Good news: Magpul PMAG 40 is NOT Dead

    I was wrong. Despite appearances, Magpul still plan to bring to PMAG 40 to market. Magpul founder Richard Fitzpatrick commented on my previous post saying …

    The PMag 40 is NOT Dead!

    It has been delayed due to us concentrating other magazine related projects. That said we are committed to bringing it to market in the future.

    It does not appear in the 2011 Catalog because we tried only to feature items that were actually for sale. We even explain this on page two in the intro under he banner “Now Shipping”. Even then the MOE + and MS3 had to be delayed.

    The Quad stack mag was only ever published in a patent application as required by law. It is an unannounced product and we are not discussing it at this time.

    Trust me, we really love releasing products but only when they are up to the standards we set for Magpul. you should see releases pick up before the end of the year however.

    Steve Johnson

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