American Guns TV Show

Discovery will be premiering a new gun store reality show entitled American Guns. The show revolves around the family who own the Gunsmoke gun shop in Denver, Colorado.

From the press release

The Wyatts are your typical suburban family… who just happened to own one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world. Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee own Gunsmoke, located outside Denver, Colorado, where they buy, sell and trade guns – from hand canons to hunting rifles. And if you don’t see what you want, they’ll build one for you – from nothing more than a block of metal. Gunsmoke has the largest and most experienced group of gunsmiths in the state. When the Wyatts aren’t building or selling guns, they’re shooting them. No gun leaves their shop without being test fired by the family first. They – and the one-of-a-kind and historic guns they make and sell – are featured in the all-new series AMERICAN GUNS, premiering Monday, October 10th at 10PM ET/PT.

The Wyatt family takes their guns very seriously. For 18 years they have owned Gunsmoke, turning the small business into a firearms enterprise. Rich is a master firearms trainer and former police officer with more than 22 years experience in law enforcement. He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper, a master firearms instructor and one of the 20th century’s foremost experts on the use and history of small arms. And Rich is an extremely talented gunsmith. Give him a block of steel and he’ll create art.

It sounds like the guns covered will be quite different from Discovery’s Sons of Guns. It will feature more traditional/historic guns rather than tacti-cool firearms.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • I like guns; but what ever happened to actual educational TV?
    “Reality” TV makes me want to vomit.

    • Michael Clemmer

      I think the shame here goes to Rich. How he can let a 17 year old girl walk around creed like that in a Gunstore is utter rediculus for her strutting around like that. Rich also portrays himself in some kind of, yes, I AM the man by delivering guns in a “rented” helicopter. It just looks stupid. Also, when Rcih shoots something, he has to of corse have the biggest gun and then he shows a guy shoot a 22 at a watermelon it it blows up as if there was 8oz of C4 behind it… Oh, there was… Come on… Gun guns a fair shake. People that don’t know guns are gonna think some of these guns should be OUT LAWED because “it made a motorcycle BLOW UP when he shot it”.. See my point.. He is letting this, um so called “celebrity” get to his head… Ashame..

      • glenn

        The father is a total creep…he pimps his wife and daughter. How does a father allow a nation to virtually slober over the women in his

    • Ron

      Puke, if you want educational tv then you have to watch educational tv, not unreality tv. Watch the Outdoor Channel, etc., for educational programs.

  • Billy Bones

    Well… Another reality firearms tv series.
    Don’t know how I feel about this as “sons of guns” did a lot of damage to the image of avid firearms enthusiasts.

    Drama and firearms are not a good combination IMHO. We will see.

  • Steve

    I watched an episode of Sons of Guns last night and saw Will and another dude shooting a pair of antique dueling pistols without any eye or ear protection. Considering their high profile, they could definitely take their responsibility to demonstrate safe practices more seriously.
    Having said that, I don’t think that the show hurts gun enthusiasts. More shows about shooting can only serve to re-normalize guns.
    Sure, Will Hayden’s down home, folksy commentary is often hyberbolic and annoying to people who know better and some of the projects are just plain silly…a shotgun that shoots an arrow? really?…but they seem like a pretty normal and functional family too.


    Interesting, I’ll give it a try. Maybe this will appeal more to the crowd that wants to see a stock get checkered,or an action bedded…

  • Al T.

    “He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper” – WTF? Somebody get the good COL. confused with Chuck Taylor? Or maybe COL Cooper certified him as unbalanced?

  • Anthoni814

    I totally agree. I hope that this show is a lot less manufactured drama and more of the day to day dealings. I don’t want to see someone asking the owners daughter out, I want to see the guy taking a gun apart and rebuilding it.

  • Robert

    They have a pretty bad reputation in town, so I think drama and firearms is exactly what you are going to get.

    • brian

      When you say bad reputation what do you mean cause I was thinking of giving the show a watch

  • Jay

    @BIlly Bones

    Maybe that is why they are doing another show that may contrast the Sons of Guns program.

    Drama is what tv is about. People respond to drama. More drama, more viewers, more money.

    Personally, I do not know how I feel about gun related shows. I like Top Shot; especially the new season. Although there is a lot of product placement, but I am interested in those products, so I do not mind so much.

    It is possible these shows can have a more positive effect on viewers towards firearms than the negative. These shows expose people to firearms differently than how they see them in films, games and dramas; where bad people are using them to harm innocent people.

    It may desensitize some people towards guns. Seeing people using them for recreation and competition. They can see guns are not just used as tools of death or harm. The best thing that can come out of it, is if they become curious enough to visit a gun store or range. The worst thing, would be they continue to think the way they did before about arms.

  • Tyson Chandler

    My hope is that this new show will somewhat redeem the image of gun enthusiasts. I agree with Billy Bones, S.O.G. really doesn’t help the public perception of us. I can respect Will Hayden for what he has accomplished, but he also comes off as a bit of a hardheaded asshole. (Which is probably what some executive type thinks makes for great reality TV). Perhaps at the least, the fact that there is more mainstream programming about guns and gun culture is a positive sign.

  • Rob

    Do… not…. want…

  • Lance

    Looks interesting.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    Looks like the daughter is hotter also.

  • David

    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Bones. I think Sons of Guns is a hoot. Refurbish an anti-tank cannon? Sure, man. Build a suppressor for a grenade launcher? Bring it on while I’m in the Daddy chair in the living room? Goth-y looking redneck chick? I’m good with that.

    Sons of Guns has succeeds in including the pure fun of shooting, building stuff and blowing **** up, which is important since most non-hunting gun shows on TV (and I watch them all) are about How to Shoot Other People.

    I’ll give the Gunsmoke show a shot, although I don’t know how exciting it be to watch people sell stuff. It could be like a one-note version of the Vegas pawn shop show (although Neil Young could do a lot with a one-note guitar solo).

  • hoseking

    These guys have some serious bad cred. They are known for shoddy work and even engraving their store logo on customers firearms without asking. Or selling a pistol to a woman before running the background check, which she failed, and wouldn’t refund her the money, and finally offered to take it back on consignment with a 20% commission.

  • John Doe

    I agree with Billy. Sons of Guns seems to stereotype gun owners as uneducated, crazy rednecks.

    How about more shows like Top Shot? The History/Military Channel shows are good.

  • Mike

    They can’t be as stupid as the folks at Red Jacket…

  • Chris

    Plus, they can’t even spell “cannon” correctly! D’oh!

  • Firedigger

    Is there more than one Gunsmoke in Wheat Ridge? This doesn’t sound like the bunch of grumpy old men I ran across at Gunsmoke.

  • Netforce

    I hope this is better than Sons of Guns.

  • Jonas


    lol I don’t think so. Who would have thought that that little shop next to Dairy Queen would become this famous!

  • Komrad

    Just did research on these guys. They have a terrible reputation for shady and deceitful business practices, horrendous customer service, shoddy work, not following customer specifications (using different parts than specified), engraving customers’ guns without consent or notification, and occasionally outright theft.
    I propose that all readers of this blog boycott the show, get others to boycott, and complain to Discovery about their decision. These people need to be shut down.

    • BG Laverne

      I hesitated to comment on this show as I have never done so in the past however, the following points of information should be investigated by the producers of this so called “firearms and gunsmithing business:

      1. Does the operation possess a current FFL which classifies the operation as a manufacturer because that is what they are purporting to be?

      2. Has the business operation consistently maintained required recordkeeping and associated documentation in compliance with Local, State & Federal Laws?

      3. Has the producer investigated complaints filed with the BBB ?

      4. Have the producers taken the time to run a standard credit check on the owners of record or investigated trade references through D & B?

      5. Have the producers determined that any of the purported gunsmiths have completed specialized training in their chosen field such as attendance and successful completion of an accredited Gunsmithing and Firearms technology program offerred by Colorado School Of Trades, Oregon Institute Of Technology, Lassen College, etc.?

      6. Have the producers sought advice from Qualified Technical Experts within the Gunsmithing Trade whose names, reputations, business operations, product and service quality, business integrity and longevity would be readily recognizable as industry leaders and credible craftsman and artisans by the serious gun owner, collector, firearms competitor, etc?

      Just a few thoughts from a serious gun enthusiast that believes this program is doing much more harm than good to the general public’s perception of the firearms industry, independent firearms purveyors, competent, skilled artisan gunsmiths, the firearm industry’s commitment to safety, education, reasonable gun regulation and unwavering support for our Country and our Constitution and the law abiding gun owner.

      • Garry Mac

        Folks this is NOT a show for serious gun enthusiasts! It is supposed to be for the entertainment of the masses!! Do you honestly think the general public would even watch a show that depicted actual gunsmiths replacing actions, slides or affixing sights to guns! For those of us who collect, shoot and care about firearms, the show is a joke, but it is NOT intended for us! It is there to sell commercial time and make money for Discovery! I doubt that there will ever be a reality show about firearms that truly depicts the complex nature of their design or their part in the history of this nations development. Too boring for the masses!! So let’s put the show in its proper perspective. It was designed as entertainment pure and simple. Guns and babes sells commercial time! This show will not change the general public’s attitude toward guns (they are evil and kill) especially with the liberal media constantly playing up that angle. Nope this show is just that – a show, not even a good reality show at that. So don’t take it too seriously it’s really not worth the bother. Instead fight for our right to own guns, because the real reality is that those rights are rapidly slipping away!!

  • subase

    They should make like a historical type show for all types of weapons, but mainly guns. Famous guns, how they were used, their limitations and so on. Famous shooters. The basis of the show will be similar to ‘Antique Roadshow’. It would be very informative. Would be pricey but perhaps there’s a market.

    • subase, Pawn Stars regularly feature weapons. I really like that show, although in general I hate reality tv.

  • 18D

    Hopefully this is better than Sons of Guns. I doubt it will be, considering discovery knows nothing about a good firearms shop. Sons of Guns was entertaining for sure, but those idiots were just a bunch of hack jobs. They simply hacked and welded everything and called it a gun. They had NO tactical knowledge and very little industry knowledge.

  • charles u. farley

    i actually worked at this place as a gunsmith when i was fresh from Colorado School of Trades, while i cant say that i left under the best of circumstances Rich and his wife seemed to be decent hardworking people to me. i wish them well and i hope the show gives america a look at the true artistic side of gunsmithing. looks like i shoulda toughed things out and stayed there huh?

    • benny

      No there no need to work you ass off * slave * ur self to an asshole who owns a gunshop in America. there millions of gunshops you could work for that does not have fake tits running around. And think of it this way, if you did stay he probly would have had you at the same pay when you started a couple of years later. everything happens for a reason mang.

