Trichy Assault Rifle

Ordnance Factory of Tiruchi (OFT) has developed a new 7.62x39mm assault rifle. From what can see, the Trichy Assault Rifle looks to be an improved version of India’s 5.56mm INSAS rifle.

Trichy (left)

Times of India reports

TIRUCHI: The Ordnance Factory of Tiruchi (OFT) has designed and developed an indigenous assault rifle matching the specifications of the AK47.

“When put into use by our armed forces and other security agencies, the rifle will be recognized as pride of India. It has been indigenously developed and has all the features of AK-47,” said A K Prabhakar, OFT general manager, in an interaction with reporters on the sidelines of OFT Day celebrations. OFT, one among 41 such factories in the country, was established 45 years ago on the outskirts of the city.

To mark the contribution of the Tiruchi factory in developing the rifle, officials have decided to christen it “Trichy Assault Rifle,” Prabhakar said. Field trials have been done for the 7.62mm caliber rifle with a range of 400 metres. “The rifle has been successfully tried by the Indian Army,” Prabhakar said. It features a foldable butt and boasts of night vision device besides telescopic day vision system.

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  • Matt Groom

    If you were gonna go through the trouble of developing and adopting an entirely new rifle design, why would you base it around a 68 year old cartridge design? Has nobody in India heard of a Ballistic Coefficient? I can’t believe that the Chinese have already adopted a rifle that’s better than what India will be getting in the next decade.

  • Victor

    The outer body looks completely like a FAL chambered in 7.62x39mm.

  • J.T.

    Looks like it takes a lot of inspiration from the FAL. $0.02

  • cottage cheese

    Well, it is’nt exactly an improved version of the INSAS by any means. It could be considered in theory a 7.62×39 equivalent of the Brazillian IMBEL MD-2. Instead of FAL parts as a base, the OFT clearly used components from the RFI SLR1A along with some FAL based components like the folding stock.

    Like Matt said what a waste of effort and resources.

  • zincorium

    Yay politics.

    This rifle is, technologically, at least 30 years behind the curve, and that’s being generous. But it was made in India, so I suppose it’s their patriotic duty to use it anyway.

    In any case, from what I’ve read, just about anything is better than the INSAS.

  • To be fair to the Indians, I think they have to consider the large stocks of 7.62×39 they have.

    On the design – it looks like a FN FAL (or FNC) and AK47 had a love child!

    I actually like it!

  • Milo

    Not sure anyone could actually “Improve” the turd Insas.

  • snmp

    Look Like FN CAL/IMBEL MD-97 in 7.62M43 with AK mag

    FN CAL=>
    IMBEL MD-97=>

  • Avery

    Indian Armed Forces just needs to give up and buy a license from someone. The INSAS is routinely derided as horrible compromise of a design-by-committee rifle. The INSAS (and the Trichy here) are rather inflexible and it’s adherence to the Kalashnikov ergonomics and 7.62x39mm cartridge make them poor equivalents to modern 21st century assault rifles. I know they’re sticklers for reliability (Op. Meghdoot’s insane coldness had even their Kalashnikovs freezing up) but reliability for the expense of accuracy is just as bad as accuracy for the sake of reliability. It’s all the same if the round malfunctions the gun or misses wide in the end.

    I hear Fabrique Nationale could use the money and the IA would probably love to be outfitted with SCARs or something.

  • Tierlieb

    “Why would you base it around a 68 year old cartridge design?” Several reasons:

    1. Logistics – you can gradually phase out the old rifles. Quite similar to the reason why the US is stuck with 5.56×45 and why all competing designs (6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC) tried to be as compatible as possible (same mags, same lower receiver…)

    2. Exports – if you want to sell a rifle to a different country, you make sure they can use up their old ammo. 7.62×39 is still one of the cheapest ammo choices there is, thanks to the former Soviet Union.

    3. It is not a bad bullet design for an assault rifle. Ballistic coefficient may not be good, but this is for India and not the US Army, which, all snide remarks aside, has an impressive marksmanship program(*) that other countries can rarely measure up to.

    4. It works very well in the AK system – you do not have to recalculate measurements. Let’s not fall for marketing lingo here: “Indigenously developed” probably means “locally produced” and not “developed from scratch”.

    (*) The appropriate snide remark would be: How else could the US deal with having a great, but prissy sporting rifle as military rifle?

  • mr_lorenco

    it looks more FAL based than AK based

  • flatdarkmars

    The lower receiver geometry looks more FAL-like to me.

  • greywolf

    more than a INSAS derivate it seems to be a FN FAL/Rifle 7.62mm 1A1 (as it was called in india) with a INSAS gas block and berall profile, adapted to fire the m43 cartidge…

  • SKSlover

    The AK is a prooven design, it’s probably going to be around for a very long time.

  • Lance

    Why not just adopt the AKM or AK-103 then. The INAS has many problems I heard.

  • anon

    The reason I think they’re sticking with the 7.62x39mm is because their small-arms ammo production facilities are probably very oriented around producing this round. Add to that the fact that it’s cheap to produce, it makes little for them economically and logistically to switch to another round.

