The Guns of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Kotaku has leaked details and images of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video. This year a few guns that have not yet available to the public are featured in the game.

Kel-Tec KSG in game.

The Kel-Tec KSG shotgun, which was only revealed to the public in January, is featured in the game. This 12 gauge shotgun has two magazines, which should make it interesting to use in game. Once one magazine has been emptied, the operator needs to switch a lever to use the other magazine.

Kel-Tec KSG in real life. (C) Oleg Volk

In Modern Warfare 2, the Bushmaster ACR was featured, this year the military version, the Remington ACR gets it video game debut. In real life, there are no significant differences between the Bushmaster and Remington versions, other than the Remington ACR is capable of full-auto fire.

Remington ACR in real life.

The other not-yet-for-sale Remington to make it into CD:MW3 is the Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System (Remington RSASS).

This is a .308 Win / 7.62x51mm NATO chambered semi-automatic rifle based on the AR-10 design. Note the Butler Creek scope caps ๐Ÿ™‚

Remington RSASS in real life.

The Walther P99 is featured in the game …

The H&K M320, the US Army’s new single shot grenade launcher, is featured …

Unlike the older M203, which slides opens, the M320 swings open to the side allowing the operator to use a wider variety of ammunition. Sadly, the Call of Duty designers did not include the fancy laser range finding grenade sight adopted by the Army.

The M320 in real life (in a holster!)

The vaporware Magpul FMG (Magpul Folding Machine Gun) is also featured …

Magpul FMG in game.

The Magpul FMG is a hybrid Glock, using many Glock parts internally and Glock magazines. Sadly, Magpul has never gotten round to launching this gun. It is likely to remain vaporware forever. The design was based on the Ares FMG.

The Magpul FMG unfolded (in real life).

This year Modern Warfare is going fully tacticool. The AK-47 has been pimped out with M4 / AR-15 accessories …

Laughably, the Winchester Model 1887 shotgun (in pistol configuration) has been given sling attachments, synthetic furniture and fiber optic ghost sights …

Anyone who has ever used a Model 1887 would not be advocating this big and heavy gun for tactical use, let alone as a pistol! Model 1887 copies continue to be manufactured by Italian firm Chiappa Firearms and China’s Norinco and are popular with some Cowboy Action shooters.

The Striker revolver shotgun and AA12 automatic shotgun, no strangers to computer games, are also in MW3 …

The striker gets a nifty picatinny rail.

A new game mechanic is dual scopes. The M4 IW5 (Not sure what IW5 means IW5 refers to the game engine: Infinity Ward engine 5, thanks LondoTheLost for the tip) can use a EOTech holographic scope in conjunction with a EOTech magnifier. Presumably you can flip the magnifier to the side to just use the red dot in close combat …

M4 IW5
M4 IW5

What do you think of this years Modern Warfare gun lineup? Sound off in the comments below.

[ Many thanks to ST for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • LandoTheLost

    The IW5 refers to the game engine. Infinity Ward engine 5. The previous game was filled with objects labeled IW4.

  • justin

    wish they would drop all the shotguns or at least not make it so it can’t kills you from a block away like in mw2 and black ops. i would like to see a Thompson in the game or some other old guns from other games like in World at War. I see lots of older guns on the news being use in conflicts so it would be nice to see them in the game

  • Spencer

    Now there will be more people on firearm videos talking about some video game guns, and how they fare in games rather than actual performance in the field. Love the KSG BTW.

  • David

    Look at all that branding on the firearm models… ๐Ÿ™

  • The particular Remington ACR version that is featured in these photos IS different from the Bushmaster version. First off the receiver is a magnesium alloy one that features a removable AR-15 grip, unlike the bushmaster’s polymer receiver. The forward rail system is also only found on the Remington version. Lastly the charging handle looks like it has been lowered and set at an angle so you can use it without hitting your hands on a PEQ-15 that’s been mounted to the top rail. These are all details found on the real Remington version ACR.

    • charles, the Remington ACR standard receiver is aluminium (7000 Series aluminum receiver). The lower is polymer and does not have a detachable A2 grip. Remington has said that they can produce alternative uppers and lowers if required.

  • TZH

    I never enjoyed how they depicted shotguns in this game. especially the truly broken lever action shotgun + double-weilding debackle. (its a game, fine)

    been playing since modern warfare 1 and it was radically different from each time. awesome game, but the tacticool effects are the main draw plus the fantastic graphics. the whole gameplay VS realism thing is the read debate here. so I figure they know what they’re doing with gun balance in the game itself.

  • Lance

    Im disappointed to see no real guns that are used now. Though I like the Kel tech shotgun. Most of the weapons except the M4 and the M320 are not even in anybody military use. The ACR is fine but no one uses it. I prefer Operation Flashpoint 1, 2 and now 2 1/2. they use modern weapons in service with SOCOM and the USMC and enemy PRC and Soviet weapons.

    The M-4 is NOT a current variant maybe the programmers want to show a M-4 that the army is currently working on. with new improvements.

  • 6677

    someone fire whoever modelled the AA12, the rail the magazine appears to slide again as it enters the magwell looks curved yet the magazine itself appears straight and almost looks like its clipping the geometry.

    Never liked the unrealism of call of duty. I highly doubt someone could take a scar-H battle rifle and empty a magazine full auto while remaining in control of the weapon fully. Plus most of the assault rifles in game where 5.56 in MW2 with similar barrels yet all of them had dramatically different damage and accuracy.

    They’d better bring the regular MP5 back rather than the MP5K.

  • MibZ

    Interesting….I like the line-up, but now a design I really like, the FMG, will become widely known and be immediately associated with another bland and unbalanced game.