  • A few months ago I was filmed as a customer for this show. I did not get good vibes from the producers or from Gunsmoke. I think the show is going to be as stupid and as boring and as fake as Sons of Guns. I felt like Rich Wyatt was a creepy asshole.

    I have also not heard a single positive thing about Gunsmoke from anyone who has done business with them.

    And yes ParatrooperJJ, the daughter is way hotter.

    • Mike

      Your “vibes” were spot on! Wyatt is one of those people that wsa picked on as a kid now is trying to look cool to the world! This guy is a #1 loser!

  • Derek

    You know. “Sons” shows the fun side of creating and firing something you built and/or modified. Some of the things they have come up with and done on the show, you can’t tell me as a kid, you didn’t wish or think about doing. Will is a big kid that has found a way to make a living doing what he loves. American Guns sounds about like the same kind of thing. As for a reputation for shoddy work. Well, you can’t please everyone but, they must be doing something right to still be in business. Can’t be any worse than OCC’s drama. How long has that show been on? How many people watched just to see Jr. stand up to Sr.? Sr. try to keep Jr. in line? We’ll see what’s what when the show airs.

    • benny

      Yeah true that, but i think everyones pissed at the fake people working there. and the stupid lil girls running around shooting guns like they know more then the avg gun shooter, wich is an insult. we all know they did well to keep them running, but every one needs a gun. if you cant run a gun shop in America then you are not American.

  • norealityhere

    Reality = Dick Wyatt isn’t even the father of those two “kids”!
    Reality = The “mother” just acquired the kids from their real father by
    bribing them with $$$!
    Reality = Dick and Rene needed those kids to put this show together so,
    they lured them to Colorado from Connecticut, promised them
    fame and fortune, and created the illusion of a “family”. A
    pretty face and some plastic surgery for a young girl (not to
    mention the robotic appearance of the “mother”). And an
    immature young man who has no real future does not equal
    reality. The only reality here is the sad truth that some people
    will do anything for $$$!
    Reality = This show is a farce and the damage that these “kids” will
    endure due to the artificial “parents” is criminal. Perhaps the
    guns could be put to better use if they are turned on the
    adults who are responsible for this crime of child abuse.

    • stacy

      That is 100% TRUE. It’s all BULLSHIT.

    • benny

      i agree with both of you, but what i dont get. is how they can give them selfs the Pure 100% ego of Ohhh Only i can make a gun out of a block of steel. NO ONE can do this.. In America. but im sure theres alot of Real people in America if not hundreds could probly do that even better then him. but like you all sed. its fake sadly. lol

    • AG fan

      Sounds like lies to me about the kids. Sure they are not Rich’s kids but I’ve seen pics that go way when Kurt was young and standing with Rich. So they just didn’t acquire the kids. Paige maybe. She stayed with her real dad as a choice to her but ended up going to live with her mom and Rich. Those kids do have a lot of respect for their Steph dad. Even more so than their real dad who is nothing but an alcoholic!

      • Wendy

        Thats is so true about Kurt and Paiges Dad…The kids themselves wanted to move out to Co…..

      • Pherris Wheel

        Sounds like Wendy and AG Fan know these people personally? So they must also know that Rich and Renee are both on 3rd marriages… Renee is a train wreck and Wyatt has personality disorders. Also several years ago the State of CO determined these two kids should live with their real dad in CT. (he’s not a drinker btw). After Renee lost custody of the two kids on the show and Rich got out of jail, she pumped out the replacement kids who have yet to be exploited. But…. It’s coming.

    • Aj

      Y’all complain about the fake family. Why do you think they put this “family” together and choose them for a show? Supply and demand. It’s what you want to see. It is your idea of the perfect american family. As far as Rich being a douchebag, larger-than-life personalities are what make good t.v. After seeing all the hate spewed on this page I have one thought- glad you are all so perfect. Sometimes shit happens. That’s life. I grew up in the perfect suburban home. Stay at home mom, blue collar dad, all on a sunny culdesac in suburban Detroit. Paternal grandfather a decorated WW2 vet, maternal grandfather an executive at BUDD plastics with a home on the “billion dollar mile” on Adams rd. Made it to life scout. Played baseball during the summer and got good grades. What happened you ask? A one in million chance gave my mother a terminal disease and spiraled our family to the depths of hell. We came home one day from school to find our mother gasping for breath on the verge of unconsciousness on the floor. Called 911. At the hospital the had to pump her so full of cortisone to keep her airways open she developed a disease called avascular necrosis. This led to my little brother having prolonged stays with the maternal grandparents. Who in turn did their best to turn him against my “simple working class father” Long story short I am now a 30yr old heroin addict that is probably not long for this world. Because of my decent into addiction I can no longer legally go hunting or own a gun. 2 of the activities I cherished most with my father as a kid. The point of all this? Those of you that are perfect cherish what you have it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. To the rest the same message applies just maybe you should worry about your own sins rather than casting stones at others.

  • Buddy

    I was really looking forward to seeing the show. But also don’t care about a gun show with personal drama. I like Sons of Guns but I got so turned off by the helper (will). Would you really want to be around this guy with a gun in his hand? Not me. I don’t watch anymore. Now after reading about American Guns, it sounds like Sons of Guns with four wills. Top Shot is about as bad as it gets, I prefer to watch Desperate housewives. Give me some tactical knowledge and some knowhow. About those uneducated crazy rednecks, if we had a government run by rednecks, our government would not be so screwed up.

  • daniel

    Well what to say about it from what i read they are a shady firearm retailer and have bad cred but it cant be worse than sons of b****es i mean sons of guns but we will see and for those who call sons of guns SOG stop that is an actual quality knife and multi tool manufacturer and also stands for special operations group.

  • I just watched the show for the first time. It was ok. I enjoy SOG because, I like the way that they try to restore most old weapons that they may get. The father Will reminds me of a Old Crusty Sgt from my military day’s.

  • tyler

    This show was complete crap in my opinion and did not show anything about gun. I do enjoy sons of guns because they do make cool guns and think outside the box, but I would enjoy a show of just building guns with no drama. American guns is however a show of drama that just so happens to have gun in the name, because they did not do much with building guns just yelling and some dumb competition between the kids… Waste of an hour

    • ChicagoRandy

      Saw the premier episode (and hopefully the last) American boob job is more like it.

      Seems to spend more time pimping the daughter and wife’s chest than firearms? I agree that they seem to be trying to be a little too much of every other ‘reality’ show – Sons of Guns meets Pawn Stars meets the Girls Next Door. I mean really? Fly a chopper out to but a small handful of lever-action rifles?

      • benny

        Rofl Sooo true, check it out! my heli is comming to bring you some normal rifles! check it 😉 my duffle bag o money, my daughter o tittie 😉 oh and i cant ride a horse 😉

  • dragnse7en

    This show sucks.

    They have two drama queens, one an adolescent prima queen “don’t touch my dog, don’t touch my gun” and another nasty old crone bitch working the phones. These drama bitches need to go.

    I know that this place isn’t a real shop.

    And I know the REAL names of these actors/ posers.

    How lame is that?

    • benny

      pretty daaamn lameeeeee. and i agree with ya thos 2 girls are a joke on a gun show. will never watch this junk, unless that girls tits come out more. haha

    • JDF

      This IS a real shop, and those aren’t actors. They are a real family,just bad actors. I know, I’ve been there a few times.
      I get the taste of “balloon boy” Dad in my mind…lol

    • lucciana

      It is a real shop unfortunately. Its in Wheat Ridge, CO. I can agree that the women are somewhat actors since the wife didn’t work there until they got a show. The daughter is the wife’s and she wasn’t allowed to be around Rich until she turned 16.

      • Wendy

        I’m sure Renee didn’t work in the shop, because she has 2 small children at home, one is 4 and I believe the other is 2..she was a stay at home Mom, until Discovery paid them a visit back in March….the rest is history

  • pistolero

    what a disappointment. as a lifelong shooter and collector, i was hoping for a look at a gunsmithing shop building/repairing/shooting guns, especially pistols. what i saw was big fake titties hanging on a loud irritating shrew. nothing to see here, gun-lovers, move along.

  • derek

    I like this show, because they have the best gun and their funny

  • I would like to see a lot less “scene flashes” they make my eyes go crazy. Take your time and show more gunsmith time.

    • benny

      yeah i hate that aswell. LOOK HERE* BAM BAM BAM* wtf was i just looking at? lol. once you get a lil look at the gun its allready on the girls boobs. then its on the mothers boobs. then its back to the old mans fucked up lookin face. then back to the heli with the bag o money. that damn rancher had more of a collection of guns then he did. haha

  • Mr La Pointe

    Was kind of hard to figure out just what they were trying to sell. Might wanted to change the name to T&A guns. There was more rear end and chest hanging out than gun sales. Was funny to hear they wife complain about paying $22,000 for a gun, she had no problem doing her best to show off the breast job she had. Sure they cost more!!!! Get it together guys, is this show going to be a joke or a gun show????

  • Mr La Pointe

    Was kind of hard to figure out just what they were trying to sell. Might wanted to change the name to T&A guns. There was more rear end and chest hanging out than gun sales. Was funny to hear the wife complain about paying $22,000 for a gun, she had no problem doing her best to show off the breast job she had. Sure they cost more!!!! Get it together guys, is this show going to be a joke or a gun show????

  • Mike513

    Rich Wyatt is a huge scum bag. He didn’t retire from the Alma PD as Chief he was forced to resign by the city. Been arrested for contempt of court and lying to a judge. The kid’s aren’t his, they belong to his lame brain wife. I wonder how he holds a FFL. Bet his bound book is a mess. I’m almost sure those other mouth breathers at Red Jacket have a bound book that is a joke. Want to bet that the BATF love to watch both these shows.

    • lucciana

      Mike you are absolutely right. My good friend worked for Rich for a while. At the time they didn’t have a FFL. Rich didn’t want to pay taxes on his employes. He told my friend that he was responsible for paying his own taxes and said they were “contracted workers” and not employees. They aren’t his kids and on top of that the daughter wasn’t even allowed to be around him until she turned 16. The wife hardly ever was in the shop and in no way ran the business. I have talked to so many people that wont give Gunsmoke a second glance because they have shoddy work and Rich is a arrogant jerk.

      • Mike513

        Rich Wyatt was never even a cop in Alma. He was a SGT and the Department Armorer at the Auroua CO PD. He quit right before he was fired for supicision of stealing and misuse of department funds. The CBI was invetagating him at one point for stealing 2 M-16’s from the Auroua PD, they never found enough to charge him. I suspect his current FFL is in his wife’s name. As the Sheriff I’m sure would never endorse his.

  • Plinker

    I’m gettin’ old and I was raised old school. I’m a man and don’t need reality shows like The Bachelor, Teen Mom, (new) American Chopper and American Gun. Sons of Guns is comin’ right along. Should Kris date the bosses daughter? They’re making me sick! Just play with the guns, sons.

