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  • ARL

    The Saiga can’t be an AOW if it’s mounted to another gun with a shoulder stock, as the ATF considers that shoulder stock to also be attached to the Saiga. It’d have to be an SBS.

    • Clay

      this could be effective if and only if you have a problem with puting a rifle and a shotgun in your system but really its just isn’t practical

  • Matt G

    I’m sorry, but if you take a 400$ gun, hack off the back and part of the barrel, throw some rails on it and two rail mounts…where does the other 1000$ go?

    I love the idea. Even though it’s silly. But that price is nuts.

    • I agree. Price way to high

  • James

    What’s “AOW”?

  • Matt G

    And how do you even grip the front of that rifle? I guess you could put a vertical foregrip on it horizontally and hold it like a Sten.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Why in the world would you want this?

    Recoil must be horrible and where is the grip to use?

    Your regular handhold on the forward handguard is now gone.

    This is 100% pure Hollywood.

  • Andy from CT

    I’d rather have the original “Master Key” or the newer version with the bolt handle pump. It’s lighter and doesn’t throw the balance of the weapon off nearly as much.

    With the Saiga, that didn’t take much innovation. Wow, they figured out a way to mount it under an AR. Color me unimpressed.

  • Ludovic H

    @Joe Schmoe: Mostly for breaching doors.

  • Houston

    More is not always better. Now a 8lb weapon becomes a 20lb compensatory liability. I would never kick a door next to a dude carrying that Frankenstein’s monster.

  • Dave

    For some odd reason, I really want to see one of these mounted under a normal sized Saiga-12 with a quad rail. Then slap one of those Sure-Fire foregrip on the lower Saiga…

  • HCL3

    It’s sort of like the old KAC Masterkey.

  • Slim934

    That price is just retarded.

  • Insect Spray

    Never thought I would see an Ak reviver attacked to an AR one haha

  • Insect Spray


  • I saw the show where they made this and I thought he was kidding about having a marketable product there. Evidently not.

    It was in response to an LEO request to have a better solution for the entry man who breaches a front door during a raid. He didn’t like having somebody making a transition from shotgun to rifle or pistol, on the way in the door. I thought it was silly to transition from a shotgun to anything, but the COP/customer thought this was a fantastic solution.

  • Alex

    Hold onto the magazine. Geez.

    And Matt, getting the barrel to work that short requires significant work to the gas system. So that work, by a trained gunsmith, is presumably the biggest part of the cost.

    Not that this seems like a good idea, admittedly. Way too heavy and bulky for a shotgun intended solely for breaching duties, the saiga is just more shotgun than required. The MAUL seems like a better choice going forward.

  • Kevin

    The only source of 12 gauge AK receivers that I know of only ships them as assembled shotguns. Which means it’s a SBS, as it was once a shotgun.

    It’s just a variation on a bunch of breaching shotgun designs.
    Like this one

    Or this one

    The cost is the labor, as it’s a custom design that is built one at a time.

  • Andrew

    Not saying its an entirely useful project but if you watched the episode, they built it for a sheriffs department who asked them if they could put a breaching shotgun under their service weapons. And at least in the episode the sheriffs seemed to be pleased with it. they use it for the first man in so he can breach the door and transition right to a rifle. The recoil didnt seem so bad and he just held it on the magwell of the Saiga.

  • Jake

    Matt G, I’m fairly certain that a Saiga costs a bit more than 400$

  • Joel

    James, “AOW” stands for “Any Other Weapon”, and is one of the categories of controlled weapons, according to the National Firearms Act of 1934. The tax on an AOW is only $5, far cheaper than the $200 tax on a SBS (short barreled shotgun).

  • charles222

    Looks like a better-realized version of the Lightweight Shotgun System, which was a piece of junk that didn’t work. At least it’ll function. :p

  • subase

    Probably just a publicity exercise. Mission accomplished.

  • Phil

    I like the show, and the people at RJF are obviously very talented and passionate.