    Also considering the probable training standards of the Indian military, I see little reason for them to switch to another round.

  • Juuso

    Here is article about problems with INSAS from 2009.

    Seems like this is the rifle what they wanted.

  • snmp

    Indian Ordnace Factory have allready AKM licence

    The FNC is an AK system

    The main problem of India that the number of small arms weapon system

    * FN FAL 1A1 (semi auto)
    * IMI Galil 7.62 Sniper
    * Heckler & Koch G3 & MSG-90

    * AKM (Russian, Bulgare, East German, Romanian…..)
    * A7 (AKM build by IOF )
    * AK103
    * VZ58

    * IMI Galil
    * AR15/M16/M4A1
    * IMI TAVOR TAR21 & Zittara (IOF licence)
    * INSAS

  • greywolf

    india is already producing the following cartidges for it’s armed forces:
    5,56 nato
    7,62 nato
    .303 british

    so i don’t think that it’s about changing to another round or production costs…

  • cottage cheese

    …and you can add 5.56×30 and 6.8mm by something that they are toying around with currently….

  • Graham

    Here we go! It’s Trichy to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time
    It’s Trichy!! It’s Trichy, Trichy, Trichy, Trichy…

  • jdun1911

    I understand why they went with the 7.62 x 39 and it was probably the right choice.

    I can’t speak for the India but I’m pretty sure it’s the same reason why every big military stay with their same cartridges they been using for decades. Logistics and ammo depot.

  • Lance


    you may be right mabie they can or should standerise IE FAL and AK for ther units and leave weak powerd 5.56mm alone.

  • coyote

    I thought guns were banned in India?

  • Sandeep

    I personally do not think this rifle would make into the Indian Army. But India do have millions of Para Military forces like CRPF, CISF, BSF, The railway protection force, Police force of each state, Commando force of each state police detailing with terrorism.

    So, there is a requirement of a assault rifle in millions which is better than Insas but which need not be state of art. This rifle would meet that requirement and save some foreign currency reserve which would other wise be spent to buy AK-47 varients from Romania or Poland.


    FNC furniture = good
    AK operating system = good
    crappy airsoft style rail mount = rubbish
    rubbish manufacturing processes = rubbish

    The AK was fine as it was, as was the FNC. Why did they have to blatantly copy the two designs with lower quality?

  • Rajan Sharma

    The butt stock and magzine desing needs improvment

  • mahankali

    Such jackasses, do we have a proper research center for small arms, even smaller countries like Singapore seem to be producing superior quality assault rifles and “we” struggle to copy correctly.

    My disconnects are the following:

    1. When we already have the license (i presume) to produce the AK ( we call it AK 7) why do we need to reinvent the wheel?
    2. The jokers doing the press release do not even answer this question, how is this rifle better than the existing one – i.e. AK 7?
    3. If Picatinny rail is a requirement why not provide a longer one on the rifle, isn’t there a risk of the rail breaking? Isnt anyone thinking? When a weapon is made isnt anyone doing an FMEA?
    4. When the whole world is thinking of bull-pup versions why do we reinvent the older versions?
    5. Is there a need for motivation when you are doing an important job for your country? Do they atleast know the importance?
    6. Is the issue of the rogue government workers that they are underpaid? I believe their brothers in the armed forces are not just underpaid for the jobs they do, they could never be paid enough for the risks they take…despite that we are one country – intact, thanks to them.
    7. For a country that is supposed to be great with computers could we not use them for making them better?

    I believe the least that we could do is give them the right equipment so that they have one lesser thing to bother about.


  • Naresh

    The AK 47 is made in India as the 7.62 assault rifle. It is outside licensing as the original AK design is now considered open knowledge and out of copyright.
    I once saw a platoon of CISF at Ahmedabad airport, they were about ten men, about 3 each carrying INSAS, SLR and AK. I asked the leader why, he said the AK was for rapid fire, SLR for long and hard hits, the INSAS for in between work.
    What the Trichy rifle may be doing is:
    1. Adjustable gas bleed, to control recoil, improvement over AK 47.
    2. Harder hitting round than 5.56 x 45.
    3. Improved mechanism.
    4. The AK 74 and AK 100x series , also V.58 are improvements on AK 47. The AK 200 series is a new design.
    5. Bullpup design: Why not, indeed?
    6. The rifle factory is at Ishapore, and probably not at full capacity, why this new factory at Trichy?
    I don’t know why there was a need to develop an entirely new rifle and a new factory, politics perhaps? VIP constituency?

  • blueblood

    This rifle is intended to be a stop gap till DRDO introduces it’s multi-caliber weapon for Indian Army, but that is unlikely to happen. This rifle will be used by Indian paramilitaries.

    As for the question of a buying off shelf or licensed production of a western design, it will be too costly as nearly 4 million paramilitary and police troops are to be equipped within next ten years.

    Secondly, 7.62 mm was found to very effective for COIN operations undertaken by units like Rashtriya Rifles, J&K SOG, COBRA and Mizoram Armed police etc.

    Money matters and that’s it.

  • gaurav

    better get the HK g36 which is both reliable and accurate