  • Tom Smith

    I just watched this show for the first time. I should say I watched about 10 minutes. When the young engraver went to ask for a raise and got shot down by that arrogant a–hole, it reminded me of the a-holes I have worked my tail off for to see them live like kings and the workers live like peasants, That kid has worked there for 5 years with no raise. Thats BS. Will not watch it or recommed it to anyone else


      She`s a cow, the wife, she has the gall to bitch about a buying the sheriff`s documented six gun! with those nasty store bought boob job? Let`s see, Gun?, Boob job??. Let`s go with the boob job!!, wrong choice, None of those people can act, they sound like a bunch of”D” actors, and it looks like the girls could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence!! “BIG TEETH” lol, Anyway the guy that`s an engraver did`nt need to beg for a raise, tell them he`s going to find a job else ware !!!, yeah then what will they do??? He`ll have no trouble finding another, better paying job! I love the guns, but the people SUCK, BIG TIME!!!

  • benny

    I fucking love this site. just seeing how every one els is thinking the same thing that i thought from watching this Junk tv show. Sons of guns id rather watch, This Guns in America tv show just seems like some Dick that acts like he knows all and everything. then has a Noob Son that does the edging and a whore step daughter that shows off her tits the whole show…. i dont need tities with my guns to watch a show. shit glad you all are the same tho 😉

  • mcshane

    I liked the show, im sure it will get better in time. As far as everyone who comented on the wife and daughter, what are you, a bunch of faggots ? You probably play with your guns more than you play with your wives ! Some of you obviosly know him personaly or know of him, your just jelouse of his success.

    • benny

      No but we are sure you have a problem with NOT watching a show that HAS to have titties in it to keep you going. All we are saying is there does not have to be a bunch of annoying Bitches, like your self for instance to keep us thrilled enough to watch.

  • david

    This show gives Colorado a bad name. We are not all like this. The mom needs to get out of the teens clotes and in to her own size.

  • david

    The show gives Colorado a BAD name. We are not all like this. The mother needs to get clotes that fit her and the daughter needs a brain, her dog is smarter.

    • I was watching this show until tonight.Rick what an ass you are ( you make guns for men, american men not pink guns) If this women wanted a pink gun and paid for it your and ass for even saying anything because you gave me the impression that you only want to sell to men so feel free to sell to just men because I sure wouldn’t buy anything from you and I hope every women who is like me and collects and has quite a few guns,a member of the NRA and other gun clubs will have the guts to say to you kiss my ass .I’ll give your wife this she did say you were stupid.
      I hope your show goes off the air because you are giving yourself a bad lable.

  • Mike TV

    This show is a fake as the moms boobs !

    • Mark7698

      The show American Guns is a joke. I agree with the previous comments about the cast and their lack of natural parts. My real objection came while Rick was teaching a gun safety course. He correctly states that all guns are to be considered loaded. Within one minute they present a person in the class with a new handgun. The hammer on the 45 was cocked and the the breech was closed. It should have been locked open showing that there was no round in the chamber. Ridiculous.

  • dave fencl

    cool show, was wondering if your gunsmiths came out cst, i graduated there back in 1988, i now work in the motion picture industry, you can check my name on , a lot of people think the weapons used in film industry are not real firearms and thats bullshit, i own a weapons rental company in las vegas, nevada, via california, and what we supply is real, minus adapted for blanks, thanks for lookin , dave fencl

    • Steve C

      Went to your imdb.
      Dude, you’re like my new hero.
      Discovery should have given YOU a show.

  • I just watched the first 5 min of episode 1 of american guns…what a nightmare!..REALLY?…I thought sons of guns was lame..this one takes first place!…its MARRIED WITH CHILDREN with a lot of guns thrown in!…


    • Ron

      1911buff, the show you want would be cancelled in 48 hrs. Not a big enough crowd that would watch a show like that. People want drama, t&a, and lots of bs. Now, that’s a winner! You’re going to have to buy a DVD to see a show like you want.

  • RT

    This is the most ridiculous show about firearms I can imagine. Sons of Guns is bad enough the way they make everyone who, owns, uses, depends upon firearms like a redneck moron. They have some talented gunsmiths but come on.

    An now you bring us American Guns with the wife acting like a harpy screaming “That is your job!” at her husband about duracoating a 1911 in pink for the big boobed plastic woman that came into the shop with her silicone face and boobs and a cheap face lift saying she had to have something big because everything she has is big. Guffaw. The wife also needs a little less cleavage and some age appropriate and fitting clothes.

    I have to think that Bloomburg is paying for these shows with his anti-gun groups to embarrass us all into turning our weapons in or using them on ourselves in so as not to be associated with this crap.

  • david shortt

    This show sucks. sry but it sucks bad.

  • david shortt

    Pink 1911? Sawed off muzzleloader? Wow. Hand cannon really.

  • We can only hope that the person who said that hopefully this will normalize guns to people especially those who don’t use or even understand them and their importance in a society that expects criminals to have them but don’t have the depth of thought to realize their importance in and to law abiding citizens and their Constitutional (2nd Amendment Right To Keep and Bear Arms), Right to have for either their personal protection and that of their families, friends, and even the average innocent bystander. One thing is sure is that we will never hear of all the lives saved by guns, only the negative numbers are shoved down our throats by a 97% liberal media that feeds on horror stories involving guns but it’s sure you will never get the straight story on lives saved. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that criminals would be much less likely to perform acts of violent and criminal activities if they knew a citizen was armed. And I think we’ve all heard “If they outlaw guns only criminals WILL have them!!! I would just bet that the man who recently killed his wife and seven more and wounding another at her job would have been stopped from killing the majority of them-or maybe he wouldn’t have had the guts if he knew they were all armed or even that possibility!


      • skooter

        Yer Damn Right!!.. I want all of my pie, its my pie and I’m keeping it! and its my god givin’ 2nd amendment right to do that by all means necessary, so if that means rockin’ a hot one out the of the barrel of my gun by god I’m going to do that …because I’m an American!.. with that aside I don’t mind either one of the shows, sure therapists stalks and I think American guns could use a little more footage of the milling shop and the actual gun shop but to each there own. There both still young shows that haven’t even had a chance to get ther footing. I think both there shops are cool, paige wyatt is hot, will seems like a cool guy, they both make guns …I’m cool with that

  • j1478

    Well as a customer a red jacket let me tell you they do not have their stuff together. Shortly after the epiSode with they did the Silenced ak 47 I ordered 1. I am now in mind 9 months of waiting for it and continually get jerked around every time I call. They compound 1 lie wiTh anoTher lie on Top of anoTher lie. They need To realize 1 day The cameras will be gone and they will have their business left if they have not pissed everybody off and not have a customer left. Red Jacket wake up and remember you’re a gun shop.

    • matt ambrose

      well as you know to get a weapon like that you have to wait. because of our wonderful government. so let me get this straight you know you have to wait for it, yet you keep calling them? why?

  • Stanley

    I am really enjoying American Guns TV show. It’s very entertaining. Don’t know why so many of the haters have to trash the show. Don’t be a hater! Life is so much more fun when you enjoy. Get over yourself. I cannot belittle a man who works hard to be successful. Way to go Rich, keep up the good work!

    • Wendy

      I can tell you why, a majority of these people are SOG fans…..ppfffttt…they think Stephaine is the hottest thing to walk the earth…..

    • Mike

      It’s because most of us know who these clowns are. It’s a free country so you can waych what you want but I would suggest you DVR these shows because they won’t last long.

  • smokey

    question has any one ever made a 22 long rifle gattlin gun and if not why not


    • Kim

      I’m waiting for the guys on the show to put on short shorts so their balls hang out…. get some good nut-cleavage going for us female viewers 🙂

      Maybe they could just walk around in cockholsters and never show any gunsmithing at all ?

      This show is terrible !

    • Craig

      Red Jacket is forever doing “hand work” with drill and file when a good machine tool is what a pro uses. Did anybody notice the “airsoft” products on their shop wall? Catering to those Mall Ninjas.

  • larry

    Pretty spot on. Its tv people….

  • These shows do not even come close to showing how a firearm is built, repaired, or maintained. They do not show the hours of paperwork that has to be done to run a gunsmith shop. I have never had a customer ask for a hand cannon, no one wants one, even if they are on sale. They should do a show on the long hours that are required to repair a firearm. From what I seen they did not give the guy in the first show a good price on the rifles they sold him. The Johnson rifle looked like a rust bucket, they kept saying how rare it is, the M1-D it is a must have because it is so rare. (Check your info.) I don’t think the federal firearms laws are different in CO. If you are selling firearms, you have to do it at your shop, or at a gunshow, or a sponsered dinner etc. not at some guys house. I have never taken my helicopter to see a customer, the snow machine once in a while. Does it really take a hour to do a background check, like they told the guy who bought the 50 cal BMG, 15min operation at my shop. They should do a show about a hard working smith, who has some common sense, who does normal repairs for a living, and treats his customers with some respect.

    • Patriot Refusnik

      Yes, in Denver, it often takes an hour for the process to run. However, on other days, I’ve had it complete in 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with Wyatt, but with the Feds and how quick they can turn around applications.

      I enjoy both shows although I do prefer the guys at Red Jacket, they seem to be better gunsmiths.
      I live down the road from Gunsmoke and I’ve heard good things about them. I’ll run by and check out their prices.
      But I think some of ya’ll are just getting a little over the top on the criticism. it’s good for our sport that they are presenting guns in an enjoyable and interesting way that doesn’t make everyone look like psycho mass murderers.

  • Denver

    I live in Denver and know the areas that they are in and just laugh when I see them flying places. They are located in Wheat Ridge, CO which is just 10-20 minutes away from Golden, CO where they fly out to meet a rancher. The shots they show from the helicopter are of them flying from the Centennial airport. I like how they travel 30 miles south to hop a helicopter to some place 5-10 miles west of their shop.

    • Wendy

      It’s what you call “TV”..

  • I really like guns and I like the show

  • chris

    Dumbest show I’ve ever seen. Why are they all walking around with guns on?Funny, the mom and daughter only own tops that show their tits off. Where do they find this shit?

    • ChamberDoc

      Yeah, I’ll give it a thumbs down, as well. On Sons of Guns, they go to great lengths to show that they are especially licensed and that they follow all the BATF rules. On American Guns, I watched the owner jump into a helo to sell some guns and ended up buying a BAR – the NFA kind -and apparently took it home with him. And there’s always a sequence where the owner shows how much smarter he is than the rest of them. BTW, the daughter who was touted as being a firearms expert tookj a whole day to learn how to strip a 1911. ’nuff said.

  • Earnan

    Gunsmoke has a deservedly poor reputation in Colorado gun circles.