    However, this whole setup seems completely ridiculous. Like Joe said, this whole design looks pure Hollywood…all flash, no substance. KAC already has a master key on the market, and their design looks much more practical and ergonomical…basically a short-barreled pump gun, not too much bigger than an M203. I could be wrong, but the RJF Saiga design looks needlessly bulky and complicated by comparison.

    Watching the show, it seems like there are several projects that are undertaken and filmed more or less to prove that it can be done, without having too much of a practical purpose. Wouldn’t surprise me, given the fact that the cameras are on and the producers no doubt want a “story.”

  • zack991

    Love the show but this is so impractical.

  • Mr Maigo

    WTH is with the Katana? No forward assist, paper thin barrel, CHEAP carbon fiber free float… and all painted black. For just $1849.99
    $1000 profit?

  • Heintron

    Apparently this has one use and one use only. Door breeching. So you do not have to transition from one weapon to another when entering the building after killing the lock of the door.

    One trick pony. And only for some LEO who really really wants this crap.

  • Montag

    Just for door breaching when you don’t want to loose a few seconds switching to a rifle. In other words, this will only make sense for a very small audience of people.

  • Peter BE

    I wonder why they selected a semi auto shotgun. Do the door breacher rounds cycle the action?

  • Nadnerbus

    That looks atrociously unwieldy, and ergonomically unpleasant, not to mention pretty much ridiculous in theory.

    Isn’t the whole “Master Key” under-barrel shotgun mostly for door breaching? Where does a semi auto-barrel shotgun fit in to any tactical setup? I guess if you could fit it closer to the barrel, and had a better way to grip the whole kludged together thing it might be a little better.

    Personally, if I need a semi auto 12 gauge, I’d rather just transition between weapons.

  • Simon_The_Brit

    The only other accessory any owner of this weapon needs is a Straitjacket.

  • Jared

    For those of you who have not seen the episode. This was requested and designed as a S.W.A.T door breaching tool. So before you start flaming about how useless it is, it only designed to have one use.

  • Tux

    All it needs now is a chainsaw bayonet.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    I have no use for it, but would love to have one.

  • Jim


  • charles222

    Also-anyone know what brand of AR that is? I like the look of the rail system on it.

  • McBain

    I would like to see this saiga mounted to another 12ga saiga

  • Patrick M

    Looks like you could still get a magwell grip, maybe if you have small hands you could even get it right between the two. Either way this thing, as cool as it is, is gonna be one front heavy mofo!!!

  • Komrad

    I looked at their webpage
    they are trying to sell a standard configuration wood stocked AK for a grand, nothing special, just an AK, FOR A GRAND
    same goes for all the common variants they stock
    maybe they’re refinished or built new,but who pays a grand for a plain wood stock when royal tiger has it’s tacticool new production hellhound ak’s for $600 and J&G has several for less than $500, plus all the cheapo romanian WASR-10s floating around for even less at gun shows

  • Clodboy

    Sooo… a poor man’s XM26 LSS?

    Yeah, so this thing is semi-auto as opposed to a straight pull bolt action, but I doubt “door breaching” typically requires a follow-up shot capability.
    And even if you did think you needed it, the size of the Saiga’s receiver makes the already poor ergonomics of the XM26 even worse by placing the trigger so that you can’t even hold onto the mag to ensure the second shot actually goes in the general direction of where you want it to go.

  • Todd

    Just because you could doesn’t mean you should.

  • Bill Lester

    I got a real kick out of the Sons of Guns episode that featured this weapon. In describing it, Will Hayden said something like “Once the officer blows the door, the shotgun is useless.” Huh?!

  • Ed

    Joe, as seen on the show, the premise was that the shotgun was being delivered to a Swat Unit as a breaching tool for door lock and hinges, the breacher then moving to the AR upon entry. It looked workable enough when they ran through it, but then again, its “reality” tv.

