Good news: Magpul PMAG 40 is NOT Dead

I was wrong. Despite appearances, Magpul still plan to bring to PMAG 40 to market. Magpul founder Richard Fitzpatrick commented on my previous post saying …

The PMag 40 is NOT Dead!

It has been delayed due to us concentrating other magazine related projects. That said we are committed to bringing it to market in the future.

It does not appear in the 2011 Catalog because we tried only to feature items that were actually for sale. We even explain this on page two in the intro under he banner “Now Shipping”. Even then the MOE + and MS3 had to be delayed.

The Quad stack mag was only ever published in a patent application as required by law. It is an unannounced product and we are not discussing it at this time.

Trust me, we really love releasing products but only when they are up to the standards we set for Magpul. you should see releases pick up before the end of the year however.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nater

    Each MS3 is sewn in it’s entirety from Costa Beard Hair. He can only grow beards so fast people, be patient and don’t expect FDE as an option.

    I think the PMAG 40 is cool and all, but I’d much, much rather see a SCAR-H/17S compatible version of the PMAG 20LR. I don’t expect it to happen, but it’s possible. I think it’s especially possible or even likely if the SCAR-H/SSR really do end up replacing the various M-14-type rifles and the SR-25/M110 rifles now in service.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys!

    That is good news, given that Surefire NEEDS to have a competitor en that market, even though they have a 60-rounder and this would only have 40 rounds!

    Still, it is best a 40-rounder with a non-tilting follower than a 60-round one with a crappy tilting one!


  • D

    Don’t ever underestimate them Magpul boys.

  • Jesse

    I’m waiting for a MS3 sling… 🙁

  • Andy from West Haven

    Wish they would concentrate more on a quad stack 60. I’ll take a Surefire QS 60 over a P-mag 40. But I’d take a QS P-mag 60 over a Surefire.

  • Dillankid

    I hope they have a ton of releases…I’m in need of more Magpul products. Particularly something innovative. While they’re at it they should do another run of lowers…or make it a permanent product…I want one :p

  • charles222

    Excellent. My freakish arms are probably long enough to go prone with these, and anything that allows me to reduce the number of mag pouches I need to put on my rig to have a full basic load is good.

  • Other Steve

    Ugh, Vaporpull

    They make fantastic products, but they are so unbelievably SLOW.

    My company works with injection molding all the time, either these guys have no idea how to run their machines or there is some limiting factor that prevents them from working… Perhaps rolling in money, I don’t know. They took 9 months or more to release a longer version of a handguard… Insane.

    Regardless, I’ll probably buy whatever they get around to making.

  • Sid

    If they make a 40rd E-Mag that works with the USMC IAR, they will sell a ton to Marines.

    A 40rd magazine makes sense. The 60 & 100rd quad stacks I have seen is ludicrous. When you have to tilt your weapon sideways to fire, I seriously doubt you will do anything but convert money to noise quickly. Beta mags make more sense when you actually have to fire the weapon in the prone or prone supported position.

    I can see designated gunners stocking up on 40rd E-Mags and drum magazines.

  • >>> It does not appear in the 2011 Catalog because we tried only to feature items that were actually for sale. <<<

    Magpul clearly doesn't understand how things are done in the firearms market.

  • Billy

    what about a PMag version of the Beta C mag???

  • Flounder

    It seems to be that lately Magpul has had a lot of good ideas and not the resources to actually make that idea happen. The FMG this 40rd mag and their quadstack just to name a few.

  • Nater

    Sid, the 40 round double stack PMAG is longer than the 60 round quad stack Surefire HCM. The Surefire 60 rounder is pretty much identical in length to the standard aluminum magazines, the 100 round magazine is the ridiculously long one. This Magpul magazine would be nearly as long as the 100 round Surefire. Not quite, but close.

    Hopefully the Army decides to go ahead with the LSAT LMG and carbines and forgets about the Enhance Carbine program. LSAT carbine with CT 6.8 ammunition in a 60 round quad stack magazine would be fairly easy to do. Cased telescoping ammo doesn’t have a taper so it’ll feed much more reliably from a quad stack than will bottlenecked cartridges.

    Unfortunately, the program will probably get cancelled so the Air Force can have another few F-35s or something they’ll never use for their intended purpose.

  • Jim J

    Sid, no Marines will not be stocking up on 40 round PMags. More negatives then benefits unless they can keep the length the same as a 30 rounder.

  • Andy from West Haven

    @Sid, the 60 round mags are no longer than a 40 round AR mags and possibly even shorter. I agree on the 100 round mag. It’s stupid. The 60 round mag requires no special position to fire it.

  • What we really need is the Massoud. Seriously. Hope they’re focusing more on THAT.

    • guest

      The Magpul Massada was sold off to Remington Arms and Bushmaster Arms (operate under the same corporate umbrella). Remington has a model entered in the Army’s Individual Carbine Competition. Bushmaster makes the civilian version (although I wish Remington did)

  • charles222

    I’d like the Massoud to come out if for no other reason than the man it’s named for is virtually unknown in the US, despite being a steadfast ally of ours until his murder by AQ.

  • charles222


    I’d personally go with the 40-rounder just for simplicity’s sake. The innards of the Magpul quad look pretty complicated and I wouldn’t particularly enjoy having to strip and clean it, whereas the PMAG 40 just looks to be a slightly longer 30-round magazine. Not to mention that it’ll be lighter; these guys who hang a bipod and fifteen billion other things on their rails don’t seem to realize that they’re shaving milliseconds off their response times. Sixty rounds of ammo is almost two pounds, and that is ALOT to be hanging on your rifle.

  • Sid

    Guys, it was my udnerstanding that the Surefire magazines would not work with the IAR. Is that correct?

  • charles222

    If the Surefire magazines are compliant with STANAG standards, then yes, they should. However, the 30-round Pmag is not.

  • Nater

    As far as I know, they should work. They’re the same as the GI 30 round magazines as far as the rifle is concerned.