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  • Joseph Dragunov

    Forgot the M107A1

  • SpudGun

    The prototype looks like it was built by Tony Stark to escape an Afghan cave. 😉

  • cc19

    They should release a limited run on the originals for an anniversary model; 50 cal folk might be interested.

    Also, making the M82A2 bazooka style one available for civilian purchase would be nice as well.

  • Lance

    Aww they best sniper rifle ever!

    • Nater

      It’s not a sniper rifle, it’s an anti-materiel rifle.

  • zincorium

    Wonder how the muzzle brake change from the original model to now has affected recoil and accuracy, or if it was just a cost-saving idea.

    • actually the large planes and angled ports of the later design worked better then the harmonica style and yes, they cost less to produce…win-win

  • Hryan

    Looks like it’s from Robocop.

    • Justin

      it was

  • valorius

    I wonder if barret will make a version as compact as possible, so that can be issued as standard to TALOS power armor suit equipped spec ops troops. 🙂