Mossberg SA-20 Tactical

Mossberg has introduced a tactical home defense version of their 20 gauge chambered SA-20 semi-automatic shotgun.

The gun features a 20″ barrel, top picatinny rail, ghost ring rear sight and a tri-rail attached to the front for the magazine.

[ Many thanks to Chris for emailing me about the shotgun. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Looks promising… I wonder if a magazine extension would interfere with the front rail. That would be a great place for a flashlight, especially for a HD gun.

  • That’s definitely got my attention. Any more info on them yet? (pricing, threaded for chokes?)

  • Now that is a pretty sweet looking shotgun. I’d buy one for the pure pleasure of demolishing fruit all day long – never mind home defense.

  • Bill Lester

    This is very good news. For many years I didn’t give the 20 a second thought as a HD choice. Why go smaller than 12 for the most serious of uses? Right? Well that was until I chanced upon a guy at the range using 20 ga. Buck shells in a custom Remington 1100. The barrel had been cut to ~18″ and the rib had been re-soldered at the muzzle until it looked like a factory setup. The owner said he and his wife both used 1100’s for sporting purposes and thought it was a good idea to use the same gun for HD. Smart thinking I thought but what about the chambering? Once I shot a few against B-27 silhouettes there was no question. Recoil was significantly less compared to my 12 ga. 870, a gun that weighed a couple pounds more than this “little” 20 bore. Shot-to-shot times were very impressive. Ever since I’ve seriously thought about switching to a 20 ga. 870 for defensive purposes. I use one for hunting and Skeet, so I could even do away with the chance of the dreaded 20-12 mishap. The only downside would be the loss of two rounds in the SideSaddle. For some reason they only come in 4-rd. capacity in 20 gauge.

  • Peter

    I really like these new 20 GA. auto- loaders from Mossberg. My understanding is they are made in Turkey and at the present time; there are NO accessories/parts available. I would love to have at least three (3) more shot capacities in the tube.
    Is the 20GA auto shotgun a fairly new market?
    What about some American companies; machine & tool shop that mfg. for the 12 GA. markets?
    Anyone know?

  • Walt

    I purchased a tactical SA20 last month and out of the box the elevator, which brings a new shell to the chamber, was defective and would not load another round. I sent it to Mossberg and after waiting 5 weeks and several calls I was finally told they were waiting on parts from Turkey. Mosseburg finally sent me a new gun and it is great. I wanted a small shotgun to carry with me on the farm and it is perfect. It is light enough and compact to maneuver and can be shot one handed if needed. I decided to use a 20 after years with the 12 and like the change. Performance is great but you are a little more limited on choice of shells. If you are looking for a lower priced 20 this is a good choice.

    • Mike

      My SA-20 also came with a messed up elevator, bent sideways. I bent it into place but it still will randomly FTFeed as it pushes shells to the side. I want to send it in, hope I wont have to wait too long!

  • Tom

    I just got my SA-20 w/pistol grip a few weeks ago. I’d been thinking about a shotgun and specifically something that my wife could shoot. She doesn’t like 12 ga and she definitely doesn’t like my 45 ACP. She can control the 20 ga and as stated above…she’s destroyed some fruit!

    My shotgun has performed flawlessly out of the box and I’m shopping for accessories. I ordered a shell holder for the butt stock and I’m looking for a decent sling. A mag extension would be nice, but not something I’m dying to have. I’ll probably put a light on the front rail at some point.

    Also, I ordered it online at Midwest for $408 and with the FFL fee it ended up costing about $460. I thought it a pretty good deal.

  • Scott

    I purchased the SA-20 Tactical about 2 weeks ago and I have been extremely happy with it. I took it to the range yesterday and noticed it doesn’t like the low-brass/low-recoil loads. It would fire them, but they didn’t have enough power to cycle the bolt completely. So for now it is nothing but high-brass rounds. I am not sure if it just needs to be broke-in, but it definitely had no problems cycling the Winchester 2 3/4″ slugs. I sighted in the red-dot and at 25 yards the slugs were extremely accurate. I custom painted the stock & forearm desert tan and it came out looking great. It sucks they don’t make accessories for this platform yet, so I am stuck having to modify other firearm accessories (side-saddle and tube magazine extention) so they will fit. I’m always up for another gun project anyway. All in all, this is an excellent home defense firearm with a very reasonable price tag. If you get this shotgun, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Peter

    Regarding Scott’s comments on his SA-20.