  • gunslinger

    AOW is a classification by the feds. it stands for “any other weapon”. the leagality of it is that there are pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. and they all have specific definitions of what the particular classification is. and in order to have the umbrella to catch things that didn’t fall into the pre-define categories of weapons.

    as for RJF, i’ve watched SoG for a few weeks, and some of the stuff is ok, the other is just WTF. like this week they bascially made a “tacti-kool” tommy gun. i’m sorry that’s just wrong in my book. the gun didn’t even look like a tommy gun anymore. might as well have made a hi-point full auto for that sheriff. but that’s just me.

  • Travis

    AOW would have to be manufactured from a receiver. You can not modify a full size shotgun into an AOW; the weapon has to be built from a bare, virgin, receiver to AOW. Since the Saiga are imported, complete weapons, no AOW is possible. SBS to be sure. There a tons of Saiga SBS out there.

    Why not give the breach man a full stock, Saiga, I expect it would work fine for clearing a room. Wait — where is my Kel-Tec KSG?

    Given how few rounds are shot in a door breach, the 1980s Masterkey 870 is still viable for anyone who wants to add a shotgun to an AR-15. Forcing a Siaga in that role is clunky and IMHO misguided.

  • EP

    What a ridiculous build. Who would buy or even use this crap?

  • J

    This would look way cooler if mounted under an AK….still impracticle…but cooler.

  • You also have to shorten the gas system, a conversion that Tony over at Tromix figured out years ago. That involves turning the barrel down in order to slide the gas block back, new gas ports, new piston tube, new piston, and a lot of tinkering to get the resulting mess to run. At least ten hours of work just to get to that point, although not quite as much as a “dedicated” 8-inch barrel Saiga since the one in the picture still has the “as-imported” trigger configuration in order to leave the trigger back far enough to reach when using the magazine as a pistol grip. Sort of a semi-auto M26 MASS or Masterkey; I think I need to build one for myself. No idea what for, of course, but very neat.

  • I think Billy from Predator just found his new favorite toy!

    This is almost retardedly awesome, like chocolate-covered bacon.

    At some point in my writing career, I’ll need to have a bad guy use one of these, just because.

  • The agency that asked for it on the show wanted a breacher that could be attached to an AR. I guess the plain old chopped down 870 was cool enough for them.

  • nmmatt

    The whole gun is being sold for about $1,800. So a $400 Saiga, an $800 – $1,200 AR and the rest is labor.

    As far as why you would want this, it is designed solely as a breach tool, so a soldier or officer who is actually breaching a door with the shotgun can transition to his AR immediately instead of having to quickly get out of the way of other officers.

    I still would never want to own one.

  • nmmatt

    Oh and as far as the complaints about the grip, you would handle it the exact same way a soldier does an M4 with the M203 grenade launcher.

  • mike

    Seems like a KAC Masterkey would be a much better option:

    I wonder where they got the name?

  • Bandito762

    Wow this looks heavy. That being said, recoil would be minimal since it has so much weight

  • BTR

    Since Saigas start out with a buttstock, I assume it would be a SBS not an AOW.

    More has to be done to the gun than just remove the stock and cut down the barrel- the gas system must be re-worked so it is reliable with a shorter length.

  • I’m going to agree with the SBS classification. It started as a complete full-size shotgun. It could only be an AOW if it was built with a virgin receiver. But ARL is likely correct, the AOW classification would likely end the second you attached to someone with a stock.

    For those unfamiliar with the acronyms for Title II items other than machineguns and sound suppressors:

    DD = Destructive Device – A “non-sporting” firearm with a bore larger than 0.5″, or a explosive or incendiary device;
    SBR = Short Barreled Rifle – A rifle with a barrel shorter than 16″, or an overall length less than 26″;
    SBS = Short Barrel Shotgun – A shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18″, or an overall length less than 26″; and
    AOW = Any Other Weapon – Kind of a catch-all for other concealable items other than a recognizable pistol or revolver that is not equipped with a vertical foregrip.