  • iroquois pliskin


    talking about the remington acr alternative lower, did you jnow if magpul has designed this one ? because is have noticed some similarity on the front on this lower (the aluminium ones) and they(rare) ar15 lower…

    and also did you know if this lower can accept the full miad grip with the beavertail backstrap ? thanks for the answer.

  • Theodoric

    still random as f***, more based on what looks cool than anything else. Also, I’m pretty sure a few guys here predicted that the KSG would turn up in a videogame soon.

  • Mobious

    Yes! Finally the opportunity to stick on magnifiers with (possibly) FTS ability. Though guess the guys at IW are trying to become the Simpsons of shooter games and anything else in the industry by throwing in all of the latest and coolest. “MW had it! MW did it! They already did it so nobody can!” … great.

  • Nater

    Great, another Call of Duty game. Now we’ll have even more 13-year-old idiots flooding Youtube comment threads with their ridiculous opinions on firearms. I can’t wait. Not that I don’t like people getting into guns because of video games, movies and games sparked my interest in firearms. However, I didn’t have the internet with which to spread my idiocy. I thought if I joined the Marines, I would be issued an M41A pulse rifle… I was 10.

    I could care less about Call of Duty, the only good ones were the original and number four. Battlefield is the way to go. Call of Duty is like some Jerry Bruckheimer train wreck; those who have played these shooters since Doom treat it as a guilty pleasure, the masses love it, and it makes bundles of cash. Battlefield is more like The Hurt Locker. Yes, it’s not the most ultra real experience you could create, but it does offer some suspension of disbelief while being entertaining on a deeper level.

  • Kyle

    Why, Justin? Shotguns can actually kill people farther than a few feet from the muzzle in real life. Unlike in most games where, after about 4 feet, damage becomes nonexistent.

  • subase

    I think the number of sighting systems needs to be taken advantage of. Like maybe ones optic getting dirty and you switch to iron sights, and liberal use of that magnifier.

  • Cam

    This is Call of Duty. The KSG is going to have only a few shots and the dual-magazine feature is not going to be used.

    Firearms accuracy is not at all a high priority for IW. Just look at the FMG…it’s supposed to be a Glock in there.

    So why does it have FN trademarks?

  • Whoops, bit of typo in my post. I meant to say the lower is magnesium, not the whole receiver. You’re right the standard lower is polymer but look at the game screenshot you posted. You can clearly see a removable magpul MIAD grip on the gun. The trigger guard is also a different color of the rest of the lower. So clearly the version IW modeled was a magnesium lower version that is produced by Remington.

  • JC

    I wonder if they got remington’s permission to use their name, etc? The first few photos here look really realistic, but some of the other’s (M4, P99) look very video-gamey.

  • iMick

    I want that rail mount for the 1887!!!!!!! Does anyone know if that is a real product or digital teasing?

  • On a side note Infinity Ward spent a couple of days with the guys from Remington and Advanced Armament Corporation last year collecting sound and photo data on various guns and suppressors. Infinity Ward stated they wanted to be as realistic as possible with not only with the game models but with the sounds. They not only captured sounds of real suppressed guns but what every gun sounds like when you insert a mag, chamber a round, even what a firing pin falling on an empty chamber sounds like. After talking with the AAC guys (who are huge fans of their games) about the real affect suppressors have IW said it’s possible that in the next game that suppressors won’t affect the effective lethal distance as they currently do in game but maybe reduce reliability or rate of fire like they do in real life.

  • Woodroez

    How many ELITE OPERATORS use the rail-mounted scope base deal like the one rendered on that P99? I can’t recall seeing a setup like that outside of competition shooting…maybe ever.

    That is one handsome AK variant, too.

  • Falcon500

    Duel Scopes? Just plonging it out. And god, is that 1887 ugly. The damn thing was already out of place enough.

  • Sian

    So much for Kel-Tec being able to keep up with demand for the KSG. Now I’ll never be able to get one. =(

  • subase

    I think we can be pretty sure Kel Tec’s RFB will be making an appearance too. Watching shells falling out when you tilt your gun to the floor would be so cool.

  • Tom

    In my personal opinion the game to look for in November is Battlefield 3…

  • Pepper

    The only thing that shocked me was the Walther. Doesn’t the game have enough pistols? And I think i saw a REX in another screenshot leaked.

  • Tim

    I used to like the CoD series because there used to be a pretty nice focus on realism (or, you know, as realistic as a video game gets), but it’s gone SO downhill from MW2 (and before that, really) where the STORYLINE got far too ridiculous, but the fact that they included an AIRSOFT gun into his new one; I’ve definitely got my doubts.


    As an avid Gamer, I appreciate it when FPS’s do their best to accurately represent real life firearms in a game. However, other than the operation and looks of a firearm, nothing “real” ususally carries over from Real Life into video game land; IE: Mag capacity, range, Iron Sights, etc. These details are usually forsaken by games like the Call of Duty series in favor of modifying them for “Game Balance” purposes. Which makes me hope that even though the KSG has such an awsome mag capacity in reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it hold something like 4-8 rounds in the game.

    Still, I think that video games, and First Person Shooters in specific, actually go a long way to get more folks interested in firearms. Sure, there are plenty of 20 year old Internet Commandos who fancy themselves as “hardended operators” because they play COD, but for ever 1 of those there are at 3 folks that own and responsible enjoy firearms in real life. Just the other day, I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, and I heard a guy say “I don’t like the Saiga 12 because it is not a real AK-47 like the AK-97”. I tried very hard not to laugh and to be polite – let us not forget that everyone can be an expert on the internet! But interestingly enough, there were at least three other folks in that same game that I know were avid shooters.