    The real Gunsmoke, as opposed to the TV version being shown on Discovery, features over-priced guns and shoddy “custom” work. The real staff don’t have fake boobs, just real guts. And they prefer to tell the customers BS stories over providing “training.”

    Bought one rifle there. Bit my tongue as the ignorant jackhole behind the counter told me lies about the rifle I was buying in an attempt to sell me a $1200 AR for $1700. It was worth it, in order to walk out of there with a $1200 collectible Mauser for $150 because they were so bloated with arrogant ignorance that they couldn’t be bothered to do even 5 minutes research before propping it up on the “junk guns” wall.

  • Earnan

    Has BATFE paid them a visit yet for building an illegal gun?

    The “knuckle-duster” is a modern cartridge handgun with unrifled barrels.

    That makes it a “short-barrel shotgun” according to the National Firearms Act of 1934, requiring that the manufacturer hold the proper licensing, that its manufacture be reported to BATFE, and that a transfer be processed by BATFE with registration, $200 transfer tax paid and the approval of the local chief law enforcement officer.

    No sign that Gunsmoke did any of those things.

  • matt ambrose

    being from baton rouge and knowing some of the people that work at red jacket, i do like sons of guns. now will does piss me off sometimes being a marine myself he and i have that connection but he still pisses me off time to time. Now this new show “american guns” is the biggest turd i have ever seen. the wife and daughter are just airheads, and now that theres cameras they know everything there is to know about guns. Im happy that there is some new shows about guns to show that guns are not out there killing people by themselves. But the show is so damn stupid. I like to watch it with the tv muted and watch the fake tits. maybe it wont get picked up for another season. God i hope so. being in afghanistan we get to watch tv around once or twice a month and turning the tv on and seeing this crap just makes me want to go sleep in the hummie. just had to put my two cents in. AMERICAN GUNS SUCKS BIG DONKEY BALLS!!!! GySgt. Ambrose USMC.

  • Debi

    Is it even legal for that young girl to carry a gun when she’s not 18?? I couldn’t believe that when I saw it. Anywhere I have ever lived, it’s illegal. Honestly, I think this is some of reality tv show’s worst!

    • ChamberDoc

      I believe that carrying a weapon on your own private property is legal. It is in North Dakota (where I live and served as a reserve police officer for 20 years) and it was when I did the same thing in southern California.

    • j

      Debi- I have been thinking the same thing! How can she carry a gun and shoot at only 17 years old???

  • Merlin

    American Guns is just. plain. bullshit.! Mom has a boob job, daughter acts like she is some kind of “gun goddess”. Neither one of them knows which end the bullet comes out of. Boobs & Bullets would be a better name for it. I want boobs, I can watch the Playboy Channel. I saw the show where both females are shooting the Python. Low recoil, my ass!. They were shooting .38 wadcutters. I’m done with the show, after only watching half of it. Is there not a show left, that doesn’t feature females acting like they know about guns?? Almost ready to dump Sons of Guns, as well. I don’t care what your personal life is…..I’m just interested in the weapons. The whole “Reality TV” thing, is pretty much putting me off, anyway.

    • Mike

      I took his CCW class and it was an absolute joke!!! 4 hours of listening to him bad mouth the cops and Obama as well as brag about how great he is and how hot is wife is! If that is the wife he is talking about that I saw the 5 minutes of the show I watched I would say his idea of hot is a bit different than mine! She is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone bad!! His guns ar over priced and he makes his living selling his CCW course! NO SHOOTING REQUIRED!!!! A buddy of mine spent $750 on a pistol class and he said it was the biggest waste of money! They gave him some range safety brief then just let them shoot all day! NO CLASS!! I could go on and on but this guy is a total joke and con artist and I doubt this show will last much longer because he absolutely has a horrible reputation in this area. His daughter is the typical skank and the only one that seemed halfway normal, again I watched 5 minutes, is the son. Shows like this have been done to death and you can tell this show is bits and pieces from other shows combined into one! DO NOT BUY GUNS FROM THIS CLOWN! Not to be a salesman here but you want a great gun for a good price go to 5280 Armory or Jensen Arms in Loveland.

    • Mike

      oh and by the way, Wyatt told everyone in the class that when we walked in he was picturing how he would shoot each and everyone of us!! What a loser!!!! I am sure he will get his one day!


    With respect to the episode of the Gunsmoke folks selling the preacher a 45 single action machined from a block of steel, Rick Wyatt was shown giving his gunsmith a handful of standard Colt-type parts. When he comes down to the shop and chastises his gunsmith about the timing, there is a flash of a picture of the hand or pawl with the standard flimsy leaf spring. The preacher was sold a supposedly rock-solid reliable $10,000 revolver, yet one of the weak points of the Colt design, which was carried forward from the percussion revolvers, is the hand spring. For reliability, the gunsmith should have drilled the frame and installed a Ruger coil spring. Frankly, why they just did not use a Ruger or even a USFA Single Action and saved the preacher $9,000 is beyond me. By the way, the kid supposedly engraved the revolver the night before the hand-over scene which apparently would have left no time for hardening the steel, but the kid does not seem to do real engraving so I guess he could have scratched the surface of hardened steel. Incidentally, if the preacher bought the revolver for SASS shooting, he would have needed a pair of them. Go figure! It would seem that the preacher would have to collect some more money from his parishioners or go to the folks who make up my SASS revolvers: Long Hunter Shooting Supply in Amarillo.

  • TC

    I have taken courses at Gunsite in Paulden, AZ. They were “character builders;” excellent training by first-class instructors. This year I signed up for a 5 ½ day course with Gunsmoke. I understood that Rick Wyatt had been a Gunsite instructor under the tutelage of Co. Jeff Cooper and assumed it would be good, comparable training.

    The training was not comparable. The facilities, quality of instruction, and organization were poor and in no way at the level of excellence found at Gunsite. I am thankful that this was not my introduction to defensive hand-gunning. The entire course was compromised by the preoccupation with filming as opposed to training. The camera crew was everywhere, causing safety concerns from time to time. They lit up the night shoot with their floodlights to such an extent that it felt like daytime. Even one of the instructors commented that we were “being gypped” because of the filming during our training.

    The best instructor they had for the course was tied up every day to give one-to-one attention to a couple who had never shot a pistol before. To make matters worse, Rich talked them into using 1911s, which are more complex for the first-time shooter. The couple was wonderful but was placed in the class to create a story for an American Guns episode.

    During training, Gunsite was referred to with derision by Mr. Wyatt; he referred to the Gunsite logo, the raven, as a “chicken” and spent a lot of time in a negative “ TMI ” monologue about Gunsite related to its current management. He disparaged the instructors at Gunsite which, by extension, included the students such as me, who attended Gunsite and wear the Gunsite logo with pride.

    During the training, there was an “accident” – a student blew out a $3,500 custom 1911. You can ask Mr. Wyatt about the circumstances of this potentially deadly accident. This brought the class to a halt for an extended period of time, again compromising students’ training. Rich purchased that damaged gun from the owner, on the spot, for $500. Students were not allowed to take pictures of the gun (at least two asked).

    My experience with Gunsmoke staff – Bob, (gun historian), Ben, (instructor), and Scott, (gunsmith), has been excellent (except for the custom sight they put on my XD-45 which came unglued).

    I would recommend that Gunsmoke hire a real accountant to manage the business. When I signed up for the course, I placed a 50% down payment. I was never asked for the balance. Mid-way during the course, when I realized Gunsmoke had forgotten about it, I called Ben, told him the situation and paid the balance.

    I would also recommend that course instructors demonstrate the drills and their prowess with guns, as they do at Gunsite. Not once did any instructor draw and fire his weapon at a target to illustrate a drill or show what they could do.

    Also, in my opinion, if Gunsmoke’s classes started on time, breaks and lunch time were reduced, they finished later, reduced the TMI during the lectures and eliminate Rich’s monologues altogether, I think the 5 ½ day course could have been completed in three days. And we could have done without the exercise of shooting our pistols at a target 100 yards away.

    Most importantly, all Gunsmoke instructors, including Rich, should attend a current 250 class at Gunsite to see how real professional training is done. This is not to cast aspersions on Gunsmoke, Rich Wyatt or anyone else. I am just telling you how it was. You decide!

  • jr

    wish the American Gun girls could just be on the entire show and just use every type of weapon to heavy metal music. Get rid of the guys and bad fake gunsmiths.

  • BillR

    I love guns and I love boobs but these discovery gun shop shows make me cringe. The clothes the mom and daughter wear on American guns is pure ratings fodder. Rick is obviously a shyster because the prices he quotes are outrageous. I know it’s TV and it’s dumbed down tremendously but Discovery should have realized that most gun nuts are not 70 IQ mouth breathing imbiciles.

    I still watch for the glimmers of decent info they accidentally include.

  • Steve

    Am I lost here?? There are a bunch of people on this site that can’t even spell and they have the nerve to put down someone else for doing something to make a buck. Damn!! You guys are actually checking out the guys and making comments and taking notes…WTF… All I see is guns, guns, guns, explosions and females. Can you guys pay attention to the damn show? It’s about guns with a sprinkle of females to keep some of you tuned in just in case you didn’t see the guns or explosion. OK.. Rewind and watch it again. You’ll get it soon. And the guys who said this show was making CO look bad, I think your spelling or lack of spell check is making you/CO look bad. Not that hard the spell check tool is free. Use it or go back to school! Making all of us look bad.

  • Vinny

    If you want to do a show on gunsmiths, do one on the likes of Les Baer, Ed Brown, Wilsom Combat or the hundreds of other real gunsmiths out there that do real custom work…..this makes shooters of all backgrounds look bad, as far as him being a Police Officer, he was never a real cop, and was to be fired….

  • Rt

    In don’t know who said that the reason that guys like SOG’s was because they think that Stephanie ( I presume that is the owner’s daughter’s name) is “the hottest thing to walk the earth”. Seriously? She is a giggling twit, no offense intended Stephanie. Whose idea of hot is that?

    As for the American Guns show, is it still on or has it run it’s course? One can only hope.

    Why not stick to shows like Future Weapons which have interesting information without all the faux drama, vapid morons, etc? Or Mail Call?

  • Pete

    I think the show is somewhat pathetic rich is a tool my dick is bigger than his bicep I read up that he got arrested for lying and contempt of court and the gunsmiths make things look so easy on sons of guns they act a lot more normal like who shoots at a bunch of roses and a cake from 20 yds away honestly.

  • Craig

    Gunsmoke and American Guns is just what a New Yorker would imagine the “wild west” knuckle-draggers do for fun. Too much drama, too much ignorant rantings being passed as “history” or “information” and these types of shows keeps the “Mall Ninjas” slobbering (note the gas cylinder “howitzer”). I am a U.S. Army veteran (VietNam) and have been shooting competition for years. These shows are an embarrassment to real gunsmiths and shooters.