    I have shot approx. 225 low-brass (2.75) loads and I did not experience a single hiccup. I did give it a complete cleaning and lube prior to shooting.
    On my next trip to the range, I will feed it slugs and see if I get more or less the same results that Scott got.
    I would like to learn how to add or modify a magazine tube ext.

    Until next time, be happy- keep shooting, and GOD BLESS US.

  • Tom (same one as above)

    I’d like to try slugs as well. I tried 2 3/4″ buck and 3″ buck. The gun didn’t like to load the 3″ shells, but it may be becasue it’s still relatively new. I’d like to know of any recomendations for optics to put up top.

  • Mike

    I took delivery of my SA-20 Tactical (non pistol grip) from my local gun store couple weeks ago. It has a pack date of 5//2/2011 and does not have the front tri-rail. I contacted Mossberg and they told me that they are no longer selling the tactical with the tri-rail on the magazine. Instead it comes with a standard button knob. Mossberg said that it was due to an ATF importing issue and that they are changing the specs on the website. I hope I wasn’t given the run around wish my shotgun wasn’t missing that feature. Mossberg is not going to sell the tri-rail as an accessory.

  • Ash

    Got mine today. Its supposed to have a 5+1 capacity… but has a factory Magazine plug. Opened the bolt in front… takes the tri-rail out but not the plug. Any suggestions?

  • Walt

    when you take the tri off there is a split washer retainer holding the spring in. Use a screw driver to gently pry it out. When you do the spring will shoot out and you can remove the plug, replace the spring and use a non metal item such as a rawhide mallet to tap the washer back in place. If you decide to hunt with the gun check your area for any restrictions on the number of rounds you are allowed,

  • Charlie_A

    Anyone know where I can get the tri-rail magazine cap?

  • Walt

    It is my understanding from Mossberg the tri-rail was deleted because of some import concerns from ATF and will not be available on future models.

  • Charlie_A

    Thanks! Interesting, in that the Mossberg website still shows one model (#75780) with this attached.

  • Scott

    Ok guys…a little update on my Mossberg SA-20 Tactical. I machined a couple of accessories for it. Where there’s a will…there’s a way. Check out the YouTube video I made reviewing the upgrades. I think you will like them. 🙂

    • Hey Scott, Would it be possible to list the Brownell’s part numbers for the mag extension and the follower. They have several of each listed, and I want to get the proper ones. Thanks for being a pioneer on these mods.

      BTW, have you considered modifying the fore-grip with some kind of a picatiney version? Also, how about an adjustable stock retro-fit? Do you have any suggestions on either?

    • Don Amabile

      Scott – great “modifier ” video…useful info for SA lovers! As far as after-market pre-made that fit (or can be adapted – as well ) is there any manufacturer or custom-stock maker that addresses this subject, that you are aware of? I need a thumbhole stock for my SA 20 – and although I love the pistol grips, they are a no-go for auto shotguns in Jersey. Any ideas?….thanks.

  • rich landon

    SA 20 Tactical is great! How do You change the Magazine spring? THe Spring cap and magazine follower do not come off. The magazine Spring really needs to be exchanged to maintaine spring strength. Help!

  • rich landon

    SA-20 tactical. If you want a magazine extention –Bug CHOATE manufacturer on Line —I did — they need to be pushed! The more the better. We all want the extention. CHOATE is the BEST Manufacture!

    • I contacted Choate last week and they said they are going to make the mag extension for the SA-20! They promised to email me when it is available.

      • rich landon

        Don Laut,
        Let us all known when Choate makes the SA-20 Extension.
        Thank-you for your head-up.

    • Don Laut

      Choate has the mag extensions available now! They are offering 2- different lengths. Contact them for more information.

  • My son uses his SA-20 for 3 gun competition, he is actually quite good with it, however, we want a mag extension. but the big question is, when speed reloading, he catches his thumb on the gate, it seems to have a sharp or pointy edge, if it were ground down a 1/4 to 1/2 inch back, does anyone think it would have an effect on the cycling of the gun. some thoughts before the dremel tool goes to work!

