Turning a Staple Gun into a Real Gun

YouTube user GatheringSticks turned a stapler and some pipes into a functional 12 gauge shotgun.

I am not sure if I would rather be behind or in front of that trigger 🙂 But seriously, the gun looks safe. Using a stapler gun as a combination trigger and striker is a clever idea.

Remember, always check local laws before attempting to build a gun.

[Hat Tip: Everyday, No Day Off]

Steve Johnson

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  • John Connor

    This is officially cooler than the KSG

  • Komrad

    looks cool, I would probably put a smaller but larger diameter pipe around the breach area outside the actual barrel

    maybe a beefier lock too

    very cool

  • Up next, “Common Sense Staple Gun Control”, followed by “One Staple Gun a Month” laws, and of course a ban on Staple Guns that can hold more than 10 staples.

  • asianMike

    wow, somebody’s been playing too much Fallout or Metro 2033. Still, pretty neat but one thing that I want to know, is this thing legal to own?

  • Brad


    I imagine that most States in the U.S. would ban that shotgun as an illegal zip gun. I know that is the case in California.

    In fact the law is so extreme in California that I believe the anti-zip gun law even covers typical hair-spray fueled spud-guns. Though not the air cannon version of spud-guns. Go figure.

  • Chase

    Another example of how unsavory folk can get hold of firearms for the purpose of committing crimes, such as murder, regardless of the legislature’s efforts to prevent them from doing so. (Major congratulations to GatheringSticks though, assuming he didn’t use it to do anything bad.)

  • Sebastian

    Gun control – still not working.

  • Brian

    Listening to this guy, it is pretty obvious that he is one of our cousins to the north. Just goes to show you that, even with repressive laws like Canada’s, people will find a way.

    • Nic

      I never post on any website, but dude, I’m a Canadian and a gun owner and our laws aren’t ‘repressive.’ Just because we don’t have to same laws as you doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. And it’s not obvious that’s he’s from the north. When someone needs a gun, and can’t get one illegally, they aren’t gonna fucking make one – ANYWHERE. Illegal guns are too cheap and too easily available (this ain’t some goddamn after school special either man if you catch my drift). It just doesn’t make sense. 99.9999999999% of people viewing this article out of curiosity and not out of the need to get a firearm like no tomorrow. The few who do make it, are ALL going to be gun enthusiast who already have firearms of their own. Or, of course, really, really stupid children (< ~20).

      The only real cases of homemade guns being made and used are in wartime when weapons can't be shipped. And rebels with no time to prepare or who have no capital.

      …Although you gun _nuts_ are gonna get pissy at this – I'm am extremely happy with Canada's gun laws. While I can't own any goddamn weapon I want, I can have a lot of fun with my rifles and shotguns. Just because you can't own a pistol, have extended mags and other 'toys' doesn't mean it's repressive – hey, I almost see it as progressive. Don't get your guy's panties in a bunch!

      Just an interesting factoid, almost everyone I know (and most of my friends are gun owners – hunting community) thinks of America as weird and almost scary because you guys are so goddamn obsessed with firearms. It's entrenched into your culture to the point it's creepy, and everyone outside of 'murica thinks it's crazy as hell, even most of the gun owners. The amount of gun murders (per capita) in your country is fucked UP, and my country has a higher amount of gun ownership per capita!! How is that possible?

      Hey though, good news for you! You'll never EVER ban the crazy ass weapons you guys have down there because your country has such a hard on for gunpowder. And even if you are able to ban the ridiculous magazine/drum sizes, the automatic shotguns, the grenade launchers, the tanks (yes, at least one state lets you own an operable tank), etc. – you'll never ban the good ol' assault rifle or anything you guys REALLY like.

      tl;dr – Americas culture of guns and violence is a little scary to anyone outside of the USA, even most gun owners. Just sayin'.

      **Only respond if you have a big ego and want up-votes or the equivalent to make yourself feel better. Cause I certainly ain't coming back to this website, let alone responding to you.

      • abowden

        It’s more common than you might think, there’s an incentive and guns are not hard to make. The illegal homemades you hear about are usually made by criminal types, for profit.


        Those are three separate incidents by the way, all from my country. I could get a lot more if I were to go beyond, but you get the picture. I recommend being more cordial, unless you just coming on to express rage and but hurt, that’s okay too I guess.