  • Rob

    I’m not sure what is worse. The wife’s saggy face, or her awful botched boob job. No one wants to see fake tits that are 18″ apart! Rich comes off as a total douchebag, his wife as someone who thinks she is young/hot when she clearly isn’t, and the daughter is a complete idiot.

    I have no idea why they’re wasting time with this show! It’s stupid.

    • Pherris Wheel

      Nothing like common trash pretending to be what they are not. This guy is clearly a tool box, the skank wife is a train wreck in every way…nasty fake cans, horse teeth and all. The kids are hers from a second marriage but they are not his. Rumor is a head injury from a car accident gave Wyatt his many personality disorders. These two people are on their third marriage each and the two kids they do have together get to stay home out of this horror show. Typical suburban family? How so? What a joke.

  • Steve Aylor

    Just watched the episode where they ripped off a cowboy for $20,000. The man wanted an American made Winchester Model 1866 “Golden Boy” rifle. Rich told him there has been no American made Model 1866 Golden Boys made since Winchester stopped production! But he could make one for $20,000!!!! What a crock of bull! Henry Repeating Arms makes several American made Golden Boy models, including .44 Magnum, .45 Colt & .357 Magnums and for only $900!!!!! I lost all respect for the man and his entire work force. And they claim to be a firearms retail company!!

    • JohnnYuma7777

      The Henry repeating arms C0. is not a collectors item whereas Winchester is…I have a Winchester model 1905 semi-auto 35 cal. for sale if you want the original Winchester logo…

      • Joke

        This 20K piece of shit isn’t a collector’s item either…

  • I have a 1895 Wnchester (34-40 caliber) that my father purchased when he was 12 years old in 1906 from a gentleman in Texas who supposedly fought in the Spanish American War and brought this gun home with him. I have seen this style before but they have all had short barrels and the one I have has a 28″ barrel. I have only seen one other long barreled model but it was chambered for a 30-06 round. The gun is all original and in as good shape as could be expected for going through a war over 100 years ago.It shoots well and the action works extremely well which I think comes from the care my father and I have given it. I don’t know the value but was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing it. I think it would be a nice one to add to someone’s collection with such a short ownership history.

  • R

    From the write up of the show? “Rich is a master firearms trainer and former police officer with more than 22 years experience in law enforcement. He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper, a master firearms instructor and one of the 20th century’s foremost experts on the use and history of small arms.”

    So who is around to dispute the claim that this clown is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper? Who is it that determines that Rich is a master firearms trainer? Unless there is some bonafide group that actually certifies someone it is a bit like the claim on a restaurant menu that claims “WORLD’S BEST COFFEE” or “WORLD’S BEST HAMBURGER.” Who says? THe show is a sham. The clowns on the show are a sham. Why is it that this trash is even on?


    Try to do something with your program before it is forced off the air, it is not good and not getting better.

    Al Wilson

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  • Mike Walker

    Looks like they are trying to drum up support for renewal. If you “like” Rich Wyatt’s Facebook page, you’re eligible to win a phone call from his underage daughter!

    “…tell your friends to like me on FB and one lucky winner will get a personal phone call from Paige. Hows that, no don’t forget I am her Dad and if we called you I can find you so creepers need not apply.”

    No “creepers”? As a dad, I think the offer is creepy enought already.

  • Gunner

    Really guys? All this personal hatred for a person just trying to run a business? Who cares if he doesn’t do business like you think he should? Who cares if you think his prices are inflated? IT IS A SHOW. A tv show for entertainment. If you want an informative show with product specs watch an infomercial! If you want entertainment watch regular tv shows like Sons of Guns or American guns. And I agree with one of the other posters on here; If you can’t even form a legible sentence or spell words correctly, then you shouldn’t be putting anyone else down. I love how there are so many “perfect” gunsmiths commenting on here who could do it so much better. Funny though, none of you guys have your own show. And harping on the kid who does the engraving? Really? How many other 21 year old kids do you know who not only have and keep a job, but are trying to learn a skill and get good at it? Quit putting these guys down just because you have no life to speak of and nothing better to do. If you think you can do it so much better then get out there and do it.

    • Pherris Wheel

      Gunner, really? What’s your story?

  • Rod


  • Stephen

    Being a Denver based firearms enthusiast, I really wanted to like this show – unfortunately, it sucks. The owner of the shop is a real tool and none of the characters are interesting or compelling in any way. On top of that, the shop itself is nothing special as far as gunsmithing goes so you just end up witnessing a bunch of inane conversation. It’s obvious that the producers are straining to make these generic individuals interesting but it just isn’t working. Too bad.

  • Hunter

    Lets fire up the chopper, flash a lot of cash, shoot a TV, and look like a complete dork doing it. I hope Discovery will get these losers off the air. I really think Wyatt is O.C.D or maybe just a anal ex cop who watched way to many police shows as a child. I personally would not go to training from him on the finer points of running a Kool-Aide stand , Let alone gun safety.

    • plenty

      He’s doing una lot better than you, whinner

    • Bsimpson

      If you do not like the show don’t watch it, it’s as simple as that.

  • Tom Quinn

    I don’t see how so many people can condem a show that has just started. I lucked into the discovery channel late last night and stayed up long after my normal bedtime. I have never had the money to shoot a bunch of glasses as part of a celebration, but it was a hoot to watch. Say what you will, but the man has a beautiful family and a show that is great to watch. I am going to tune in every chance I get and try to make it a regular. If all of you gun lovers out there understood the motives of our elected politicians, you would do everything to support the gun show and all shooting sports before that right is taken away. If I should go to Denver, quess where I’m going to go.

    • 76 Win

      Better bring a sack full of money!

  • chris

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Fake, fake, fake. Titts, titts, titts.

    Do they take gun owners for idiots? On Discovery of all channels. Should be on E!. No redeeming quality at all. Pimp out girls, rip-off customers, and put up a fake front seem to be the moral to the show.

  • FL Gun Owner

    As a former Marine Corps armorer, I think this is a great show. To all of the critics, I ask this. How long do you think a show like this would be on TV if they just videotaped a bunch of dorky gunsmiths in the basement doing trigger jobs and machining barrels? If not for a little ‘Hollywooding’ the show up, it would have never seen the light of day. I agree, the episodes can be a little silly and over the top. However, if you can ignore the silly price negotiating and the guns they make with diamonds on them, it’s a fun show to see some very rare guns, seemingly skilled gunsmiths and usually something blow up! How can you knock that?

  • Kevin

    I have known this family for 25 years and it’s a sad one.. Renee is an absolute psychopath who has legally tormented the true father of the ‘Wyatt’ kids for years. No, Rich is not their father. These kids sought the safety of their Dad on the east coast during their turbulent teenage years, then were bribed by Renee to return to Colorado. Trips to Europe, money, television show. She and Rich have threatened every judge, lawyer and mediator they have gone in front of while openly emasculating the father in front of the children. Sad..

    • plenty

      You’re making that crap up, nothing but lies

      • Michelle

        Kevin is absolutely true. The whole show is based on lies and Renee is the fakest and most manipulative person I’ve ever met.

    • Bsimpson

      If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. Keep your dumbass comments to yourself.i personnely love the show and i am a Marine Veteran who knows his guns.

  • Sandy Mehlman

    If you, or anyone you know, is interested in being featured on the show — we are looking for Denver area gun enthusiasts in the market for a one of a kind custom firearm. For more info, please email

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  • allmac

    Having watched a number of episodes and now read some of the under noted comments it now makes sense to me. This program me just feels faked , as faked as the boobs and teeth on show. As for Wyatt snr , he gives off a very strange vibe and if the stories on here are correct I now understand why. Do us gun lovers a favour and leave out the hollywood stuff and concentrate on what millions of viewers are looking for GUNS

    • tracy

      I love guns and gun shows. However, the owner has some fake episodes with his daughter. He seems to that every boy is after this girl who is not cute nor is she interesting. She has the personality of cardboard. Focus on the guns and amazing work done at Gunsmoke.

    • plenty

      It’s not a show for wannabe gun nuts

  • Thanks for the article.Really thank you! Really Great.

  • Dave

    gunsmiths fighting ?who will quit in the middle of a gun build? well thats coming( aka suns of guns) but fun to watch

    • plenty

      Entertaining show, women are easy on the eyes. It’s made to get ratinigs and takes liberties to add broad appeal. No suited for wannabe gun nuts

  • Papageorgewendt

    The father on this show is on some kind of very strange ego trip. I think this guy is far too weird to carry guns! Take the guns away from this idiot and send him packing with his fake boobed wife and no brainer daughter. Dont watch ths show!

    • plenty

      You are too critical, don’t watch and keep you’re dickholster shut

  • Please, if you’re going to have a blog devoted to guns, and put an FAL on the banner at the top, could you please put something other than some POS Century Frankenfal with that ugly-ass brake and the UTG Airsoft quality quad rail?

    He’ll I’ll LEND ya FALs that look better than that PWT wagon. Nasty.

    • plenty

      Fals are POSs keep your dickholster shut.

  • bdecker

    what is wrong with you people? you are acting like a bunch of Jr high girls. trying to discredit someone, talking personally about him and his family. if you tough respectable gun owners don’t like this guy so much go down to his store and kick his ass that would be the manly think to do.if you don’t like his show or him don’t tune in.really each and everyone of you should look in a mirror and ask your self if is this right

  • Leonard Hasalg

    Axe Mortar Gun/Trapdoor Springfield Surprise: May 16 at 9p E/P
    The Gunsmoke crew creates a historically inspired hybrid: an axe mortar gun. A client gets an extra surprise with his Trapdoor Springfield, a replacement for his lost, childhood gun. The Wyatts fly out to NASCAR driver Regan Smith’s home for a gun deal.

    I have have been involved with machining for 33 years now doing tool and die work, cnc machining, and running my own business. I was watching this episode listed above. It is amazing watching those guys doing machining work – its a wonder someone doesn’t get seriously hurt. These guys made the end of the mortar gun barrel from a round bar of brass – machine the ID in a CNC, then they took it to a manual lathe, then tried to drill out the small diameter in a drill press with what look like a 3/4 inch drill. I was waiting for it to grab and get thrown out of the vise. Sure enough it happened. I just laughed but it still wasn’t funny from a safety stand point. These guys have no idea what they are doing or they do this stuff on purpose. Why they didn’t make that part in the lathe is beyond me except they really must not have very good planning skills in a machine shop setting. I not claiming to be an expert but common sense should be a priority when machining parts. And I use to teach machine tool technology – I think they need to go to school and learn some additional skills in machining, especially machining safety.

