Less Lethal .500 S&W AR-15 and 20 gauge revolver

Canadian firm Lamperd Less Lethal Inc. manufactures AR-15 rifles chambered in a less lethal load of the .500 S&W called the Less Lethal WASP 500.

The new “shortie” 12″ barreled carbine.
The standard 16″ barreled model.

Magazines are available in a variety of capacities ranging from five rounds right up to 40 rounds.

.50 Less Lethal WASP 500 demonstration with .500 S&W revolver.

The company also manufactures the Defender, a less-lethal five shot revolver chambered in 20 gauge. It can be seen below being fired by a Chinese official who visited the Lamperd factory last week.

People’s Republic of China Ministry of Public Security test the 20 gauge Defender revolver.

Taurus are going to have to up their game.

Steve Johnson

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  • steve

    Well that seems, underpowered. You may as well shoot a paintball gun at them!! The guy was barely bothered!!!

  • seeker_two

    I thought I saw the revolver being used on the CBS series FLASHPOINT last week….thought it was some fictional Holly-weird contrivance…..who knew?…..

  • Greetings from Texas,
    With Canada’s gun laws, could this handgun be sold there? My understanding is collectors who have handguns can’t even shoot them. Perhaps I’m mistaken on this.

    • David/Sharpie

      You are very mistaken.

  • Nater

    I’d actually buy a .500 S&W upper for an AR, assuming it and it’s magazines functioned well. Unfortunately, you’d need a $200 tax stamp and registration to get a short one, which would be the most effective for a defensive gun. .500 S&W is slightly more abundant than .50 Beowulf. The latter also has magazine considerations since CProducts recently was bought out and I’m not aware of anyone who makes .50 Beowulf magazines other than them.

  • User

    Less lethal = good way to end up dead. Plan on controlling a riot in your home? Well, okay then–otherwise you’re screwed. Finally, of all guns, a S&W .500? You might as well wrap your car in bubble wrap and run the invader over if you want to get straight up ridiculous.

    Also that’s an interesting looking revolver in the second picture, are they bringing the Thunder Five back into production? Looks similar with a few changes.

  • Cam

    And the sad part about this is, despite being Canadian, the laws prevent us from being able to carry the Defender for self defence.

  • Roy

    They’re noting — positively! — that the less-lethal 50cal rounds are visually very similar to the full-power 50cal rounds.

    This strikes me as an insanely bad idea. What am I missing?

  • gunslinger

    if memory serves, didn’t taser try to develop a 12ga shell version of their product? and if i recall, there was a bit of outcry about the possibility of using the same shell for lethal and less lethal rounds.

    it seems the same is here. so yeah.. i can see it now… stop, *shoots*…um.. that wasn’t a less lethal round… um…

    now while i’m all for less lethal rounds, (yes they sometimes cause death) i would hope there’s a way to “separate” them from regular lead rounds.

  • kl505

    So you’re going to do a demo where you’re going to shoot at a live person and you’ve got a handful of normal .500 rds. and a handful of your less lethal rds. laying in two little piles right next to each other in the top of your gun case. You are a F-ing idiot of biblical proportions.

  • Jim

    They’re just asking for deaths caused by confusion of weapons.

  • Dom

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the rubber 500 round doesnt do nearly enough?

    I can totally see someone who is hell bent on bodily damage keep walking despite getting lit up by that rubber round.

  • Lance

    I like the revolver but a 20 ga slug must rip your hands in two in recoil.

  • snufferoo

    Any idea if those uppers are going to be imported to the US? It’d make one hell of a hog gun. :evilgrin:

  • Doug

    Wow, that looked completely useless against a guinnea pig just waiting for the shot. Just imagine trying to put down an armed, determined assailant with those rounds. You’d better have some live ammo in the last chambers to preserve your own life.

  • jdun1911

    Less lethal rounds are suppose to be use on people that’s not trying to kill you or you have a lot of friends to back you up.

    You do not use less lethal rounds on people that wants to kill you.

  • ctr

    If it doesn’t incapacitate… what is the point? To piss someone off?

  • Nathaniel

    I am confused as to why they would brag about the less-lethal ammo looking exactly like normal ammunition.

    Less-lethal products that use actual firearms just seem like a bad idea in general to me.

  • Nathaniel

    Also, having now watched the end of the video, that does not look like an effective man-stopper at all.

  • ManWithNotEnoughGuns

    Can they still fire regular 500S&W or 12Ga. Because I would have to buy one or two. Seriously 500S&W in a small carbine, AWESOME or a 12Ga. revolver SUPER AWESOME

  • drewogatory

    “.500 S&W is slightly more abundant than .50 Beowulf. The latter also has magazine considerations since CProducts recently was bought out and I’m not aware of anyone who makes .50 Beowulf magazines other than them.”

    Beowulf is dead cheap to shoot if you reload. Bulk bullets in 1k lots from Ranier, 5 or 10 boxes of factory ammo for break in/brass/load selection, a tub of Lil Gun and you’re set for a long long time. Keep your OAL reasonable and it will feed from any GI mag. Brass lasts forever and isn’t expensive anyway. I think I started with 1k 335 grain HP’s and 1k 405 gr. solids and 300 pieces of brass and haven’t had to buy any ammo since and it’s been years.

  • I’d like one of those ARs in .500, but I’m not going to use the “rubber bullet”. Good GOD, what a hog gun!

  • jdun1911


    None are good man stopper.

    The holy grail for less lethal weapon is the phaser from Star Trek. That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  • Kent J

    I doubt they expect you to use rubber bullets for home defense. It might be an unfortunate sentence structure in that its a 20 ga gun that can be loaded with less lethal rounds and happens to be called the Defender.

    As far as usefulness of the 500 rubber bullets, it’s not supposed to incapacitate. Nothing you can shoot without falling down yourself is going to knock somebody on their ass. What do you expect from a weapon that is designed not to penetrate? Police have uses for rubber bullets that a civilian would never need.

    Imagine a protest getting a little out of control where police are trying to hold a line. Things are just starting to get rowdy and somebody starts throwing rocks or some such. The police don’t want to get close to the crowd and risk their safety but they’re not looking to kill anybody. A couple of those rounds in your torso is going to take the fight out of a person, especially if they aren’t prepared for it, they’d probly have to stop and check to see if they’d really been shot. And can be used at ranges where a taser doesn’t reach.

    Like jdun said, it’s not intended to be used on somebody who’s trying to kill you.

  • tommy2rs

    Less lethal? why even bother? In the words of the master….

    If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

  • Cam

    @ Arthur B, who didn’t get his question answered so far as I can tell:

    You’re allowed to shoot handguns in Canada with a certain permit, however, to carry one, which would be the main purpose of a less than lethal pistol, is verboten in Canada. You can’t carry a firearm in Canada, period.

  • Theodoric

    Considering there isn’t much in the way of effective yet not-too-lethal mid-range (classical rubber bullets not being that up to date), it’s certainly interesting.

  • MibZ

    It would stop me, a 140lb College Student. But it wouldn’t stop the 6’6″ 230lb mugger I saw swipe two phones in one run last month. He’d be rubbing the bruise later, but he’d just stumble and keep running.

    How about a longer ranged taser instead?

  • subase

    These bullets look so weak they might be more useful round for some semi-realistic CQB training, ala airsoft and simmunition. Sure would get the heart pumping.

    These rounds truly seem to be less lethal, sort of underpowered rubber bullets. I wonder what range and accuracy they have. Shooting people with rubber bullets isn’t so dangerous.

    • William

      Just remember less lethal doesn’t always mean non lethal