National Firearms Museum launches ‘100 Years of the Model 1911’

The National Firearms Museum has created a new exhibit celebrating the 1911.

NRA Blog reports

Gunsite’s display not only features the finest pieces from the Museum’s collection, but also guns from the Military Pistol Trials of 1901 through 1911 as well as pistols from notable individuals such as past NRA President Joe Foss (Medal of Honor recipient, Governor of South Dakota, Commissioner of the American Football League) and Admiral Willis Lee (winner of five Olympic gold medals and recipient of the Navy Cross.)

The National Firearms Museum is excited to display so many historically significant M1911 pistols side-by-side; including the serial number 4 Colt which was assembled in December of that year. That pistol and more will be on display for all to view once the exhibit returns to Fairfax, Virgina next week. But it won’t stop there. After fielding several requests, 100 Years of the Model 1911 is also scheduled to travel to Camp Perry over the summer and to the Colt Collectors Association Annual Meeting in Kansas City this September.

Glock fans: your time will come, eventually, in about 70 years. Just hang in there!

Steve Johnson

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