  • Tim

    AOW would have had to come from the factory without a stock in the first place. Being that this is a full sized shotgun cut down to that configuration I’m guessing it will be an SBS with a $200 tax stamp.

    As to use, it isn’t intended to be used standalone, but rather mounted under a rifle like in the first pic. They theory is as a door breaching device. It’s the old “Master Key” concept that used to be done with mainly Remington 870’s. The Military uses a similar set up with the C-More M26 MASS, although thats a straight pull operated gun, not a semi auto. Not sure if the Saiga would even cycle in semi with breaching rounds anyway though.

  • RipRip

    It looked like it worked pretty good to breach a door and that’s all it was meant to do.

  • cc19

    To whomever wants to buy one of these, more power to you. However, you might want to hit the weights at the gym – a lot.

  • Andrew Wiggins

    It’s called a Masterkey (originaly by KAC), cause the shotguns only use is to shoot the locks of a door. It’s not used to shoot people, that’s what the AR is for.

  • CMathews

    In Russia, Masterkey holds you!

  • Other Steve

    Agree with Matt G(room?)

    The Saiga is retailing for ~500 right now, IF you can find them. The only “special” work I see here is that getting saiga-12s to run correctly with that short of a barrel means the gas block needs to come off and add and open the ports. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s not $1000 worth of work.

    That, and a 12ga WILL destroy the aluminum quad rail it’s bolted to. Without a doubt.


    I think the design needs to be developed further. Too much weight and bulk out towards the muzzle of the AR. Trim it down some and it would be a better product.

  • Sian

    $500 Iz109
    $200 SBS tax
    @$100 paperwork
    $120 mounting system
    $100 breaching muzzlebrake
    $200 conversion labor

    Seems reasonable. Their dealer price is probably about $1400.

  • Joe Schmoe

    As others have mentioned, there are several other shotguns (Masterkey, M26, etc) that are specifically meant to be used in this fashion and are ergonomically correct.

    @ Ed – As mentioned above, there are several shotguns designed for this duty. This contraption is a poor excuse.

  • calool

    seems like a good business plan:

    step 1. take a cheap gun, take off the grip, stock and the original furniture
    step 2. add some rails and a double sided rail mount
    step 3. sell for 3 times the original price
    step 4. attach to M4, look stupid while attempting to fire it

  • Andy from CT

    @nmmatt The M203 doesn’t have a large magazine where you would put your hand.

  • Cowtowncop

    Hmmmmmm now a Saiga 12 with an AR pistol mounted underneath might be even tacticooler!

  • Mechman

    nmmatton: According to their website: “AR sold seperately”

  • Rodneybr549

    They might as well strap a raging judge under the dang thing. There you go zip tie a raging judge under a m4, no tax stamp needed and you get a nifty forend pistol grip. LOL

  • jdun1911

    For a shotgun to be AOW it must never have a stock attached to it.

    There is a ruling or better yet a ruling that confused everybody that any shotgun that never had a stock attached to it and is 26inch or greater is not considered an AOW or SBR.

    The rail on the AR15 is YHM light weight rail. I have one on one of my upper.

  • jdun1911

    I mean SBS. It’s rare to see SBS.

  • How the heck do you hold on to that bad boy? Looks like you’ll be shooting straight up in the air before you know it. Did they say what is weighs?

    Looks squirly to me … tough to control.

  • 6677

    From what I can see the AR has a normal lower rail, saiga appears to have regular top rail and some form of adaptor. Almost looks like you could make the adaptor seperately and mount anything under your AR or any other weapon with a lower rail, Take a raging judge and weld the adaptor to the top. done

  • charles222

    Cool, thanks Jdun.

  • gunslinger

    yeah, the more i thought about it, the more i was like..huh? i guess if there’s a situation where you need multiple door breeches in one “entry” sure a semi-auto might do well.