  • mikey g

    hey guys i was just wondering what the make and model of the sa 20 buttstock on the picture with the pistol grip underneath the non pistol grip picture i cannot find a stock that fits i have just the regular stock on my sa 20 tactical but i want a pistol grip butt stock preferably collpasible if anyone could reccomend one that will fit i bought the ati synthetic pistol grip stock for mossberg 500 it doesnt fit properly and required me modifying to make it work but i would rather have a pistol grip stock that actually fits to my shotgun than some jimmy rigged piece of shit any information would be great thanks guys

    • gary meyers

      Im looking for a field butt stock for my SA 20. Mine has a pistol grip and want a field stock instead. Purchase or trade? Please responed.

      • smithy

        I’d be interested in a trade

  • Don Laut

    Choate has the mag extensions available now! They are offering 2 – different lengths. Contact them for more information.

  • Don Amabile

    I’m the happy owner of a new SA 20 Mossberg shotgun and also a newbe when it comes to shotgun use. I’ve read many of the posts on the un- availability of accessories for it. I have the tactical version without pistol grip ( in Jersey we can’t have a semi-auto shotgun with one, but seems as though a thumbhole stock is OK ). I can’t find any of them ready made for my gun anywhere.Also looking for forearm rail for vertical grip and other items. Can anyone help out with an address’ / companies that
    offer these items – it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Don Amabile

    Forgot to check “followup comments via email” box.

  • Richard Landon

    Mossberg SA 20 tactical auto, 20″ barrel, Sept. 28, 2012
    Get 7 Shot ext., CHOATE, INC. on -line, adds two rounds, MAX. extention for 20″ barrel.
    Three adjustments need to made. 1. Remove magazine plug blocker, discard. 2. Remove magazine spring cap by carefully prying and picking apart–this takes time—it is slow work, after the spring is removed–the wall lof the spring cap is still in the upper extention tube—
    I used a fine hacksaw blade to weaken the plastic— I finally
    pulled the remains out. Finally!–You’r not done yet! Take a break—
    3. The magazine tube upper end inside flange —(you will feel it)— needs to be filed off using a 1/4 to 3/8 round file. Go slow— get it all–
    When you remove all the flange the original follower comes out.
    Clean the tube out. Install the new follower, spring and extention.
    The rest is easy.
    Be happy!!

    • BrianJ

      In reviewing NY and NJ laws regarding assault weapons, it seems that if you have the pistol grip on the SA20 (semiauto) you cannot add the mag extension. I am not a lawyer but can anyone find something that allows that combination?

      • Don Amabile

        Brian – as far as I know in Jersey, no pistol grips allowed for semi – auto shotguns – but OK for pump / slide actions. Five rounds only – for semi – auto shotguns ( four plus one ). I went through this some time during the summer being a “Jersey Joe” and buying my SA 20 tactical. Hope this might help – maybe others can offer more info.

    • Do you need to change the foreend or the screw-on cap over the magazine tube to install the extension?

  • I just picked up my Mossberg SA-20 Tactical yesterday here in Los Angeles County, CA. I called Mossberg and a few oher places. There are NO ACCESSORIES available from Mossberg on this shotgun. According to Mossberg, the gun has been around a few years now and no hope of getting any accessories from them. For starters, I just wanted to get a side saddle, sling and light acessories for the SA-20. A local gunsmith I called showed no interest to work on it. Any one had this problem or found any solutions recently?

  • ShootR’Die

    Hoping someone can help me with my issue. I have a Mossberg 500 12g that came with factory pistol grip. I see the allen head screw sticking out the end of handle, looks like I should be able to just bolt on a butt stock directly to existing handle. does anyone know where I can purchase the buttstock or do I have to buy the ones that already have the actual handle/grip?

  • Adam

    Can anyone provide an answer as to why Mossberg 20 gauge auto loading models don’t have the same safety positioning as the Mossberg 12 gauge auto loading models? Particularly to the 930, that has the positioning of the safety on the top of the stock, facilitating easy ability to switch off the safety. I love the ergonomics of this location and ease of turning the safety off. I’m disappointed the 20 gauges don’t have the same positioning. Anyone know why, or are there models I am unaware of that have this same positioning as the 930’s?
    Also, is it difficult to remove the elevated front sight from the tactical version of SA-20?