  • David

    I think Rich needs to practice what he preaches. In the same episode that he is lecturing his employee about safety, he goes out to deliver a gun to a customer Lyle. Lyle shoots the gun with Rich right behind him with not eye or ear protection. Safety rules Rich.

  • jethro

    Why was Rich not allowed to be around Paige until she was 16? He sounds like a real douche bag criminal who needs an ass kicking. Is that his Jet Ranger that he has to take off on every show? Those things are expensive as hell to buy and operate. The wife does have a bad boob job, but people shouldn”t be too hard on her about her personality. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and she can’t help that. Paige is really hot, I don’t care how smart she is. Actually, dumb is better. I’d like to meet her when she turns 18.

    • Michelle

      Because rich isn’t Paige’s real father

  • Worst gun show ever. This guy is rich, he’s a race car driver, lets sell him $7k worth of guns for 25 grand! What a joke. I make custom knives for a living every day, come make a real show in my shop. Stop shoving this fake drama down our throats! The more I watch this show, and its less and less every time its on, I feel like it should be a cartoon!

    Matt in Fresno.

  • 76 Win

    I just love the fact that, “almost,” everyone here can see through these jokers just from seeing the show. I had to learn the hard way by going in and dealing with them personally. Fortunately the one thing about this show that really is a reality is how they try to screw you over on trades and their prices, so I got out wallet intact. As for those who believe there is something credible about this show, “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE !!!” To “Plenty” I can only guess that you have some kind of high school boy crush on Paige, that’s so cute, hope it works out for you.

  • Bsimpson

    If you guys and gals do not like the show turn the damn channel. I am a Marine Veteran and know a thing or to about firearms and I love the show. No not everyone is perfect, especially some of you morons posting in hear that claim to be gun enthusiasts. Don’t talk about a mans family. That leads me to believe that most of you are liberal idiots anyway, and for those of you who aren’t, OOOORAHHH SEMPER FI.

    • 76 Win

      Like I said in my previous post I had to find out the hard way. Tell you what, why don’t you take a trip to Denver, bring your most valued gun with you, and see what these guys will offer you for it, and then tell us how you feel. I know there in business to make a profit, but these guys are just flat out crooks and they should be exposed!

    • Gman

      I came here to see if it was just me, or do others feel this is probably the lamest gun show ever. Well that is now confirmed.

      What I didn’t expect is a confirmation that most members of our modern Marine Corps are right there in line with this show. Although Marines are expectedly boisterous know-it-alls, they are also clearly the most inexperienced and mis-informed gun owners of our time.

    • Gunner

      And how are they the most inexperienced? You think you know guns better? I’m with Bsimpson, don’t talk about a mans family. I bet you wouldnt walk into his shop and say shit about his wife or daughter. And you really need to have a little more respect for those that have fought to keep your sorry ass free. Go play with you budget build tacti-cool AR and leave the discussions to the big boys son. Bsimpson, thank you for your service. Semper Fi

  • nick

    Are you guys a bunch of faggots or what? Who cares if the women show their tits off? I know I’d rather see some women integrated into the show than just watching a sausage fest. They don’t take away from anything on the show. As far as sons of guns go….the drama on that show is worse x10. The whole Vince walking out bullshit got out of hand. Every fucking episode they spent more time talking shit on him than they did building guns. Then the whole Kris and Stephanie “relationship” thing. Kris looks like an inbred pig fucking turd. Stephanie looks like a gopher that has downs syndrome. She is heinous looking. Season 1 of Sons of guns was great. Then they integrated all the bullshit scripted drama. Kris is not a gunsmith. Anybody can assemble an AR from a schematic drawing. Now that Vince is gone, Flem is the only real gunsmith there. The only reason everyone dickrides Sons of Guns is because they deal with class 3 weapons. People get their little dicks hard because of all the machine guns. Take American Guns for what it is worth. Its a scripted reality tv show that deals with guns….any exposure for guns at this point is a good thing.

  • Ron

    People, this is nothing but an unreality tv show. If you want real gun info watch the Outdoor Channel, etc. Not going to comment on the family other than it would be a better show for the gals to just walk around/shoot their guns in thongs. And don’t give me any crap about the girl being 17. Look how she already presents herself. The only thing I really want to know is, are the prices he charges just tv fiction, or, are they real? If they are real, who are the uneducated fools paying them? Just watched the NASCAR driver pay $25K for $5k-7K worth of guns. Really??? The preacher paid $10K for a $2-3K (at most) “custom” gun. The best I can tell from the episodes I’ve watched is he charges approximately 5-10 times more than legit gun shops/store, selling prices. Anyone know for sure if his prices are really what he would charge Joe Blow who walks in off the street when the cameras are off?

    • 76 Win

      Joe Blow here. Unfortunately yeah, that’s one part of the show that is true.

      • Gunner

        No its not

  • YumaPatriot

    I really like this show. The guy acts like a gun know it all but I know alot of gun people act like that so it’s no big deal. The wife is a total MILF. Those babies are really nice to look at. They need to show her and the daughter in some short skirts. I know this sound crass but it’s a show aimed at male gun enthusiasts. If I want to learn something about guns I’ll watch the History Channel. Who by the way has top notch firearm documentaries. We’ve come a long way from a time when they showed absolutely NO gun shows to now having several to choose from. These are great times my friends.
    So to be perfectly clear, I don’t care if Rich goes home and sacrifices kittens to the mayan gods as long as he keeps the boobs well fed and he keeps showing cool guns. One thing for sure was that the NASCAR driver and the “Cowboy” got it hard and fast with no lube or so much as a howdy do. Greeting from Yuma, Arizona! A little desert town full of AK’s.


    I used to love this show. You have Scott that is so over weight he can barely move and has a opinion on everything. Most of the time hes wrong. Then you have Mr. Goofy with some kind of eye and jaw thing. Acts and and talks weird. Yeah. An then you have the one that acts like a little boy. Every time Rich comes down to tell them what they are gonna build he acts like its a big surprize. what a dumb ass. Paige is a typical young blonde. Mom… Well can they lift the other boob back up where they left off? Should have thrown the doctor another silver bar Rich. Discount Boob The only one that has anything going is the boy Kirk. Good luck.

  • robert

    Saw the episode they sold guns to regan smith Nascar driver, I just wondered if rich carries Vaseline with him , because I think regan got screwed

    • Jonathan

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Regan got screwed and he’s not the only one. I think they trump up the numbers on the show bc as someone that was a gun dealer for years guns like are bought and sold on the show don’t bring those kinds of prices. The episode that he paid $100,000 for 100 AR-15s was a normal price for that kind of gun but alot the others are not. The price he charges the gator hunter in the same episode for the rifle and revolver? He wanted $10k for new modern guns. For a Mossberg? The Mossberg rifles are roughly $500 right out of the box. And the S&W Governor is $700. And he quoted a price of of $10k? He didn’t gold plate it for Christ sakes. Even the price the guy ended up paying is just outrageous for what they did to the guns.

  • robert

    American Guns next project is to make a gun powerful enough to shoot thur scotts fat ass

    • 76 Win

      I don’t know about shooting through it, but harpoon comes to mind.

  • 76 Win

    Did anyone else notice the house directly down range when Rich and stepson were sniping the wine bottle? What about all the liquor in the office, I thought guns and alcohol don’t mix. You’d think for all the negative publicity this show gets they’d be a bit more carefull about some of the more obvious things.

    • Gunner

      Watch that episode again bud. You see the house/shed down range because of the angle the camera is filming at. When they take the shot they are nowhere near shooting at the house/shed. And the liquor bottles? I agree. A gunshop shouldnt have liquor bottles in their offices. However, I know plenty of people who decorate shelves with liquor bottles strictly as a decoration. Not that it should be done in a gun store.

    • Tony

      Seriously? You’ve never shot a beer bottle before? You’re brain couldn’t come up with anything more constructive than that? Who gives a damn what they are shooting? Apparently you do. If you hate it so much, why do you keep watching it, going to their website, and chat about them on forums? That’s way too much energy spent on something you don’t like. Turn the channel, man. Or is that too much work too?

      • Craig

        Tony, first thing, all REAL shooters learn to not shoot glass. It makes a mess and takes forever to go away. Don’t shoot your trash, either. People who have been shooting for a long time have a respect for things and don’t want to leave a mess, so glass is not a good idea. Top Shot also shot a lot of glass, that is why you can be sure some non-shooting liberal anti-American wrote the scenarios. I just have a natural aversion to busting glass all over my beautiful state.

  • tommy d.

    I just happen to stumble onto this show last night, it is the dumbest show on tv. the 50cal round in the recoilless and the dart reload into the laws rocket is insulting, I will never watch it again. I would not be surprised if the anti-gun lobby was behind this and the sons of guns show, there is no limit to the lengths they will go to,to make gun owners look stupid and create the illusion that anybody can just walk into any gun store and buy anything they can dream of or saw in a movie, these shows are the perfect propaganda vehicles for Hillary Clinton and Obama to strip us of our second amendment

    • Gunner

      Truth be told you CAN just walk into a gunshop and buy anything you have seen on tv or the movies. Thats the beauty of being free. Now of course some things require that federal tax stamp, including anything classified as a DD. Oh, and that pesky little law about being a law abiding citizen. So yes, as long as you are following the law, have no felonies or misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence, are a us citizen, fill out all the proper paperwork, are safe and responsible; Then yes, you can go into the gunstore and buy a gun. In truth, its the idiots you hear about every day on the news who hurt or kill innocent people with their guns “by accident” that the commie lobbyists use against our 2nd ammenment freedoms.

  • Jaque Bauer

    I watch the show-its strictly entertainment, like the other one Sons of Guns. Its amazing these companies stay in business…could their customers be that naive ? The staff an Gunsmoke are a dysfunctional lot………like the 4 stooges. The overweight guy is a hazard to mankind. The T and A sells, but there are too many dumb blonds already. Shows like this dont do the firearms industry any good. In fact if some of the Communist lawmakers watched these shows it would add to their bucketlist of why civilians should be banned from owning guns.

    So- for a laugh and distraction these shows keep my attention. Otherwise they are a disgrace to the community.

  • My question is —who cleans up after the the Wyatts and the Haydens after they shoot up and blow up all that stuff? I keep hearing Rich Wyatt say, “Let’s get out of here” after they’ve made a huge mess all over somebody’s landscape.

  • I love your show except for big mouth fat boy. He thinks he is so good when all he is is mouth. If you continue to put him in charge, I will watch something else. It is a shame to ruin a great show with that big mouth fat boy

  • on todays american guns surpize two s&w j frames 38.go for 750.00 ea.125 ea.for work and 750.00 for a class of 3 days… a new j s&W J FRAMES at bud guns go,s for 376.00 boy custome lookout!!!!!!! 3250.00…

  • Gunnrr

    All these gun prices you guys keeo talking about are “show” prices. They are just for the show, they arent the real prices paid and anyone who thinks they are is, just stupid. This show, like all others, is for entertainment. Yes, the gunsmiths are goofy, but thats how the network wantsthem to be portrayed. Its for entertainment people. Watch it for that, not for education.