    I can see not wanting to mix breeching and lethal ammo in a SG for entry purposes, thus the ar/sg combo. still i don’t see the practicality of the semi-sg out there.

    but that’s just me

  • HBH

    I saw the show, as a LEO myself this is too big, bulky and just plain silly, the owner of Red Jacket stated that this is the first time this has ever been done. Well maybe with a siga shotgun but not the first time a shotgun has been mounted under a rifle. I dont know any SWAT officer or any one in Law Enforcement who would use this item, just all for show and very little go.

  • William C.

    The perfect accessory if you ever looked at the M26 and thought “this isn’t heavy enough.”

  • Some Guy

    This thing is like hanging by a thread on the Ar-15 anyways.

    One shot and this thing is probably going to come flying off lol.

  • Andy from CT

    Above all else, how many dept’s issue a 20″ barrel AR to their entry guys?

    Most are M4 types or at least have shorter barrels. This Saiga setup requires one to use a 20″ barrel. Or at least a rifle length hand guard. Sure you could stick with the rifle length HG and just use a 16″ barrel. But then it will look extra dumb.

  • subase

    Hows this for an entry tactic. Have the AR shouldered with your right or left hand. Then using one hand you get a double barrel shotgun (or a shortened autoloader), and blow out the hinges with one hand. When you finish blowing the hinges, drop the shotgun which will be a attached to you by elastic cord and that’s it.(or throw it over your shoulder with it’s cord) Since you’ll alreay have he AR shouldered there is no need to transition.) If you use a bullpup auto shotgun then you’ll lose even less distance. No need to transition.

  • AK®

    Why not have a Serbu Super Shorty instead?

    heck you can even get a thigh holster for the gun..

  • jdun1911

    Some Guy,

    No that’s not correct. Both used 1913 rails. It has a male male (if I got my term right if not than female female) adapter to combine the two.

  • subase

    Nah, the shotgun needs to be operated with one hand which means it needs to be auto. Only problem I see is finding a retractable cord system strong enough to pull 3 kilos off the ground. Another advantage of this is that it can be used as a standalone shotgun with folding stock, which opens up the possibility of using specialized ammunition.

    I can see a need for a more high capacity shotgun for entry, mainly when only one person is doing it and there are multiple locks on the door or the locks need an extra shot. (deadlock, door handle lock, 2 hinges that’s four shotgun rounds) But the extra length and weight added to an AR meant to be used in CQB (M4 length and shorter), seems like too much of a compromise.

  • mike

    just wanted to say I was very disappointed with Will and RedJacket. I sent my Saiga 12 to be converted to the RTS ZK-12. Spent 1500.00. First the service was not good, 90 days to get my gun back after I was willing to pay to have it expedite it. Once I received it, it has never cycled properly, always jams. Sent it to Alliance Armament, Mike the owner told me I was lucky it didnt blow up in my face. What was done to the insides was butchery and dangerous. Since getting it back and spending another 1700.00 it is awesome. THANK YOU ALLIANCE ARMAMENT SHAME ON RJ

  • Kerberos

    This is a stupid solution to what is a TACTICAL error.

    Most real swat will have a breacher that breaches the door, steps out of the way, his team mates files into the room and he joins them at the end of the stack with his AR.

    Putting an unwieldy piece of autoshotgun under the weapon is a FAIL.

    But looking at the Sheriff Swat you see them breaching with among others a Bushmaster Carbon carbine. A NON reliable choice of AR.

    Instead of throwing away money on this Redjacket fubar thing they should buy better Colt rifles for the team and put the rest of the money into more training.

  • Andy

    Next they should mount a M4 onto a Saiga, to complete the family.

  • Jack

    Trying to understand the point of this, you need to breech the door so you need a magazine full for that? Despite I’ve never seen the benefit to a door breecher, I’m still not convinced. Let’s break this down, you have the AR platform, designed specifically to be light weight, then you add all this railing, and throw on an ak-shotgun underneith it adding more weight, totally ruining the balance of the weapon and making it even more absurd. I think someone got it right, this is pure hollywood. The only way it could get anymore moronic was if you put a drum mag on the thing. Throw on the flashlights, lasers, and whatever other bull you can mount on the rail and it’s the perfect example of ruining a good rifle with tacky useless junk. Might as well duct tape an uzi to it while youre at it, but why stop there, grab your wife’s slap chop or kitchen dicer and then maybe you can impress the heck outta everyone at your local range and get all the women.