    Didn’t mean to rant, but I just wanted to point out that while Video Games can sometimes bring unwanted attention to the firearms community, they also serve to expand our ranks with more and more quality folks each day.

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    I’m still waiting for a CoD game with a Krag Jรธrgensen

  • Phil

    I want the SIG 550 in the Game. No one ever bothers to use swiss Firearms in Videogames, it’s very, very annoying. They could even use the older Models, such as the SIG 510…..

  • pikid89

    i like the inclusion if the MP412 REX 357

  • SeanN

    I think david’s right; the interesting point here is all the product placement. In MW2 and most other games, you rarely see real labels (the “holographic sight” in both earlier MWs was clearly an eotech, that kind of thing) but it seems like manufacturers are finally embracing a killer marketing opportunity. Be interesting to see if that’s a trend that continues.

  • JC

    Also, I’m pretty sure Infinity Ward picks their weapons by doing a google images search for “cool guns” or something. I mean really – the 1887 and FMG?

  • charles222

    I like the lineup. Also, the Terminator would be totally down with an 1887. :p

    CoD4 had alot of Aliens references (particularly in the opening level where you storm the ship-listen to the dialogue); MW2 referenced Red Dawn alot. I’m assuming the sawed-off 1887 is a Terminator 2 nod.

  • cc19

    And thus, my Youtube searches for real deal footage will continue to be dwarfed by results concerning footage of this franchise. Inevitable, really.

  • Anton

    Well, it’s not like the game is gonna be realistic. Might as well make the guns look gewd. For real combat realism you’ll need to look for something else that’s for sure.

  • Ramos1129

    So Glad to see Kel-Tec in the game now. I hope to also see their RFB Bullpup Carbine .308 rifle. It is sexier than the shotgun they have featured here.

  • SpudGun

    Ha! I predicted that video game code was being re-written on the original KSG article. And what do you know, I was right (for a change).

    Such is the power of the COD:MW series, they can call the firearms by their proper names – no AR-47s, AK-MP5s or Magnum Eagles here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the big manufacturers gave a lot of ‘support’ to Infinity Ward in exchange for the free advertising.

  • Rijoenpial

    Well, I disliked the use of the Bushmaster ACR as SpecOps gear, when that gun was still vaporware by the time the game was launched and remained so until 2010!

    Now, they are using another weapon that is not being used by ANYONE in the military: The Remington ACR!

    The Remington Sniper diddo! The other ‘exotic’ weapons like the Hk416, the SCAR mk17, that are really being used by SpecOps, not a whiff!

    And if the weapons in-game performance in MW2 was not unreal enough, we used weapons that are just marketing ploys, like the ACR! How much impact on sales did its presence in MW2 had? I am sure a LOT!

    I think the best, most realistic game, weapons-wise was MOH, and my sole regret was that the mk17 was nowhere to be found! I mean, the KAC M110 was there, why not the Mk17?!

    I hope this MW3 list is incomplete! If not, at least the dual optics is a great addition! Hopefully, the game is good fun and varied!


  • Griffin

    It will fun to play a game with a similar scope setup to mine. I am really happy with my eotech 557.g23fts.

    It’s too bad they are clearly not using 557 with ballistic drops – realistic implementation of thatvwould be pretty awesome.

  • SleepyDave

    Lets hope they actually make the magnifier work like it does in real life. Having played MW2 quite a few times, I can say with confidence that I really wish it wasn’t down to choosing between the ACOG and the EOTech in the middle of a match. The ability to go back and forth on the magnifier would be nice for the longer shots on the M16A4.

  • KP

    That RSASS model is wrong. Looks like they took an AK receiver cover and stuck it onto an AR. The RSASS lower receiver looks basically identical to an AR lower.

  • Vak

    “What do you think of this years Modern Warfare gun lineup?”

    Honestly ? It sucks.

    Ridiculous 1887 aside, it feels like they picked all the most gimicky “future weapons” gizmos and vaporware that was never and most likely will never be used by any military on this planet, decked them with as much cheap rails as possible and called it a day.

  • Mountainbear

    MW1 was aim-bots galore. MW2 wasn’t much different and I doubt MW3 will bring anything new. MW1 was also the last CoD game I touched. Played it through once, did some multiplayer, but never touched it again. Too much railroading in singleplayer, boring storyline (no really, the Russian was the evil guy? Seriously? Wow! Surprise! Not), and the multiplayer modes were hardly new or innovative. Had some fun on sniper-only maps. Lots of crawling and waiting in those.

    Sure, the models look great, but… Well, see, remember Crysis? Oh yeah, all the kids were crazed by how pretty it was (and still is), but I found the game horrible. Storyline? Totally not new, Gordon Freeman, back in Half-Life, beat up aliens with a crowbar, he didn’t need special forces for that. The suit? Beefed up hazard suit from Half-Life. Railroading? Massive. Yeah, it was pretty, but that was it. Crysis 2 looks just as pretty, but they seem to have changed the singleplayer mode to allow different approaches to reach your goal, I like that. Haven’t tried it yet, too busy with Shogun 2 (which might be the first game in many years for me to try modding again.)

    I’m expecting MW3 to be very pretty, but it won’t bring anything new. I wonder if the guns will finally have the right sounds.

  • Piers

    Does this mean that firearms websites will be taking a closer look at firearms in other videos games? This seems to be having the effect of two different crowds taking an interest in each others interests.

    It’s too bad the other article here, about how video game developers treat firearms (that article had a video developer creating fictional firearms) wasn’t linked to this one.

  • Overload in CO

    The P99 seems a strange choice. Isn’t it also branded as a S&W model? Not new, not cutting edge.

