical response options to all high-risk AFP operations nationally, and are often tasked to deploy overseas on peacekeeping missions as part of the International Deployment Group (IDG).

I have blogged about the KRISS Vector many times before. I have used both the civilian-legal carbine and the LEO/mil submachine gun. Both are a lot of fun to use and the initial problems reported when they were first introduced appear to have been fixed.

Steve Johnson

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  • charles222

    Huh, neat. Been awhile since anybody has adopted an SMG.

  • Sid

    I have watched the demo and publicity on several programs. People can argue with me all they care to. I want one.

  • Lance

    Someone finally uses a Kriss Super V.

  • Simon_the_Brit


    There is probably a reason for that.

    It seems to be a solution to a problem that does not really exist.

  • Simon_the_Brit

    I was referring to charles222 post.

  • m4shooter

    As much as I personally like pistol caliber SMGs, they are a step back on the evolutionary timeline.

    There is a reason why the vast majority of agencies and departments are ditching pistol caliber SMGs (how many people are actually adopting MP5s, UMPs, Vector, etc.?) and transitioning to rifles / rifle calibers. Pistol calibers have greater over-penetration issues than 5.56 yet have less energy too — it’s as simple as that.

  • howlingcoyote

    Hey-just the gun to hunt wild hogs and feral nutria in Texas with!!

  • muppler

    “Someone finally uses a Kriss Super V.”

    British military special folk have been seen pottering around with the Kriss.

  • subase

    Highly unlikely given the UMP 40 is already in use in some states, and the MP5 is currently in use.

    Saying that, in hostage situations and where there is a large crowd of people, pistol calibers really do offer less chance of death if you miss. But then again their lower stopping power necessitates more follow up shots.

  • John Doe

    I’m with Howlingcoyote. Hunting with a .45 is fun.

  • Lance

    Thats the main thing. Most cops use MP-5s or UMPs because they are more accurate and are more convectional in layout.

  • El Freddio

    Well, If they got a use for them, I suppose it’s all good. Maybe they are using them for VIP duties, small and narrow buildings or mobile suprise arrest (ie stop a suspects car and then pop out) where a M4 carbine might just be a bit too long. But I’m just an ‘armchair commando’ so what do I know? It would also make sense if the Aus Feds used .45 Glocks but they use the 9mm version (if I am right).

  • Alaskan

    “Oh look it’s a heavily modified Glock full auto”

    My opinion is simply stated as “meh”

    Yes the action design is radically different,but with a lot of departments and other agencies are switching or having switched to AR-15 pattern weapons,it seems like it might be too late.

  • Komrad

    I rented one for a range trip once. It was fun and there wasn’t much muzzle rise, but it wasn’t like the recoil was nonexistent. It acted a lot like any other pistol caliber carbine but with a much higher price-tag.
    I agree with Simon, it’s a solution for a nonexistent problem.

  • William C.

    The bipod/grip seems a bit silly on this.