    • 76 Win

      “Stupid is what stupid does.” (Forest Gump) You need to go to there shop and find out for yourself before you go blowing your mouth off about things you don’t know, otherwise your in danger of looking like blowhard Scott, and I don’t think any fool would want that.

      • Gunner

        Wow, we have ourselves an internet tough guy here. Look, I dont know who you think I am, but I couldnt care less if I incur your wrath or not. You arent scary, but my .338 Lapua Magnum is. AND, if you shop there and pay their prices then you are a MORON. They saw your DUMB A** coming a mile away. They wouldnt have been in business this long charging $20,000 for revolvers. You guys can knock on him and his shop all you want, but in the end he is the successful one with a tv show and you are the pathetic “never-get-laid” limp wristed fairy who sits on his couch and tries to tear him apart. Good luck on that, because last I saw his show is still on. Hows your tv show coming?

  • i couldnt care less . think you are the man for rick wyatts. i call and they woodnot put me with him to see why repairs on a 22.wood be prices at 4000.00 .think i,m a dumb moron to pay this.i fond out myself by calling gusmoke at 1 303 4545. blowing your big f… mouth off .,author 76 win!!!!

    • Gunner

      Wow. Thats about all I can say. You are exactly the type that ALL salesman look forward to. Yes, you are a moron, which is apparent by your post. I doubt if anyone on here could make sense of anything you typed. You are the poster child for the liberals: a retard packing heat. This is why we have so many lobbyists trying to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights, because of morons like you and 76 win. NOT because of a t.v. show. All i’m saying is they run a completely legit firearms business and they can charge whatever they want to. Its up to the consumer whether or not you shop there. Dont like their prices? Dont pay them. Dont like the show? Dont watch it. If nothing else about this sinks in please remember just this one thing: Please do not breed, do the world a favor and wear a condom.

  • GUNNRR u the man!!!!! go back to june 1 st. comment form 76 win or may 23 blog.

  • GUNNRR..WOW …….talk about respct .you of all geting down on me a veteran .so i,m a moron too u…..maybe its you!!!!

    • Gunner

      Ok, first lets put this into perspective. The other gentleman was being a mature adult about what he had to say, you on the other hand are whiny, disrespectful, childish and immature. And now you try to say you are a veteran. Well for that matter we can all say we are veterans. In the end you earn respect by your actions, it isnt just given. And yes, you are a moron.

  • gunner-bsimpson. you want to put this into perspective.yes i,m a army vetran and to are a marine.i do not know all can say we are. you may think you are earn sum respct, by calling me a moron! wath wood mother say. wath are you doing for my right to talk and say wath i think…please do the world a favor .before you go blowing your moth off about things you don,t know about!!!!!wake up and smell the coffe.i can only guess that you have some kind of crush…..on rich wyatts!!!look at the blog from jaqueraur june 28 june 29. good one gunner.go to gman june23.who is mad. blog may 21.are we all moron??? will you look at the leave a comment. my viewpoint

    • Gunner

      What I was asying is that anyone on here can SAY that they are a veteran, it doesnt mean its true. And yes, considering you cant even form a coherant sentence, I do think you are a moron. Harsh? Maybe. But I wouldnt want to be around you if you had a firearm. If you arent intelligent enough to type a sentence, then why should I think you are intelligent enough to safely handle and care for a firearm. I’m not trying to be mean, but its the truth. That is the image the liberal media always uses to fight against our 2nd ammendment rights: the illiterate uneducated moron toting a gun. If you truly are a veteran, thank you for your service. And I dont care if they really did try to rip you off or charge you outrageous prices. Like I said before, they run the business and can do whatever they want. Don’t like it? DONT SHOP THERE. Hell, Ive been to WalMart and thought they were charging too much for a TBone steak, but you wont see me on here trash talking WalMart and whining like a little bitch because of it. A true Marine would put his big boy panties on and shop somewhere else. I would know, look at the name. “Gunner”.

  • gunner Thank you. wow Sum Respct For The 1# Ammenndment Right.

  • Craig

    The show “american Guns” is disgusting and an insult to all gun owners. Not only do these people at Gunsmoke display little to no technical/machine skills, their depth of information borders on the criminally stupid. When they just flat-out lie about something it is all the more sickening. I guess that is why it is called “american Guns”, it is what liberal elitists think of all gun owners. There are some postings from a couple of “mall ninjas” and “brand snobs” lapping up this shows barf, your comments give you away. I am prior service (two Honorables) and have been in firearms competition for over twenty years. That is why the “a” is not capitalized on the shows name.
    You can polish a turd all you want, but put a gun in its hands and you have “american Guns” and “Gunsmoke”.

    • Tony

      Little to no technical skills? And what qualifications do you have? Have you ever made a gun? Ever engraved one? Are you even a gunsmith? Shut the hell up man. These guys are doing gunsmith jobs that most gunsmiths can’t do. I’m a gunsmith. I can say they are very talented. The gunsmiths in that shop put me and anyone else in the Houston, TX area to shame. That 20 year old kid is a better engraver than some guys twice his age. How many shops in the US are making their own firearms?

      • Craig

        So, Tony, you are a gunsmith? I call B.S. This is a dumb TV show. You never see any real machining or assembly by anyone, just bits and pieces. For all anyone knows, all the stuff is jobbed out, including the engraving. Plus if the incredibly fat “gunsmith” leans into the lathe just an inch further, they will be cleaning lard off the ceiling for a month. Has anyone seen an India stone? An Arkansas stone? A lapping fixture? IT IS A TV SHOW! Made by stupid liberals for moron consumption (liberals). I feel I have to get a tetnus shot just from watching the dumb show. Bowling ball cannons, gas cylinder howitzer, really stupid stuff for Hollywood liberals who ALREADY think gun owners are barbaric morons. This show just confirms what the libtards think.

  • The People At Firears Up One ON Rick Wyatts. Have You Seen The Double Barrel 1911 45.Rick Have A Serious Problem Here!!!

  • 76 Win

    This just in: Gunner is in fact Rich Wyatt.

  • Gunner

    This Just In: 76win is in fact a douchebag.

  • 76 Win

    Why Rich, what a terrible thing to say.

  • Gunner

    Really 76win. Anyone who doesnt join you in your whiny little bitchfest must be Rich, huh? Hell, my local gunshop tried to screw me on a deal before too. Do you see me whining like a little bitch about it? Nope. I went and shopped somewhere else. But if calling me Rich makes you feel better, then by all means go ahead. I think you have a little crush on him…how cute.

    • 76 Win

      Yeah sure, whatever you say Rich. Let’s see, so far you’ve called me a moron, a retard, a liberal, a liar, threatened to cap me with your Lapua, am I forgetting anything? Your the one taking this so personally, I have to believe you have a dog in this fight, (like a show perhaps) I keep, “whining”, as you call it because I’ve seen so many hacks and brown nosers getting ahead while honest hard working people struggle to make ends meet that I’m sick of it. Personally I have no desire for my own show, as you suggested, but yes I would like to see this show get axed, it’s a cheap, miserable representation of what decent gun folks are all about, and a poster child for the anti gun crowd looking for exuses to shut us down.

      p.s. by the way you should go back and look at the contradictions in your own comments. One time you call me a liar by stating that Gunsmoke is not outrageously priced, then another time you say that I’m a fool for paying their prices (actually I’ve never dropped a red cent there, I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night)

      That’s all for now, can’t wait for your reply Rich.

  • Gunner

    Nope, no dog in this fight. Just stating the obvious about ANY company. If you dont like the way they do things, dont shop there. I just get tired of seeing grown men acting like bitchy little schoolgirls. Like you. And just to clarify a few things about your “response”: First, I never threatened to “cap” you with anything. I simply stated that you werent scary, but that my .338 is.
    Second, you listed all the names I called you but you forgot “douchebag”. I said that one too.
    Third, I have been struggling for years trying to get ahead also. I personally sit at home and buy, refurbish/restore, and sell firearms every day. I’m just now getting to where I am financially comfortable. However, just like you see rich doing, I also try my damndest to buy as dirt cheap as I can and sell as astronomically high as I can. And everyone I have ever seen in the gun business does the exact same thing. Some may offer you more cash than others, but they all try to buy low and sell high. Thats just the nature of the beast. Maybe his prices are stupidly outrageous, but I guarantee he’s not the only gun store in the state. And I dont know where your from, but this show is right in line with how all the gun owners I know act. Big boys getting excited about their big boy toys and wanting to blow shit up. All you’re doing is repeating what you have heard other people on here say about it being the poster child against our second ammendment rights. Try to have a mind of your own and come up with some new material. The true threat against our 2nd ammendment rights is the Obama camp. Fast and Fuious operation anyone? Holder? Maybe you should stop worrying about a cable tv show and get involved in something more productive to secure our gun rights, because it isnt the tv show thats going to take guns out of our homes, its the pitiful excuse for presidential leadership that will.

    • 160thSOARPILOT

      Right on Gunner! I will go into theatre any time with you Marine! Larry is killin me with his lack of sentence structure and whatever the hell he is trying to say! Poster child for kids to stay in school! 76win…you’re an idiot! As for shopping prices are a bit high. As for the show… All enhanced by the producers for entertainment. As for Rich…story is he offered 100k reward if someone killed Bin Laden with one of his guns. His blood sucking ex wife took him to court for more money saying he had a 100k laying around. Liberal judge wanted him to pay her more money even though she was getting a boat load already and she chose to stop working to suck more! He said he isn’t paying her one more cent. Judge thew him in jail for contempt. Glad he stood up for his rights! Good for him for snaggin his own tv show no matter how silly

  • Tony

    I am a gunsmith. I have an FFL license. So I think it’s fair for me to say these guys are legit gunsmiths. They don’t put a silencer on an AR and call it gunsmithing. They are very talented at their jobs. Don’t judge people you’ve never met. You’re all judging these guys based off a scripted TV show. That makes you a bigger idiot that they are. They have been in business for 2 decades. You don’t stay in business that long I you suck.

    • charles

      some gunsmith you are

    • Craig

      “FFL license”? FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. So why say Federal Firearms License license, Tony? You are a fraud, just like the folks at gunsmoke.

    • Quentin

      I dont think Tony knows shit from shinola.

  • Gunner

    Im a gunsmith as well. The only reason you guys are bitchin so much is that you wish you could do more than bolt on a flashlight to your tacti-cool AR. Get a fuckin life. If you knew what it took to build a gun you would shut your fuckin mouth. Get a life guys, and quit whining about a tv show.