  • Maverick Moore

    I’m just afraid of the Call of Duty effect this rains upon the world of adolescents.

  • I will not give in…I will not give in…I will not give in…

    Looks to be a neat selection of guns so far, but I’ll bet ten bucks that we aren’t going to see many more than those. I’ll put another twenty down that Infinity Ward isn’t going to bother using anything other than an M203 for the grenade launcher attachment in multiplayer.

  • j

    Kids who play video games are not mature enough to handle real firearms!
    I hate this!

  • Matt

    I’m just looking forward to playing it.

    And I don’t mind the branding at all. I’d prefer that they brand everything. I’d like to be able to pick eotech or aimpoint instead of just “red dot”‘or “holographic sight”. And I love the dual glass capability.

  • Deacon

    I wonder what pre-play phase this is… the guns look awful.

  • SiggyDizzle

    THANK GOD.. I was a big fan of MW1 and 2. Still play them a few times a week. The single player games were very well done too. Happy to see Infinity Ward back in the mix. Their previous titles are the BEST FPS hands down. Conversly, Treyarch’s “Black Ops” was horrid. Spray and pray is the name of the game, the graphics are terrible and it has a very “cartoony” feel to the mechanics of the game. Treyarch did great with World at War. It’s a shame that such an innovative story line was wasted with “Black Ops”. Maybe IW will do BO II? One can hope.

    One thing that I would like to see in MWIII. More customization. Height, weight, face, gear, weapon mods and so on.

  • Nadnerbus

    To back up Charles, the aditional pictures of the Rem ACR from the site you linked seem to back up his point. It does have the standard AR pistol grip, not the ACR fixed grip, as well as the canted charging handle.

    Infinity Ward should get together with James Cameron on a project. They all seem to be of the same mind, in creating totally fleshed out and detailed worlds in which to set their stories. And like Cameron, their stories are often pretty ridiculous, but you don’t care because the ride is so fun. You don’t have to be a fan of First Person Shooters to look at some of those weapon screen shots and be amazed at the level of detail and care given to them. They really are works of art.

  • William C.

    What is wrong with that M4? Also what is with all of the carbines with 10 inch barrels?

    *Mumbles* Back in my day we had 10 lb weapons with 24 inch barrels and we liked it.

  • Matt Groom

    I never thought of a Winchester Model 1887 as a “tactical” weapon, but the lever action actually does make sense over a pump action for that purpose, because the length of the receiver, and thus, the OAL could be greatly reduced. Compared to say, a Serbu Super Shorty, you’d get a longer barrel, and thus more rounds in the tube, with the same OAL. It would be heavy, thought. It’s an easy action to load shells into as well, should you run out.

  • Shootinโ€™, typo fixed. thanks.

  • j

    Most kids I know should not touch firearms, even in a game.
    I was sitting at lunch and this kid was talking about a shotgun in Call of Duty, and he said that it had fewer pellets exiting the muzzle(he didn’t use those words) than a different shotgun because it was SMALLER. He has NO IDEA what he is talking about, and kids who think they know what guns are about make me angry. They would be the first ones to die in a real war, and they are simply not mature enough to know much about guns.

  • Sam

    It’s difficult to think of some of these guns in the mindset of a videogame maker. For example, removing the magnifier for CQB seems like an overly-complicated mechanic in a game series that has, for years, omitted selective fire for the sake of simplicity.
    Also, the rangefinder on the M320 would be a wonderful thing to add from the perspective of a weapons buff, but when grenade launchers were so heavily reviled by the people who played online, you realize that gamemakers have to make some sacrifices to make the game more enjoyable to play.

    I see a lot of guns returning from previous games. Although I weep bitter tears at the reappearance of the Barrett M82. Once again, players will be able to sprint around with a thirty-pound weapon and fire .50 BMG rounds from the hip at the maximum possible cyclic rate with no consequences.
    Perhaps a mechanic for ‘bone-shattering recoil?’ Still, it’s not half as bad as an M134 being fired at full-auto from the hip. Thank you, Black Ops.

  • d

    are they still going to sound like air guns instead of real guns?

  • jdun1911

    iroquois pliskin,

    About the ACR. I doubt Magpul has anymore input on the design.

    One of the Bushmaster rep on arfcom didn’t like all the blame placed on them for the failure of the ACR. He posted candidly that they had to fix a lot of stuff from the version that Magpul gave them. That’s was one of the reasons it got delay over and over again.

    IIRC the post was in response to the closing of the Bushmaster plant a while back.

  • jdun1911


    None. The rail mounted P99 picture is used for competitions.

    iroquois pliskin,

    Also the MIAD grip is not being made anymore. The MOE is now Magpul standard offering. If the ACR go with aluminum lower it should be able to used standard AR grip but not the backstrap (angle is different) from the looks of it. I might be wrong tho.

  • subase

    The Walther pistol is understandable due to pistols in the game being practically useless. Saying that I hope they have pistols with red dots on them like the FNP-45 Tactical or a Glock with a RMR sight on its slide. That would make the pistols more useful, especially if they are suppressed.

    As for guns in games. The key I think is not realism but somehow making each guns game mechanics markedly different. That’s the main problem with MW guns, they look very different but playwise aren’t really different at all. It’s for that reason I always picked up and used the FN FAL or G3 as my main rifle, it had the most distinct physics from the usual 5.56 peashooters. And for pete’s sake, the should allow a degree of customization in the battle load out before each level. It’s so lame that you are forced to start out with vanilla weapons each level. I want to carry a FAL, G3 or SCAR17H.

  • MibZ

    Call of Duty? Well done? Lol. MW1 had terrible design with the perk system because if you didn’t use Stopping Power you were just about always at a disadvantage unless you were sniping, and Juggernaut was just ridiculous.

