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  • Matt Groom

    The market’s heating up!

  • TDC

    What, that’s all! Who? where, Details Man, Details!
    You have our undivided attention now!

  • Will

    I do not like the tiny Garand/M14/M16 style sights on it. It needs nice big ghost rings.

  • jamieb

    Who will produce it? Will it be produced by license? What will msrp be?

    I am giddy with anticipation for this beast

  • Graham

    woah, I didn’t see that coming. I wonder how much that’ll run for?

  • Hank

    Yeah buddy!

    Great time to be an American shooter.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Who really didn’t see this one coming.

  • jdun1911

    Jim the Realtor favorite phase “price fix everything”. Translation: How much?

  • Gerald

    Oh god yesssss!!!!

  • Gerald

    It is too early for an April fool’s joke right?
    You wouldn’t be that cruel would you?
    Because that would just be mean.
    And utterly uncalled for.

  • gunslinger

    ya know, i’d really like to see how the shotgun actually cycles. mechanical geek…

  • For a lot of shotgunners, I think this comic speaks for how I feel about this:

    The only part of the design I’m concerned with is the dust cover and that it’s got a sharp angle which can snag skin or cloth. The last thing I want is more Glockbites from a different weapon.

  • Allen

    Any word on price? It is good to see a direct competitor to the keltec

  • btr

    Can the ejection be switched to the for ambi use?

  • Very good news. Any idea what the price will be on this shotgun?

  • fredthecat


    Any word on how much $$$?

  • kurgen99

    Looks like a lot more complicated moving parts than the KSG?

  • Andrew

    So they’ll be available for civilian purchase?

  • SKSlover

    @will looks like you can remove the sights if you want.

  • Lance

    How much?

  • tincan

    still leaning toward the KSG. this just looks way too “tactical” with all sorts of holes to let in dirt and levers to snag clothing. wiping down every one of those surfaces would be a pain.

    do like the round count indicator, though.

    any idea on price point?

  • jin

    which gun is this in this video…i want to know the international name of this gun

  • Ben

    This is very awesome news!

  • Steve, nobody deserves this scoop more than you, but I can’t find anything on this. Since you’re the press release could you give us details? In addition to the questions already asked: Did UTAS previously produce this elsewhere or is this its production debut?

    BTW, I sure hope that pistol grip can be swapped for my favorite AR-15 grip!

    • Federalist, this is not a press release, I discussed it with the producer. I know more than I am allowed to say at this time.

  • G-man

    okay just a guess that this beast weighs just as much as one…13 pounds or more probably…….and the price tag is probably going to cost me an arm and a leg…..but who cares! It’s awesome and I want one!!!!

  • Jimbo

    Read the specs it’s 7.2 lbs, probably unloaded. This will definitly be more expensive than the K-Tel KSG.

  • ALEX

    my dealer has 5 in stock at 1345.00. 200.00 extra if you want the flashlight/laser.

  • brad

    its made of a very cheap plastic though dont forget if it breaks that its gonna cost u alot just to replace some parts who knows u might have to replace the whole shotgun