LaRue Tactical 10/22 Arrow-Firing Conversion

LaRue Tactical is now selling a kit to convert a Ruger 10/22 into an arrow firing rifle. It replaces the barrel with a heavy profile barrel that can only chamber .22 blanks. An arrow is inserted into the barrel and a .22 Blank will propel it at 435 ft/sec.

The Deluxe Kit

The basic kit (barrel + arrows) costs $442. The Deluxe kit which includes many accessories costs $599.

I could really use one of these kits to sort out a pest problem I have, but for that price I would rather buy a high-end .22 air gun and fit it with one of my .22 rimfire suppressors.

[Hat Tip: RomeoTangoBravo via SayUncle]

Steve Johnson

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  • Cymond

    I saw someone selling this product years ago on eBay. It was some small company and they were semi-custom made back then. From what I understand, this is significantly more powerful than a conventional bow.

  • Jay

    This would make a great gun for vampire hunting.

  • The 400+ fps is a worthless information without the weight of the arrow.

  • West

    Maybe next I can hook a harness up to my truck and get horses to pull it.

  • gunslinger

    i don’t see why i’d use an arrow instead of a regular slug of lead. i’ve shot a groundhog with an arrow and a bullet. arrow didn’t work. bullet did.

    but that’s just me.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This isn’t a new idea. In the early days of gunpowder there was some experimentation, and even field use, of arrows intended to be fired by matchlocks. The recoil was brutal and effectiveness questionable.

    A more common use for this idea is line casting guns and harpon guns.

    Might be fun though.

  • The other John C

    the website mentions something about tranquilizer tips, but I cant find any info on arrow weight/type

  • Komrad

    $600 for an upgrade that limits available ammunition and makes the gun slower to reload? Count me out. Unless they make some cool arrows with interesting tips (sparkler, flare, etc). I would rather get a regular crossbow or bow or simply use .22 CB ammo if noise was an issue for pest control.

  • Thousand_Master, fixed, thanks.

  • Zander

    What in the name of John Moses Browning is the purpose of this insane contraption? Sportin maybe? Why the hell not? Cause I ain’t sure if you could use this during ANY hunting season.

    • Zander, I think pest control is probably its main serious use. Other than that: having a gun your friends don’t have 🙂

  • Austin J

    You could get a pretty decent springer, PCP or co2 operated airgun for $400-$500.
    And I am sure those arrows would cost a bit. (What’s the going price for such arrows?) I’d assume they are their own as it would be wingless.

    And for the price of likely one. You could get a whole tin of .22 pellets and shoot out a lot of your pests. : ).

  • stabbyjosh

    I own one of these, they are fantastic. 375 grain arrow at 425 fps with a quality broadhead; will drop any game in north America. And its real quiet with virtually no felt recoil. You can also increase the speed with lighter arrows or more powerful charges.

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