    MW2 furthered all the awful things about the game (minus Juggernaut) and was laden with glitches, like infinite Care Packages and Javelin/”Semtex” suicide bombing.

    Black Ops actually probably came the closest to fixing some problems, but ALL “CoD” games are mostly spray and pray, if you try to deny that I doubt you’ve played them, because I’ve played MW1 & 2 online long enough to get to or almost to the highest rank (minus prestige, because it’s a stupid idea).

    I never played multiplayer for World at War, but I was bored and wanted a game to play through so I borrowed my friend’s copy and the Campaign was so ungodly terrible that I couldn’t even force myself to play through it. Countless times I had checkpoints where I was standing on top of three grenades and I was facepalming faaar too often at stupid things that happened. “HAY GUISE. THEY LOOK DED BUT THER ISN’T ANY BLOOD. *lightning* OH NOES IT R AN AMBUSH!” There wasn’t a single ambush that surprised me.

    Since I had nothing else to do I decided to watch my friend play and make fun of all the stupid crap that happened, like in the sniper mission when your “dying” sniper buddy gives you his rifle because he is “dying” but then later gets up and has no problem sprinting and crawling through burning buildings. Oh, and then there was that whole thing where he never had a sniper rifle again. “I’m a sniper, but here you go, you can be the sniper now. I think close quarters would be more fun, training can go to hell.”

    Of course I had to try the Zombies mode that everyone and their grandmother was raving about, so I gave it a shot. I had so little fun I didn’t even play a second round. I gave it a second chance in Black Ops and played a whopping grand total of 5 matches, but it still didn’t give me enough fun to hold my attention. And the whole thing with playing as world leaders got old before the intro was even done.

  • MibZ

    And J, you have quite the stubborn viewpoint. I’ve seen my fair share of gamers who know nothing about guns, my fair share of shooters who know nothing about games, my fair share of gamers who know nothing about games, and my fair share of shooters who know nothing about guns!

    To say that ANY gamer is unfit to use a firearm is like saying anyone who plays sports is unfit to use a library because they might treat a book like a football and hurl it through someone’s head.

    I own firearms, I’ve used firearms, I’m safe with firearms, and I know more than your average person does about them, and at the same time I own games, I play games, and I program games. Stop lumping everyone with the idiotic children.

  • MibZ

    I apologize for posting three times in a row, but as a game designer I’d like to point out that being able to remove a magnifier would NOT be an overly complicated game mechanic. Call of Duty already allows people to toggle using their grenade launcher with Dpad left and Killstreaks with Dpad right, why not allow them to toggle optics with Dpad down?

  • I loved Call of Duty. With it’s original creators gone though, and Activision milking it for money, I won’t be wasting money on anything else the franchise will have to offer, as it will simply be riding the success of an actual quality product. I also have to say that they should be ashamed of themselves. If they are going to sell a game based on it’s realism, then they should have the equipment in the game function realistically. I hate having to explain to people that just because some firearm appeared in Super Weapons, or Modern Warfare, that it isn’t inherently a better firearm system than anything else out there. I also don’t like people thinking that a firearms performance in a video-game is an example of how it behaves in real life.

  • Lance

    @Van the Handcannon Man

    Yeah Call of Duty: Spanish Aerican war edition. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish they make a Korean war first person shooter we got enough WW2, Iraq war, Vietnam War, and even Cold War FPS games we should get Korea as well. There isnt even WW1 gamese that are FPS though red baron was a good flight sim.

  • Lance

    @Van the Handcannon Man

    Call of Duty: Spanish American War editition. sorry

  • Bob Z Moose

    Oh God, not the 1887! Guess I’m playing Black Ops multiplayer…

  • Nater

    Crysis was railroaded? Have you even played it? That’s one of the most non-linear shooters I’ve played from a standpoint of how you kill your enemies. You can do basically anything you want. Crysis 2 is a far more linear game. You’re literally on rails, there is no deviation. Crysis 2 is fun, but it’s not half the game the first one was. People who didn’t like Crysis, at least the vast majority of them, didn’t understand/couldn’t use the suit. It was really the first new gameplay mechanic in FPS games in years.

    The HEV in Half Life was simply a stand-in for armor pickups that have been around since Doom.

  • Burton

    I feel like everyone needs to calm down a little bit. These are just the guns that have been leaked, not all the guns that are in the game. There very well may be Mk 17, HK416, etc..

    In regards to all the comments re: realism, that is a very relative term in a video game. Obviously no one can run around with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, firing it from the shoulder. But no one would use it in the game if it performed like real life. Almost all of the maps in the COD franchise occur in CQB distances for the most part. So, in order to increase the fun factor, the makers sacrifice some realism.

    I don’t know many people that want to play a game where you have muscle fatigue/non-combat injuries/cramps/pulled muscles, terrible accuracy because your arms are exhausted, inability to sprint much, or all of the other myriad of factors that happen in real life.

    As other commenters have stated, everything must be balanced. When things aren’t balanced, everyone will only use that one weapon because it’s not very much fun to get slaughtered over and over again because you wanted to be different.

  • Sian

    @6677 The AA12 mag rail is flared at the bottom. I can see how that might look curved at a glance.

  • William C.

    While some of these are interesting weapons (that I wouldn’t mind owning) I can’t say I expect too much out of MW3’s portrayal of them. None of the weapons even have selective fire capability, they dumped that for “simplicity” back in the early days of the CoD series.

    I tried some MW2 online and there were people sprinting around in ghillie suits with a Model 1887 shotgun in each hand. While these models look nice, I would rather see a true tactical shooter with these weapons.

