Remington Versa Max Tactical

Later this year Remington will be launching a tactical version of the Versa Max shotgun, which was originally introduced last year. This tactical model has many features desired by home defense, law enforcement, competition and military shooters which are lacking from the sporting models.

The most significant different between the sporting models and the tactical model is that the Versa Max Tactical will initially only be offered with a receiver capable of chambering 2.75″ and 3″ 12 gauge shotgun shells, whereas the sporting models also chambes 3.5″ magnum 12 gauge shells. Remington may have made this decision to shave of the extra weight and costs added by the tactical features.

The Versa Max Tactical includes a picatinny rail for mounting optics and forward barrel-clamp side rails for mounting accessories, such as flashlights. The charging handle and magazine release are tactical-sized. The extended magazine holds 7+1 rounds of 2.75″ shells. The barrel is 22″ with vent rib and comes with an IC and Tactical (ported) choke. The stock is black synthetic with overmolded rubber grips.

The MSRP is $1,399 (the same as the synthetic sporting Versa Max model).

[ Many thanks to Woodroez for emailing me info about this gun. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • spawnofbill

    A 22″ tactical shotgun? Really? If Remington was serious about this gun they would at least offer it with an 18″ option. There is no reason to NOT go with an 18″ barrel on a home defense shotgun.

  • JC

    I wonder if it will cycle breaching rounds and less lethal rounds? If so, this could be a great choice for SWAT and Law Enforcement.

  • 22″ barrel for a Tactical shotgun!?!? They may sell some to 3 gunners, but who else wants a 22″ barrel tactical shotgun?

  • fw226

    As nice as 7+1 is, a 22 inch barrel with a choke on the end just doesn’t sound like something I’ll be able to manipulate in a patrol car.

  • gybryant

    22″ vent-rib barrels are “tactical” now?

  • alden

    Looks good except for the 7+1. Should be 8+1 for 3-gun. Easy fix with a new extension tube, but also another $75.

  • joshua

    yeah ummm so the fact that it has that no more that $200 worth of after market stuff that is easily avail makes it “tatical” and fetch $1000+?? get out of here Remington, what are you thinking!?

  • Sian

    *Awards prize for most numerous inappropriate uses of the word ‘tactical’ in a blog posting*

    It’s not your fault, Steve, just, wow.

  • 6677

    That looks far too long to be used successfully in my house, maybe in the living room or dining room. But then I do live in britain so the moment I shoot an intruder with that I get arrested for murder.

    Some bloke not far from me has just come back from court having stabbed and killed an armed intruder. He got arrested for manslaughter, intruders accomplices got nothing. Later got off in court thankfully.

  • Sid

    Is Remington overcompensating for something?

    That shotgun will not turn around in my driveway. I carried a Mossberg 500 (issued weapon) along with an M-9 (again, the US Army is not asking, it is telling me what to carry) on my last deployment. In urban settings, there are plenty of places that the Remington in that photograph would be too long to be of use. A shorter barrel is a must. It would be a good idea to have a collapsible stock also. But that weapon is too long.

    • In my opinion, this is great for a civilian who like a shotgun for shooting clay, but also one for security. Best of both worlds and 22 inches is not long at all for home defense.(in general) I know in some situation that may be true, in some not…most of the time I will be having fun with it anyways…:)

  • Hojo

    First I would love to thank Remington for coming out with a tactical version of the Versa Max, I LOVE tactical shotguns and right now there doesn’t seem to be any good autoloaders on the market. The tactical version is very disappointing compared to the hunting version of the Versa Max. Should have used the same system so we could have the option of using 3 1/2″ shells and swapping barrels to go hunting. Leave off the barrel clamp, they ruin the finish on your barrel and magazine tube extension in addition to pinching magazine tubes and preventing shells from feeding if applied too tightly. Lose the vent ribs. Thank you for not building in a reciever mounted shell carrier, they are great for lefties but for right handed people they are actually difficult to use (stock mounted shell carriers are much better).

    I wonder if Remington would sell a Versa Max hunting version with a magazine tube extension added already? I hear you have to drill out the dimples before you can add one to allow the spring to move forward. Do that and have the barrel cut down to 18.5″ and it would be a nigh perfect tactical shotgun.

    Real tactical shotguns actually just remove the excess to improve manuverability in close combat and are all about reliability. The Versa Max pretty much has it down already.

  • Dink

    Remington, you disappoint me again. The whole freaking reason for a versa max was the ability to shoot all 3 lengths of shells. If I want a tactical auto loading shotgun to shoot just 2 3/4 and 3 inch I will stick with a Mossberg 930spx. I mean c’mon, the barrell length is retarded, shorten the damn thing. Make two models at least. 1 like the one shown in the pic except add a magazine extension and then make one for practical use with a shorter barrell and the 3 1/2 inch capability. Who the hell is running Remington???

    • What are you talking about-the shotgun looks HOT! Love the length and the breaching choke tub on it. Have you seen it with bipod on top? Semi auto 8 plus 1 and virtually ‘no’ kick compared to a pump! This type of firearm will make going to a 4 day shotgun training class bearable and downright fun!

  • Stephen

    My goodness people. Look up the Remington R12. It’s the police edition Versa Max with 14″ and 18″ barrel options.

    As for the lack of 3-1/2″ chamber, it’s not applicable to the target markets. Hunters use it, that’s it. When was the last time you went tactical turkey hunting?

    I far prefer the chamber configuration that they have. I prefer the benefits offered by the smaller chamber (less weight, faster cycle). I would be fine if the chamber only accepted 2-3/4″.

    Lastly, the versa max design was not “only” designed so that you could shoot all three shell lengths. The main purpose is so that you can shoot light loads, heavy loads, whatever without fiddling with the tuning.

  • ojonsson

    I need a magazine mount sling swivel for versamax tactical. Any suggestion on what and where to purchase?