  • rich wath is going .jefferson county court records i say wow!!!! i lost all resped for you!.

    • 160thSOARPILOT

      Larry please stop posting unless you can write a legible sentence! Gunner I’m on board Marine!

  • ive seen the show from the beginnig and went to visit my son who lives a mile away so i went in to the shop, the only one from the show was bob, i asked him if they gave him the gatlin gun for his birthday and he said they just let him fire it. he seems like a nice guy. i went in to look at the colt revolvers. they were quite high. i can get them much cheeper elsewhere.
    you must remember its just a show with much competition with other reality shows, im sure rich must have known the colt walker was a fake, just happened that r.l. wilson was in the area. he was pluging his new book. and 10000$ for a colt i dont think so

  • 76 Win

    A 338 Lapua mag, what a coincidence. Kind of pretty, not very scary though, unless maybe someone was pointing it at me.

    • fn49fan

      I’m not too fond of being on the wrong end of any weapon, but what scares me is the idiot behind the trigger! lol

      • 76 Win

        My point exactly

  • Droog

    I for one take all “Reality” TV shows with a grain of salt, but IMHO, compared to Sons Of Guns, this show is miles better, both for watching and for the impression that those of us in more restrictive jurisdictions get of guns and gun owners. I have absolutely no idea of the going prices for %99.99 of the product shown on the series, but in general, most of the disparaging comments seem to be from folks that are, and I have to believe that the shop is overpriced. But really, so what? As noted in a few comments below, just go somewhere else if you are planning to purchase goods or services.
    As a firearm “outsider” I get a generally positive impression from the show, mostly to do with the association of firearms to “family values” and 2nd amendment rights. From Sons Of Guns, I get the opposite.
    If this guy ends up making truck loads of cash from the show, good for him, it’s a free world (unless BO get re-elected), and if he’s building a brand, he’s doing a good job.
    What most of the posters here seem to miss is that this show is seen world wide, I have been downloading episodes from a British TV site, and the show is popular there too. And %99 of the people that watch won’t go trying to dig up all the gossip on Rich Wyatt, so are oblivious to the complaints.
    I do have to agree with the one poster below that was somewhat bemused by the machining skills demonstrated on the show, drilling holes in metal with a tilted hand drill does not exactly show mastery of the craft, and some of the “solutions” that the guys come up with are a little amateurish IMHO, but hey, as I said, it’s made for TV.
    And just so you know what some of us are up against when it comes to firearms, I recently bought an “Airsoft” plastic pistols that shoots 6mm plastic BB’s from a local hardware store. Pellet guns and real BB guns being illegal to sell where I live, and the check out girl told me four times how “dangerous” the gun was. I told her, “only for stupid people” just to shut her up.
    American Guns at least has some pretty cool firearms, and I particularly enjoyed the bowling ball cannon, would seriously consider building my own if it were legal for me to buy the black powder…

    • fn49fan

      I not to sure what to make of this show. Just got done watching the last one and thought it strange to take a mans old shotgun that was handed down to him by his father, take it apart and rebuild it into a tactical weapon and charge well over $1,000 dollars. I would have respected them more if they would have told the guy to spend the money on a new 870 tricked out and keep the other gun as a family heirloom. It should have saved him big money since I can’t see a new 870 with a upgraded stock going for more than what the guy paid. Remington 870 NIB $440.00 plus Surefire forearm and pistol grip stock $200.00 All together $640.00 give or take. No biggy, just my thoughts. I just like to see the hard working man get the most from his hard earned money.

      • Craig

        This show and its people seem to set up really dumb scenarios. A tactical 870 would be less than $700 in the box, out the door, instead of, like you said, destroying an heirloom. Like the “reverand” who supposedly paid $10K for a “from a block of steel” Colt SA copy. Too bad, because a Ruger for $700 would beat it an any competition and not have any of the flaws the original Colt SA has. The “reverand’s” pistol was supposed to be for competition, so why supposedly make a Model T, when he could have a Corvette? This is a TV show, made by liberals for liberals, to reaffirm their twisted ideas of gun owners. The “gunsmith projects” just make real gun owners sick. I don’t think any of their filmed “customers” or jobs are real. I think everything filmed is a setup and totally fake, following some liberals script. No honest gunsmith would ruin an heirloom when an 870 was readily available. Hollywood script, pure crap.

  • 76 Win

    Droog, I’ll tell you the problem I have with them making a ton of money. Ready? “I”, can’t afford it. Now you and others here have suggested that I take my money elsewhere, and, trust me, I do. However, when these guy’s are out there raping the customer like they do and getting away with it, pretty soon it sets the standard for what is normal and every other gun broker’s going to figure, “Hey if the people at Gunsmoke can charge that kind of money why can’t I.” If you don’t believe that go back and look at some of the post by Gunner. As it is the price of ammunition has skyrocketed in the past decade or so, thanks to the politicians, if guns start selling everywhere for what they do at Gunsmoke, recreational shooting is just going to be one more activity reserved for the rich, or the Rich Wyatt’s, (is there some irony there?) whichever you prefer. If the gun grabbers can’t litigate our guns away they’ll take the next step and price us out of the market.

    • FireGuy1

      All you complainers with sand in your V, American Guns is “entertainment.” Who gives shit what they charge for their stuff? Who gives a shit if MILF Renee and tart Paige strut their stuff? It’s “entertainment.” That’s why people watch it – Entertainment with eye candy, what more do you want? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Tune into Jimmy Swaggert if you have a moral dilema. If your critiquing every episode, then your being hypocritical (i.e., you’re watching it you idiot!). The show’s not going to be cancelled because foil hat wearing basement dwellers don’t like it. Shit, if you have a TV show idea, pitch it to the network. Secretly, though, many of you watch this show so you pitch a tent. LOL. Go to Comic-Con, it’ll hurt less. LOL.

      • Gunner

        LMAO fireguy, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Gunner what,s with you and the 1# AMMENNDMENT RIGHT. Here is sum thing for you!!!! kiss my ass.

    • 76 Win

      Gunner can’t respond to you, he had to change his name to make it look like he had allies. He’s either going by 160thSOARPILOT or Fireguy1 now

      • Gunner

        Actually I can reply. I have just had better things to do recently than check this site. Sorry if no one sides with you 76win, i’m sure that hurts your little feelings. And the reason I don’t normally respond to him is because I usually cant understand what the hell he is trying to say. Whats my deal with the first ammendment? Uhhh, because I support the constitution dumbass. If we only support the parts that benefit us, then the entire constitution will fail. Sorry 76win, obviously you live for comments from your electronic friends, but I usually have better things to do.

  • I dont see how Rich sleeps at night after taking peoples hard earned money after ripping them off so bad… As for he chili eating team in the basement that pose as gunsmiths I wouldnt let them put air in my bicycle tire… And that put together family, why dont they ever mention that those are Rips step kids and that Rip was never a police officer just the armorer that got shit canned for acting like he does on the show with the departments weapons… screw this show and that family… it should be called american scums

  • 76 Win

    There you are Gunner, sorry, didn’t mean to disrupt your busy life. So how you’ve been? I see you still have that same sunny disposition, and let me just say I am honored that you took the time to reply to my post. Me and all my electronic buddies have missed the insightfull wisdom that spews forth from you. Don’t be a stranger.

    • Gunner

      I know you missed me. Since you love my insightful wisdom so much, here’s another pearl for you: I think its pretty pathetic how you have to get on here every day and like your own comments and dislike other peoples comments just to make it look like people agree with you. Sad.

      • 76 Win

        Well I guess we’re all entitled to our suspicions, I still believe even if your not Rich, that you’re somehow connected to this show. Here’s something for you to chew on though, scroll down to my first post and you’ll see that I was handing out kudos to the people that could see this show for what it is before I could. That’s right I was agreeing with them, (by the way that would be the vast majority of those posting here) You probably also noticed that those post seem to the most liked, I guess I did all that too, right. Anyway I’m getting pretty bored with all this. This show can live or die on it’s own merits, I’m sure my 2 cents isn’t going to affect a thing. Adios

  • hunter

    When I was young and learning to hunt, I was told” leave nothing but foot prints”. These assholes go out and shoot glass bottles and TV sets , which I clearly remember from my Hunter Ed as a youth you don’t shoot glass objects and then Rich says “lets get out of here” who cleans up your mess Mr gun safety I am one of 6 who is qualified to walk on water guy?

    • JoeSchmucatelli

      I was sent here on a search for a decent gun show on tv to watch. I see there is much discussion about one in particular. Then a pissing contest. I have been around guns and gear for 20 years and can honestly say that nine out of ten dealers you meet now overcharge. Forget for a moment that the folks at gunsmoke feel okay with sending the ladies out in painted on pants to promote this “show”. It is not about helping our fellow man to arm and protect his family and himself. Those days are long gone. Need proof? Handguns, regularly sell for $700.00 on up to the insane prices of well over $4000.00 dollars..for a handgun. These makers insist your life is worth it. There is no “shame in the game” so to speak anymore. You want to sell me a handgun for $1500.00, $3500.00 and it wont even print the old standard of under 2″ at 25 yards? It was intended as a short range defense. For my $1500.00 I will search for at least a carbine. And if I sold a handgun for over $1500.00 dollars I would be ill with shame, unless it was a collector gun or ornamental, but I damn sure would not be able to look a person in the face and tell them their life is worth the $3000.00 for a gun manufactured by another company that I did a trigger job on and added a few aftermarket parts, then a coating. Give me an Armscor and I will spend as I see fit to make it serviceable enough to get me to a rifle. It will cost well under $1500.00. Thanks for your ear, and no offense intended except the greedy fear mongers who pretend they want a person sufficiently armed to protect life and liberty.

    • JoeSchmucatelli

      Also, I had been taught to keep my eyes open when firing a gun with safety glasses, so I am not as skilled as the owner of the shop on said show, displayed at the beginning of each show.

  • kragman

    os when does rich have his wife an daughter pose for playboy. it seem money is the only thing that matters to him.they show’s almost everything now anyways. oh? who orders a mint 1898 krag to be cut up not a true gun collector

    • Gunner

      He never said he was a “true” gun collector. And Rich tried to talk him out of it. If you had actually paid attention though, it was what his dad had always wanted out of the rifle. So it was like a tribute to his deceased father, which in my mind has more meaning than a pristine condition Krag to sit on a shelf.

    • Shooter 7×57

      I have one question. Would any self respecting firearm safety instructor fill glass objects with flammable liquids, insert a lit fuse and shoot them so they blow up? Kids don’t try this at home. And by the way IMO Rich wouldn’t make a pimple on a Texas Rangers ass

  • You got to respect a guy who buys fake tits for his wife … and his daughter. WTF is wrong with this guy?