More MP7 in Afganistan

After I posted a photo of a German Soldier’s MP7 taken Afghanistan, readers emailed in more photos of the MP7 in Afghanistan. The first shows an MP7 being used by a Viking Norwegian IEDD/EOD specialist. The MP7′s very low recoil, high rate of fire and penetration make it the ideal weapon for a IED specialist, much better than the Beretta M9 we saw used in the Hurt Locker movie. The second photo is of two Bundeswehr soldiers in Afghanistan. The solider on the right is carrying the standard H&K G36.

Norwegian IEDD/EOD specialist.
Bundeswehr soldier in Afganistan

[ Many thanks to Mathias, Mike & Kjetil for emailing me the photos. ]

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  • armed_partisan

    H&K MP-7: When a pellet gun isn’t enough, and a .22LR is too much.

    • Sam Suggs

      stfu its got seriouse enegy its still unproven but give it a fair shake

  • KalashniKEV

    That Norwegian guy is the most bad ass and kitted up chai boy I’ve ever seen…

  • Jeff

    Any idea what’s strapped to his wrist? it ALMOST looks like an iphone w/ apps but clearly isnt

  • SwissFreek

    Man, every time I see a German soldier I think to myself “I wish we could grow beards like that.” Awesome.

  • Jim

    That’s funny, I never realized that the MP7 uses something other than 9mm. Is the MP7 the only weapon in common use that takes this ammo? Do these guys have to provide their own ammo?

  • Zach

    Look how much more badass those guys with their beards, esp the one with the MP7…interesting that they’re allowed to have them when our troops aren’t.

    As for the MP7, is anyone really confident in that little 4.6mm round?

  • Gir6543

    they prolly played call of duty

  • subase

    Lighter, cheaper and more accessory friendly than a MP5. Why not?

  • Alex Vostox

    Kat Bigelow, here’s your material for Hurt Locker 2! (Screw Spilberg and his blue people tribe).

    BTW, who make those bomb suit? I’ve never seen other brand/type than the same suit from Afghanistan to iRaq to Hurt Locker..

  • cju

    Wouldn’t the guy in the 2nd pic be better off with a G36C or something?

  • ThomasD

    Any ‘in the know’ care to explain the actual function of the EOD guy’s chamber pot?

  • Alex

    Nobody using P90 ?

  • Komrad

    It’s sized more like an Uzi or a compact smg than a pistol, I guess that’s what it was trying to do.
    I just wish someone would import a semi-auto version or maybe make a shell for the 10/22 charger pistol or something.

  • Lance

    For bomb tech the MP-7s smaller size to the older MP-5 is more suited. Are these 9mm NATO or 4.8mm weapons?

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    Hey, Guys!

    I think in Future you will see much more Photo´s of German Soldiers with MP7. The MP7 will replace the MP2 (Uzi) in the arsenals of the Bundeswehr. As far as i know, some Uzi´s are still in use in Afghanistan. The last soldiers using the MP2 are those from the Feldjaeger (Military Police). In 2012 the last Uzi´s will leave Afghanistan and be destroyed here in Germany (Yes, our Army destroys most of the old Guns!).

    Regards from Germany,

  • Burst

    The bottom line, to me:
    The MP7 makes an effective sidearm for defensive combat. It isn’t a rifle, but it can go anywhere. One of the side lessons of Fort Hood is that saturation is plenty lethal, in a pinch.

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    @Jim: The MP7 is afaik the only Gun with this caliber.
    @cju: Maybe this Soldier has a G36, too. But when, then only in the long (standart) Version. The G36C isn´t in use from the (normal) Bundeswehr. It is only used by KSK (Kommando SpezialKraefte / SpecialForces)

    The normal German Soldier can´t choose, which weapon he gets: For normal it´s a P8 and a G36. If the soldier is driving a car (MP or Medic) he gets a MP7 as third weapons. For Close-Combat-Defense the Driver has a G36k


  • Lance


    No No thats so sad no G-1s or early G-3s all scraped you need to save them. Briton made same mistake and scrapped there L1A1s and when they needed a DMR in Afghanistain they had hardly any apart from a few the SAS had left and had to buy LWRC AR-10s. So save your G-3s you may need them.

    • Sam Suggs

      I would go therussioan way and just save all weapons in an undergrounnd strage area just in case you want to moblize the whole population against some unforseen invasion

  • armed_partisan

    I would be super-PISSED if they took away my Uzi and gave me a full auto pellet gun. I’d take a beater-ass Uzi over a plastic pop-gun any day. “It shoots through body armor! Hey! You never know! You might actually see a terrorist who’s wearing some at some point!” They don’t wear uniforms, and they don’t wear shoes, but I’m sure they’ll be wearing body armor.

    • AndyR

      Well, I haven’t heard much on how effective it is at putting someone down, but I can say for certain, that unless you are in a contact under 50 yards away, the MP7 will out perform any pistol calibre carbine. It will accurately drop targets at 100 meters+, and will even hit at 200m. Whether they stay down is another story.

      The 4.6mm is apparently designed to penetrate soft armour, yet tumble upon hitting a soft mass, creating a much lager cavitation -dumping its kinetic energy. The high velocity round is less likely to over penetrate than a 125grain JSP 9x19mm round.

      In most cases it will out perform an UZI, or even an MP5 – but its no assault rifle!