  • gunslinger

    @Jack: reminded me of a few “motivational posers” that i’ve seen. one is a 50cal with an ar mounted with the ‘nade launcher mounted with the 870 breacher mounted with a desert eagle mounted with a tazer mounted with a knife.

    or the “tatikool” derringere. it had front post grip, lights, laser, red dot, and a scope…

    or a whole host of other ones.

    and speaking of RJF, anyone catch last nights show? (atv mounted shotgun for injured marine, or the 1919 shoulder fire conversion?)


    I want to know if the WIN. 97 trench GUN on the wall in the front office is for sale? I also would be interested in any 97 riot you may have.
    please let me know. Thank you.

  • can i get a silencer 4 a ruger 10-22?

  • tim guin

    Are most of the things on the show even leagal to own?And are there request that you get that you just have to say “NO ” too. I do like your show.

  • Douglas

    great show but very bad move on the boss’s part !!!
    very sad for that man that got his hair cut short…
    sorry you lost me watching “the TV show”

  • Kerberos

    You people do realise this webpage is NOT in anyway affiliated with Red jacket? IF you want answers from red jacket you will have to contact them directly.

    Legality of owning things like silencers,shortened shotguns or full auto firearms are different from state to state.

    But most of these things can be legally obtained as long as you follow the law and go through certain procedures with BATF.

    Full-auto’s though are very expensive due to the shortage of available firearms. Due to legislation no new Fullauto can be made for civilians and none can be imported.

    Thus a full auto m16 will run you atleast 3-50 000 $ .

  • absolutely, love watching this show its like christmas every time love the things they pull off. will such a comical figure enjoy him and the others are so cool keep up the great work wish i could come see the sop in person some day best of luck in the business, sincerely mary miller

  • John

    If I was going in a drug dealers house I would love to have the fire power. Not only that the weight isn’t a problem these breaches are short missions and then you pack it up. If you can’t handle a little weight you may be in the wrong line work. If the bust goes on longer then one would like well then it would be nice to have the added fire power. I like the simple attachment of the two guns. It would be nice if you could detach it.

  • HDCandela

    It is impractical. 1. Stop complaining about going from SG to side arm you gov’t hack, SG ought to be on a rattlesnake or swing sling, side arm holster in the center of the chest, practice the switch, and become quicker. The person who does the locks and hinges is not the first over the threashold. Stop being an adrenalinejunkie, and rely on your team to do their job too. Train, do intel, humint if possible, and most of all, everyone have there own order in line and zone to cover. 2. When you pair up an AR with and AK it should be in the same FT/unit and not the same person necessarily. Try lifting that M4-Siaga up to aim and fire when caught by supprise, or even negotiating a corner, or even running from cover to cover. Then you are probably carrying two or three types of ammo too, stupid. Slow moving sitting duck. A lot of men simply drowned at normandy because their packs where too heavy. Travel light and quick. 3. I wonder if the m203 is so heavy. Nope …er bloop. I also wonder about the effect of the recoil from the SG on the mounting system, nice straigth AR barrel, pins, an receiver. 4. It does not inspire confidence in the the government (or even consulants for Hollywood who are ex-gov’t), when I know that I could do someone elses job better, but will likely not get hired because of not knowing the right people in HR. Then again, maybe that does make me feel more secure when I go to bed at night. Just a humorus thought. Did you know that the origonal oppperation to make an asssult on the Wacko Branch Dvidians was named “Show time,” and scheduled right before a review to continue/increase funding for the XYZE? Fed Bs and agenc like their funding, paychecks, making their mortgage payments, and supporting their families who hold and propogate lefty political beliefs as much as the NEA-AFT likes brainwashing people to hate Reaagan and love OOOboma, oops I ment Sorans and headge fund managers jacking up food pricesinthe ME and exportting rebolution to every secular country that helped us against Ooosamna. I miss Reaggan. Sarah 2012.

