Snipers Inc. : Nat Geo Documentary About the Barretts

National Geographic is airing a documentary about the Barretts on Monday, June 27. From the press release …

National Geographic Television announced this week that Barrett and its founder, Ronnie Barrett, along with son and daughter, Chris and Angela Barrett, will be showcased in a one-hour documentary on Monday, June 27th at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

Ronnie Barrett said, “Our story has been shown before on national television, but either as something specific to the firearms industry or a political stance that we’ve taken on behalf of Second Amendment rights. This documentary by National Geographic explains how our family business functions on a day-to-day basis and how Chris, Angela and I interact with our employees to produce quality products while planning for future growth.”

The trailer is embedded after the jump … (more…)

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Darn it, I thought it was going to be like American Chopper with the Barretts screaming at each other and throwing rifles around the work shop every 5 seconds. 😉

    On the one hand it’s great when the media shows a positive representation of firearms, but on the other hand, this looks like a dull piece of advertorial with absolutely no incite into the competitive (and sometimes murky) world of gun manufacture and distribution.

    So – guns woo! 30 minute commercial – boo!

    (I’ll still watch it though)

  • Roadkill

    Aw, hell. He’s showing them the j-frames first… Breda will not be pleased.

  • PT

    The lady in the video goes to Barrett’s store and asks for a gun for protection….

    “the .38 special J-frame is best for you, and its pink!”

  • Nadnerbus

    All I know is I like the guy. When Governor Douchenegger signed the ban on .50 cal in the Golden State, Barret wrote an open letter to the state of California explaining why he would no longer sell or service his products to the government or police agencies of the state. That is principle, and it was beautiful to see.

  • Nadnerbus, I remember that letter as well as the underhanded testimony the LA sheriffs department gave at that hearing. The Barrett family standing up to CA cost them money, but I too applauded them for doing the right thing.

  • Mike

    I do not recommend the new J frames myself for personal protection. I can shoot them fine but I have big hands and 30 years experience shooting. New shooters hurt themselves trying to control it and either put it away or with the right advice find a more suitable weapon.

  • J

    Any idea if the show/commercial will be replayed? 🙁

  • Kevin

    I, being born and raised in a handgun-phobic (from a legal standpoint) state, and relocating to Central TN 8 years ago could not be happier for and can not support the Barrett family enough for its political views, business practices and furnishing our military with the best (and most cost effective for what they are designed for) rifles on the planet.
    I am proud to call Ronnie a neighbor.

  • david

    I would love to be able to own one but if they were a little cheaper i would.this is my dream gun.