  • crisara722

    this thing is crap, the same selection of exotic guns with all that tacticool stuff over them… BATTLEFIELD 3 is the game im waiting for in november

  • Khorre

    My opinion of the weapon list?
    Good, impressive, if they are done like should be in real life, I would like it a lot. However, I have high doubts about that, so I’ll most likely be disappointed with the performance of the guns.

  • joe

    Honestly, who cares, another worthless video game with unrealistic weapons geared for teenagers who sit on their fanny day in and day out.

  • charles222

    @ realism gripes when it comes to Modern Warfare: The second game’s plotline was that an American General deliberately conducted a terrorist attack on Russia in order to bait Russia into an invasion of the United States.

    In other news, this series isn’t much for realism about anything. :p

  • Charles is right,
    check out:

    I did talk to IW a lot about the real effects of suppressors, trying to get rid of the stupid range reduction, even in exchange for a slight speed penalty due to the extra weight… Don’t know what’ll make it into the game other than all the sounds we recorded.

  • Bryan S

    That magpul gun is being made…. as an airsoft gun. is fun too, unfortunately they made it so without extensive modification, you cannot use it on a real firearm (which would be done with the correct SBR paperwork and tax stamp)

  • Neal

    J, knowledge of firearms, does not a survivor make. Some of the LEAST knowledgeable people regarding firearms, that I know, are veterans. It’s because of the limited variation of their exposure. For example, my cousin is a marine, a 2 tour Afghanistan vet, and still tried to tell me that Glocks are only made in 9mm.

    Granted, children aren’t much better. But, while relishing in my skill at Black Ops, I respond to the just plain strange beliefs they spread about guns over Live. Explaining why the damage system is just plain dumb, and that there are genuine benefits to full size battle rifles like that m14 and FAL, and that full-auto ain’t always the way to go can really turn someone’s view upside down and get them to actually research what they’re playing with. It ain’t always kids playing either.

    And hey, my 12 year old sibling LOVES FPS’s and shooting Grandpa’s three screw Super Single Six. Is this not a real gun? Or are my parents HORRIBLE people for introducing her to our sport? This is the impression you’re giving.

    Why don’t you gently correct him, instead of complaining about it on the internet?

  • Rob

    I secretly like the COD games but I really do wish they would come with a disclaimer. Something like
    “WARNING: The representation of various firearms in this game are not intended to be factual”

  • Jusuchin

    j and other people:

    As part of this crowd and an interested person who intends to own one day. (As soonas out of the house from parents), do realize it is a game.

    But I do concede what you’re trying to say. Games like the MW series gives a very bad example of what guns are used and whatnot, and just become common fodder to use in both the anti-gun and anti-video game groups. But what can we do? Many people nowadays are completely oblivious to guns except for what they see in movies and games.

    How about railing on how “They would be the first ones to die in a real war, and they are simply not mature enough to know much about guns”, instead of writing these people off, go and educate? That’s the best we can do. We can have our fun and all, but there will be the sobering reminder that it is a game and not real life.

    Besides, if we, the responsible community, do not educate them, then the Brady Campaign will. “Fun, but educate.”

    And I think I ranted.

  • jdun1911


    Children are children. Some do have knowledge about how guns works and how to shoot them at a very young age. However, many don’t. This also applied to adults.

    To be honest knowledge of guns like everything else is not age(most of the time) and education dependent. There are many intelligent people that have no idea what they are talking about outside their field.


    Russian invading the USA? Even at the height of Soviet power they could not pull it off. They would not be able to control the sea. They did not have the ability to supplied any forces that might have reached American’s soil. With that said they might gone the easy rout vai Alaska. The window for that would be narrow and very hard but way better than trying to invade from the Pacific Ocean.


    Yes parents should teach their kids about guns and guns safety. It is the best to prevent tragedy. Parents also needs to teach their kids the difference between reality and fantasy.

  • Lance

    @Subase What about a M-14 EBR or M-110?? Got to buy American.

    They need more real guns in use now than the hloywood cool guns no one really uses. P99 anyone.

    For hand guns you need a Colt Python or M-1911 or M-29 S&W. Get real hand guns.

  • Nadnerbus

    For the people that dislike the lack of realism in the handling of in-game weapons, I ask this: How fun would it be to play a game where all the 5.56 assault rifles behaved essentially the same, the M14 and FAL were essentially identical in effect, etc? What would be the point in even picking one over the other? Reliability can’t really be modeled, and recoil would be about the only thing that would vary from gun to gun, even then only slightly. Boring.

    I think IW did a great job of balancing realism (mostly in looks), with fun game play. Each weapon has in-game characteristics that make them a little different and interesting to use and master. I still play MW2 online, and can’t wait for this one to come out.

  • Jusuchin

    “Kids who play video games are not mature enough to handle real firearms!
    I hate this!”

    Funny, I just got done playing Day of Defeat: Source this afternoon and Borderlands after dinner (first playthrough, graduation present from a friend).

    j, seeing as I skipped through most of the comments and yours stuck out, I’d like to say that’s highly generalizing and leaves people like me (avid gamers, had experience with firearms through Boy Scouts and Army ROTC, as well as any serviceman or woman under the age of 20, or gamers with shooting backgrounds) in a kind of limbo. We’re either responsible owners or shooters (we are, and can distinguish between game and real life) or kids who are not mature enough because we play video games.

  • subase

    Seems IW is learning since the weapons will appear even more distinct given that they now sound different when operated.

    I did use the M14 EBR and M110 SASS but with those you are forced to use a zoomed in scope. Can’t use them as a general purpose rifle throughout the game. The G3 and FAL with it’s metal sights allowed you to do that, as did the SCAR Heavy but for some weird reason didn’t act like a .308.