  • For everybody out there asking why they need a semi with more then one shot ask urself how many doors does ur house have with locks on them? its not only just the front door they have to breech its the inside ones that also lock. And Nadnerbus you might think it is a good idea to just transition between the 2 weapons but sometimes its a split second between life and death and u dont have that time. yeah there might have been some better ways to make these to compatible but this is the most efficient way in doing so.

  • Dynamic Kitten Fur

    Mike, search for “KAC Masterkey.” THAT’s a better way of doing it. Not this RJ’s made-for-TV unwieldy contraption

  • Bob Z Moose

    Obviously, none of you play Call of Duty. This would be awesome! Wait, life works like a video game, right?

  • mike

    I wouldnt buy a toy gun from these guys, i had my saiga 12 converted by them and $1700.00 later it jammed every 2 rounds, I sent it out to a real gunsmith who told me to say my prayers cause it should of blew of in my face….3 months to wait for junk…..

  • MrTolliver

    No you guys are going about this incorrectly.

    Red Jacket needs to slap on two more saiga 12’s, one on each side to this monstrosity for a total of 3 rail mounted saigas and rig up the triggers so they fire simultaneously.

    Then charge $5000 for it and call it a revolutionary step in gunsmithing because no one else thought about it.

    Jeez, just stick with the KAC masterkey

  • Obsidian

    putting it on an AK…. that reminds me: “Yo dawg, I heard you like AKs, so we put an AK on your AK.” pure comedic gold!!!

  • Walter

    Why in the hell would the “breacher” be first in the door? The breacher takes out the lock then gets out of the way and comes in rear with the shotgun or some other weapon. Just like if they had a ram. They wouldn’t crack the door and try to transition to a weapon as the point man, it would be too slow. What agency is doing this messed up garbage? Useless device at best.

  • Spikey

    Stupid people paying ridiculous prices for SHIT keeping these company’s in business when they can set a price for a nickle to 5 dollars

  • oneshot

    Was really counting on will to make something for our boy’s coming home and for our disabled. But it sounds like I’ll have to find another smith.

  • David

    Obviously non of you have breached a door. The semiauto is used for the 3 hinges or double locks on a door it is quicker than a pump. The quick transition from shot gun to an AR15 is vary inportant for the breach person because they are the 1st person into the building. Who knows where a bad guy might be or what they might be poining at you. So untill you have breached a door and know what you are talking about you might want to keep your stupid coments to yourself. And yes I have breached many doors in the Marine corps with badguys on the other side and I wish I had this weapon with me. Keep up the good work Red Jacket.

    • JJ3/75

      Separate breach man with a slung mosberg is always an easier option. The short tactical pistal grip with a forehand grip on the pump is just as fast if the dude knows what he is doing. Call the breach man up and signal to breach. Once he bangs the lock and maybe the hinges(not necessary) he steps back out of the doorway and transitions to AR. By the time the rest of the element gets through the door he is able to follow right in behind them with 30 small arm rounds. Too easy. Who needs this piece of CRAP!

      • Mac

        Finally a man who knows what he’s talking about! (and David…the door breacher is not and should not be the first man in…You say you were in the Marine Corps, well, someone taught you wrong bro. Breacher’s job is the breacher, he bangs the door, steps aside and the team rolls in, and the breecher falls in behind..Keep it simple….I wouldn’t take that piece of shit anywhere my life depended on it, certainly not on a house raid. Remington has a little gun called the 870, which has been banging doors reliably for many years, why fuck around with that AR/Saiga clusterfuck waiting to happen. There is NO WAY that mount is going to hold up to repeated use and abuse. No fucking way, Red Jacket you can wipe you ass with that stupid design.

    • JJ3/75

      And yes, I have kicked in many doors my friend!

