Radom PM-06 Submachine Gun

I had the opportunity to handle the Polish manufactured Radom PM-06 sub machine gun at SHOT Show. This 9mm Parabellum chambered sub machine gun has a blow back action and fires at 640 rpm out of a 7.2″ barrel. It weighs 5.5 lbs. Not having fired it, my only criticism is that they only make a 15 round and 25 round magazine. 25 rounds seems a little small in 2011.

BRS-99 Top, PM-09 Bottom

The latest model has a top picatinny rail for optics, side rails for accessories and a rail at 6 o’clock for a forgrip.

Angelika Jakubowska, Miss Polonia 2008

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick

    These are cool SMGs… You can get them in Canada in semi auto configuration. Never handled one myself, but they are a pretty cool looking design. Aside from the fugly trigger guard when the front handguard is down. (BRS99 sometimes, PM09 all the time) I don’t think 25 rounds is anything to sneer at, however, they should have made it a standard 30 like most of their competition do… such as 30 round proprietary mags for HK MP5, IWI UZI, B&T TP9, FAMAE SAF… etc. my 0.02$

  • Theodoric

    Poles make excellent SMGs, though they all look alike after 50 years.

  • snmp

    a modernization of the PM-84P Glauberyt & WZ63

    => http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e6/Submachine_gun_wz63.jpg
    => http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/PM84P_Glauberyt.jpg

    East german Police (VOPO) & Army (NVA) have this weapon and the configuration of the H&K MP7 are very near

  • I noticed that they used the Fab Defense folding tactical grip. A great choice!

  • Vitor

    I like the near AK rpm, must make the recoil manageable.

  • Erik

    Are they proprietary mags or based off of a commonly available pistol magazine? For instance if they’re based off of a Glock 9MM design you can always go with a 33 round stick mag or a 290 round drum…

  • snmp

    East German Police (DDR Vopo) with Radom WZ63 or Kleinmaschinenpistole MP63 => http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f154/WPFG/Forum%20Uploads/200643092217_Skorpion.jpg

  • Dan

    Looks quite like Russian SR-2M SMG

  • Lance

    Looks nice looks similar to the Groza SMG Russia uses. Dose it come in both 9×19 and 9x18mm calibers?

  • Leonardo

    Looks like a PM63

  • Cymond

    Erik, the magazine wells seem to be perfectly vertical. Most pistols have a sloped grip, and an angular magazine to match. Compare a Glock mag to an Uzi mag.

  • ZomBkill

    Wait wait wait…All these comments and nobody mentions the hotty! I come here for the gun blogs too, but when Ms. Polonia makes a cameo I can’t help but notice. Go Poland. Gun talk to resume after I come back from a google search for more pics of her.

  • Erik

    In that case it could be interchangeable with the M9 magazine.

  • Mono


    Also, neat little submachine gun

  • charles222

    Plus, it’s a submachine gun-pretty specialized weapon basically for hostage rescue; those don’t tend to see a whole lot of gunfire exchanged. (If there is, the hostages are probably dead by that point. :p) The magazine capacity might not be such a big deal in that sort of scenario.

  • Bandito762

    wait, there were guns in this post

  • derfel cadarn

    If 25 rounds seems a little ,you had best learn to shoot better!