    That’s what the weapons need. Increased customization. You should even be allowed to paint them.

  • iroquois pliskin


    if i ask this question is the fact that magpul said on arfcom (in 2009) that they “participating” in the “design decisions” as well as producing the major component’s… i just wanted to know if they designed this “famous” lower… because at the time(2009) of they post on arfcom the lower was not showed…

    the link of the magpul post on the other member’s) : ( the post from “magpul” on the 6 post below) ( the post by dr.drake [from magpul]) ( the post of “Thrasymachus”)

  • SleepyDave

    Someone put forward the thought that the mechanics for the dual scope would be awkward, but actually it could be very easy. Equip the magnifier as Special Equipment.

    If you haven’t played MW2, you can equipment certain equipment (frags, semtex, C4, claymore, etc), alongside either Flash, Stun, or Smoke Grenades. If you used the Equipment slot for the Magnifier (which I could totally see doing, since its quicker to kill someone with the rifle than a grenade), just hold the left trigger to ADS (Aim Down Sights), tap the left bumper to activate the 3x mag, tap it again to flip it to the side, or let go of the left trigger to leave it on but not ADS.

    Yes, I’m a geek. I enjoy the game in my off time, but the mechanic could work. I’d honestly be surprised if they haven’t already decided to do that. It seems like a logical idea. Oh, and while we’re having good ideas, can we please just shitbin the M1887? Seriously, it was a stupid idea.

  • charles222

    Jdun: Exactly. Expecting realism about anything in this game is ridiculous. I mean, successfully completing one of the levels involves driving a jeep on a C-130 (no mean task with keyboard and mouse steering, let me tell you :p)

  • charles222

    Also-compared to previous modern shooters, CoD4 definitely set the bar way higher than, say, Battlefield 2 did, where you had to reload your M16 with the charging handle, the SAW could dump like 70 rounds into an opponent with absolutely no effect, and the medic ran around with electroencardiogram paddles as a melee weapon.

  • jdun1911


    Damage wise it is the same in regards to same barrel length and round used. However there are difference like accuracy, recoil, and manual of arms.

  • Zander

    I was watching a video on MW3 & it showed the M1887. I thought there was something on the back of the action so I went full screen & it said “Hasta La Vista” on it. GO TERMINATOR!

  • Brandon

    Nice models, but multiplayer damage tables will still be unrealistic.

  • Rusty

    It seems to me that people are just spewing about this game. Yes, I enjoy the MW series for the game that it is. A GAME. It bugs me that people are complaining about any realism in the games. I wasn’t aware of a video game controller that is capable of recreating the recoil of any firearm. What about sound level? They sound similar, but if you want realism, Blast your surround sound system until the decibels match. So all you people crying about realism, chill out because its just a video game made for entertainment.

    Battlefield 3 folks, we MW gamers appreciate that you keep coming to look up info about MW3. Only to spew about how much a crappy sellout franchise it is. Yet, you keep coming to MW forums. Lol. For the folks that complain that they put guns in the game that weren’t released until far after the game came out talking about futuristic guns, keep in mind that COD4 took place in 2011. So these guns (MW2+MW3) are being “used” by operators in 2016.

    If anyone actually spent as much time playing the game than they did critiquing it would know that the 1887 was used by opposition forces and since it was featured in the campaign that they included it in the multiplayer. So people, play the game that you love and keep it at that. Don’t hate on other games because you don’t like them. All it does is show that you discovered a game that you don’t enjoy and basically want to waste your time letting the world know that you’re a crybaby.

  • MibZ


    This isn’t a MW forum…this is The Firearm Blog. There are always trolls on forums.

    I spoke my mind on the series as a game designer because the topic came up, not everyone who has a different opinion is a trolling tryhard.

  • Lance

    @ Willam C

    Operation Flashpoint 1, 2, and soon 3.

  • matt

    I grew up with nintendo and atari 2600. I am not worried about realism! If people want realism then guns need to jam, overheat and the like. COD games are fun and addictive. I would like to see an ak-74, an ak-47 with a drum mag and some sig pistols. Landmines would be cool and the ac-130 should make a return, its ridiculous but so much fun.

  • MXXN

    Good to see they FINALLY ave a Troy Industries sight that is mounted correctly instead of backwards like all their other games. (ACR Pic) Only took them 3 games to get that right

  • Rijoenpial

    For once, I will agree with Lance… MW1 and 2 and presumably 3 are arcade First-person shooters with an episodic feel to it! If you want realistic war simulators, Operation Flashpoint, OP: Dragon Rising and OP: Red River and ArmA 1 and 2 are the best! Just be ready to configure a thousand controls before you can even start those games, especially ArmA!

    My beef with OP and ArmA is that the controls are too stif, and if they could make them as intuitive as COD, the game would flow so much better!

    I like the in-between, Medal of Honor 2010! Not ridiculously arcade as Modern Warfare, but a lot more accessible than OP and ArmA!

    That is my take, anyways!

    So, to me, both games have their pluses: MW is fluid, fast, great gun anims, even fi at the expense of realistic ballistics and recoil, and an episodic feel to it! I can’t wait to see what happens to Soap and Cptain Price! OP and ArmA are very realistic and once you get into the dynamics of it (you get hit, you either get wounded or you die! No ridiculous ‘waiting=health regained’ there!) it is a quite industrious and addictive game! You have to walk in game literally for miles, like we used to do with the Delta Force franchise! I miss those days!

    And MOH is COD but with more realism in the mechanics and in the feel altogether… I was sad they traded the Talibans for the Chechnyans, but it is still a great game!