  • Luke

    this will appeal to a small crowd. the price is partially because its for a limited amount of ppl. i dont feel the added weight is much of an issue with this weapon as it is not meant for long term use per operation. breach and clear in 5-10 then stow for the next time. weight really isnt coming into play much yet with that small a timeframe. carrying it for an hour or more say in the bush or on long term assignments then yes its a bit heavy.
    as for the AK price statement, keep in mind that all his guns have warrenties (sp) hence the higher price.

  • chris

    i like the hole idea but i would love to see an over under barrel design, in on gun , one trigger hole , two triggers , not that i dont like it , its just if your building it ,maybe it shouldnt look quite like 2 guns straped together , where is the difficulty , thats to easy , , havent seen it yet but i really like the idea of the gatlin shotgun , now thats creative , thanks for your inspiration, but youll need more then a day to get that one right , im sure ,, build on my friends ,

  • Dave

    all they did was take the stock and hand grip off the 12 and add the mounting rail…..and the kick isn’t bad at all on the Saiga 12’s, I Think it would work well……I hope that price reflects buying both….or they are smoking something…..LOL I could make that set up for the same price or less…..

  • dale tollefson

    would it not have been a little more practical to bring one more guy to bust down the door like they have always done

  • CA 626

    the combination of a AR15 and a shotty looks really _hitty. In all respect a gunsmith would have better sense to think about the aesthetics when creating a weapon. I would be embarrassed to have my name on the weapon. It looks like it would not hold up in “real world” conflicts, meaning functionality, since its too bulky. I believe the only reason it was praised is because it was on a t.v. show, too bad not many people in Red Jacket have balls to speak up when doing a cracked out jobs. It clearly looks like it was rushed into and thrown together. What is next? a gun that shoots bubbles!

  • german

    Americans, such whiners. All ways worrying about stupid things. You do not need to send anyone in the house or building. You put several canisters of real CS gas (not the wimpy american riot gas) in every window. Have 10 good german police dogs handy outside and wait for the scum to come out. Dogs attack on there own. No one gets shot. Ether they come out or die in building. Ok with us. Dogs have a good time also. With the CS canister they cant see anyway. They are usually vomiting all over them selfs. Bring fire truck. After they are secured, hose them down. Throw them in small cell 6×6 and give them bread and water. They behave very well in prison, last place they want to come back. No TV, No Phone. Only walls.

  • Gentleman

    You chaps. Here in the UK we find it’s only polite to knock first. A mans home being his castle and all that. On the rare occasion that I have ‘stacked’ with my colleagues to spin a drum I have been quite content packing my trusty Model 64 Smith and Wesson. This monstrosity wouldn’t find it’s way into the armoury at our nick. It would be like drinking pink gin with a dry sherry, vulgar. You chaps over the big lake keep up the good work and give us a call if you need a hand. Just not Thursday nights as we’re playing Bridge.

  • shoaib

    i like your show you are my favrout

  • Mac

    That is the most hideous frankengun I have seen….wait, I take that back, there is a different screw-up on every episode of SoG! What crack me up is, everything that REd Jacket claims to be pioneering, has already been done, and has been done well. I cringe every time I see that IDIOT Kris attempt to “paint” or build a firearm. Unbelievable that this show made it past the first season…and even more unbelievable that people order guns from them. I don’t blame Vince for walking out on those goofballs.

  • Mac

    I forgot to mention, anyone that thinks this design is revolutionary, or COOL…is as dimwitted as the nimrods at Red Jacket. The Army has had a BETTER design for years. It’s the XM-26 shotgun, or the M-26 rifle/shotgun combo. Also in the 1980’s YES the 80’s…Knight’s Armament had also designed the “Masterkey” using a Remington 870 mounted below an m-16 barrel. Take a look at the M-26 or Knight’s Armaments Masterkey, then look at the piece of shit Red Jacket came up with and tell me which one you’d trust your life with.

  • RECO

    Add pistol grip designate it a Pistol make a fortune.