40mm M320 grenade launcher will be replace M203 next year

    The Army Times reports that the H&K developed M320 will being replacing the M203 in February next year.

    The Army plans to begin fielding the first of 71,600 new replacement launchers in February for a cost of about $3,500 each, Audette said. Fielding of the M320 will likely be completed by 2015, Audette said.


    Each M320 will come with a laser range finder and a sophisticated sight that even lets soldiers know if they aren’t holding the launcher right.

    M320 with stock and laser range finder sighting system.

    The unit weights 3.57 – 3.89 lbs depending on what rifle it is being mounted on.The stock pictured above adds an extra lb bringing the weight up to 4.8 lbs.

    Benefits over the M230 are:

    – The barrel swings out allowing larger rounds than the M203. Useful for less than lethal rounds.

    – Laser range finder and new electronic sight system which also indicates if the launcher is being held incorrectly.

    – Double action trigger

    M320 mounted under M4.

    Steve Johnson

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