  • Troy

    W00T!! they are finally adding the P99!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AnointedSword

    I would buy the Magpul FMG-9 yesterday!

  • charles222

    Yeah, I like the addition of the P99-James Bond rocked one in Casino Royale, after all.

  • Rusty

    @Mibz Yes I realize that this is a Firearm forum, but when you start talking about a video game the thread isn’t really directed to a discussion of anything that can be physically handled i.e. it’s a video game. It kinda becomes an extension of any MW3 forum. Google and this pops up. And ignorant remarks of trolling….everybody is a troll from the start, so that means your a troll just as well. Albeit a more experienced one. The term for tryhard is only applied by those that hate. Sorry, I didn’t know your opinion was gold and angels sing when you type on a keyboard. I’m merely annoyed of people stating which games are better, which is equivalent of someone forcing their religion on others.

  • jknot

    Can’t wait. Kel-Tec shotgun will be awesome. As the H&K M320 & Magpul industries FMG. Even though i hate noobtubers, it will be a kick ass game no doubt.

  • Justin P.

    I would have liked to have seen the M27 IAR and the ARES Defense Shrike. Instead of the same AK it would be cool to see an AMD-65 or Vz 58. I wish Call of Duty developers would revamp the sound design. Being both a shooting enthusiast as well as enjoying video games like Call of Duty the sound effects are just too lame for me. I would like a rifle being shot in a building to sound different than being shot in a field.

  • SKSlover

    if they would put an SKS in it, i’d be as happy as possible.

  • i like the guns twice as beast as black ops but im not gonna get i till november 8

  • McNutty

    So there is only one pistol? Or did I miss something.

  • Nick

    Damn it is so ridiculous that they want and/or are putting the 1887 in the MODERN warfare game. That and even that hand held grenade launcher is stupid, it’s just a replacement for that crappy thumper. What needs to be done is to have a myriad of firearms, many assault rifles, light machine guns, sub machine guns, and please for the love of god have more sniper rifles. Also that perk from cod4 where you could have two primary weapons

  • Eric

    i love the m4 i hope theres more guns and drop some shotguns a little too many other than that the game looks great and cant wait for it to come out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rocky

    There is an automatic shotgun that is used in gun competitions it looks like an m16 and it looks a lot better than the aa 12 you should check into it please

  • Nater

    The Adkal? That thing definitely doesn’t have the pedigree of the Atchisson shotgun. It’s also very cheaply made, so cheap that it has a plastic front sight post that likes to come loose under sustained fire. The carry handle is plastic as well.

    I don’t know what you could mean by ‘looks a lot better’ other than you prefer the actual aesthetic of the Adkal shotgun more. I don’t really care what a weapon looks like, function is definitely more important than form. If both are the same, sure I’ll go with the better looking one. So far, I’ve never been in that situation.

    As far as box magazine fed, semi- or fully-automatic shotguns go; there is the Saiga and the AA-12. That’s the end of the story*.

    *I really don’t know enough about the USAS to comment. The SPAS-15 isn’t made anymore as far as I know.

  • will

    i want the colt 1911 because it has good stoping power (.45) and 9mm sucks. one more thing cod xbow in sep. they might say more about the gun then sorry for bad spilling if there is some ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Billy

    Do they have conversion kits for the ACR in MW3? Lol. Hopefully it isn’t underpowered like MW2.

  • the big d

    i wish they would bring back the g363c or watever its called and have colored thermal like in socom or fix so that if its snowy then dont let that be hot and bring back the UMP45

  • isnt the acr (adaptive combat rifle) made by bushmaster to

  • Emily

    Do u see that before?
    After E3 Game Conference one men steal the show version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III:
    I donโ€™ belive this can happen!

  • What, they add the Kel-Tec KSG but not the Kel-Tec RFB? I would have loved to see them add this bullpup .308 into the mix as well. Of course the MagPul is cool, but like the AA12 no one will ever be able to have one in real life….sucks as it’d be fun to own these in real life. I do have a AK-47 bullpup, which from modern warfare standards would have been an excellent addition as well, especially for close quarters combat.

    Oh well…only three months till the release!

  • Nothing

    The mw3 engine is actually IW4 so we don’t know what IW5 means

  • Max

    call of duty releases are rather funny. each time there’s a slew of kids who suddenly think they know how firearms work. Personally, I’m sorry that kel-tec got sucked in. I’ll stick to red orchestra.

  • Ken

    I wish the game will have more H&K weapons. Especially the HK416. Since it is one of the popular weapons nowadays..

  • caleb

    what IW really needs to work on is how the guns hit. half the time you spray someone and never get a hit! or you shoot dead at them, you get one hit then the rest do not register. i hate that shit. quickscoping is okay but when hard scoping, half the time, you miss but you still get the hit.

  • cool kid

    wrer’s the m4a1?????????

  • boshka

    $20 says 30% of you think automatic guns need batteries.

    • Nater

      Well, that depends on the accessories mounted on them. If they have lights, lasers, a non-Trijicon optic, or a night sight mounted on them, they’d need batteries to an extent.

  • Brendan B

    There is an m4a1 i think there is an m14 but the most important thing to know is they have upgraded there handgun selection and sniper selection. And noobtubing has been made so much harder know because it takes more than one to kill and it isnt the first attachment. And no HEARTBEAT SENSOR.

    • Nick M

      Hahah. there is a heartbeat sensor!

  • matt

    the game is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello!
    Did anyone see vector in mw3? Last week, my hriend said he saw a delta force with vector in game. Can we find vector in the game?

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  • MW3

    Also pretty disappointed to see no real guns were use. However, MW3 is a fun game nonetheless. ๐Ÿ˜›