      • Sam Suggs

        we will see im sure it will get is day in the sun as the german military and armed forces stuck their nato necks out for it over the p90

  • Johan

    The “chamber pot” is an afghan pressure boiler i think, they are sometimes used to make ied’s. As for the “iphone” I know that our swedish EOD guys have some kinde of tablet with info on minefields and different kind of mines, explosives etc…maybe something similair?

  • Buster Charlie

    I wonder if they’re even given ammo?

    I’ve heard too many stories about European armies not issuing their soldiers ammo…

    Real help there.

    • Michael

      Like the National Guard at airports after 9/11.

  • charles222

    Britain bought the LMT AR-10, not the LWRC, actually.

    Anyway. A PDW is an ideal arm for a soldier whose primary job is blowing things up.

  • Maverick Moore

    Did they say the mp7 had high penetration?

  • Beaumont

    Any info on the combat performance of the 4.6 round?

  • David

    I’ve seen Royal Marines with beards too. My understanding is that they’re allowed when deployed in Afghanistan as a part of winning hearts and minds. In Afghanistan a man without a beard is considered a boy and not given much respect. So for an Afghan, speaking to a man with a beard is better than speaking to a man with a chin shaved blue.

    Odd cartridge for a cool gun. You’d think the TP9 by B&T would be a better option. It’s roughly the same size as the MP7. If you’re close enough to use the MP7, you’re close enough to use 9mm, which I think would be better.

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    @ Lance:

    The G1 (FN FAL) weren´t shreddered completely. A lot of them have been sold.
    And our G3 weren´t shreddered, too: Many of those rifles are sold or “tuned-up” to DMR´s.


  • Sid


    These is a PDW, not a pellet gun or a battle rifle. It fires a 4.6 x 30mm. For those of you dissing, the bullet penetrates body armor. The 9mm round at its best loading does not.

    For a PDW, it makes sense. It is not for long range shooting. It is a Personal Defense Weapon. For drivers and EOD workers and medics and others who would be weighted down by a full size battle rifle, it is a good weapon.

  • Kjetil

    @ Buster Charlie
    Are you serious?
    Of course they are given ammo when they are in Afghanistan. Anything other would have been suicide.
    Or did you mean while serving back in Europe?

  • Lance

    Thank goodness Germany isn as Liberal Crazy as the UK is.

  • Lance

    You dont need armorpericing power for combat in afghanistain you need better kock down power which 9mm is better than 4.6mm.

    • Andyr

      If they are shooting at you with a 7.62mm short from an AK at 200 – 300 meters – alll the knock down power of that 9mm wont mean a thing as you’d be better off mailing the enemy your rounds.

  • 6677

    Apparently british marines still have a few SLR’s left lying around. SAS apparently use Slr’s or AR15’s more than the L85

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    Yeah, thank god, that we are not so crazy like the UK (but we are close^^)

  • Lance

    The L1A1 is a better weapon than the L-85 anyway.

    • Michael

      L1A1 or SLR/FAL are great for infantry on an open battle field, but for Cities and house clearing a Bullpup in 5.56 is better. Most of the worlds population live in cities which is where future wars will be fought, not at 600 yards in Afhanstan (hopefully).
      A new L1A1 rifle would be more accurate at longer ranges than a 5.56, but the L85 replaced worn out L1A1 in British Army use.

  • charles222

    If by “better” you mean “inaccurate, unwieldy, and heavy”, then sure the L1A1 is better. You need to appreciate the primary battlefield that rendered the L1A1 obsolete and ushered in the L85: Northern Ireland, a battlefield where a 7.62mm battle rifle was completely inappropriate. Overpenetration became a PIRA propaganda tool; when your rounds are blasting completely through the bad guys and going on to hit the women, children, and various other random civilians nearby, you’re giving moral victories to the enemy. The L85 was a preview for the overwhelming popularity of the M4A1 in Iraq; short, lightweight, and equipped with magnified optics to allow for precision fire when there’s always going to be civilians nearby.

  • Cahal Mcgirr

    The tactical firearms unit of the Gardai, the Irish police force use the MP7. Two reasons were given for the change from the Uzi. More accurate at longer range and increasing numbers of criminals using body armour that defeated the 9mm.

  • Norway – Lucky7

    4.6×30 is more versatile and powerfull than many would believe.
    Imagine a copperhead steel core bullet at Vo 725m/s it penetrate a NATO bulletproof west easily at 200meter.
    It’s definetly a light natural born killer, check it out at a range and compare the effect of the bullets penetration vs G36, AK47 and this newborn beuty.
    Light weight, easy to carry and a shocking penetration together with the MP7 and a efficient skilled man to operate I choose the MP7 any day.
    Firearms always evolve, for it’s use the 4.6×30 is the most efficient multi purpose ammo available on the market.
    Straight thru a NATO vest at 200meter at 300m it will go thru chest armor plate 17layers Kevlar – 5.6mm’s arent up to par.

  • Norway – Lucky7

    I forgotten to mention that a 9mm is incomparable to 4.6×30 ammo..

    I chose a 45ACP over 9mm in CQB.

    MP7 and 4.6×30 is propably going to change the weapon scenery future.
    The 4.6×30 has already with its armor piercing capability.

  • x ni

    I prefer the p90 and 5.7

  • Michael

    Tactical chamber pot, but no rails.

  • bigwhiteyeti

    Having an AP PDW is great, but none of the Taleban actually wear body armour do they?

    • It’s so you can shoot through two of them at the same time.

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  • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

    may I remind all of you of the russian overpressure 9mm armor piercing rounds they have developed.